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  1. Odds for tuf 5
    This gives you a good idea about the real odds and how they compair to the odds in our game. Joseph Lauzon -650 Brandon Melendez +450 Cole Miller -650 Andy Wang +450 Gray Maynard -575 Rob Emerson...
  2. Something change with the money situation?
    When the site relaunched with the new updates, I had $1000 and now I'm back to $660. Did they decide to go back to the original money total or is there updates still being worked on and this is a...
  3. New to this whats an average wager
    Whats the average wager for fantasy wagers? not a gambler but feel like im decent at calling fights.
  4. Suck at betting
    What happens if you bet all your money and then lose it? Does that mean I have to stop playing the game?
  5. Petition for Elite XC, WEC, Strikeforce, K-1, and Bodog Events
    Just thought I'd let everyone know, I for one would love to see us be able to make picks for all Events, not just UFC events, and think it would be great if everyone signed this thread petition,...
  6. how do they find odd?
    how do they find odds on the sight is it somethign to do with who everyone is picking or do they look at real wagering odds on other websights. and do the odds change or once you guys put them up do...
  7. my fight companion
    great job on thinking of this guys! i just noticed it and its nice to have eveything for one event all in one place, keep up the great work!
  8. Whats Your Largest Wager - Season 2
    So, whats the wager, and on who?
  9. i got monstah lobstah
    I have faith in my walking billboard!! If you want to bet for garcia send a wager my way
  10. Help!
    I don't wanna sound stupid but i'm new to this and on the betting do you have to bet all of your money? and does your money go back to 1000 at the next fight card? and do you have to bet on every...
  11. Mke some wagers with me!
    Make some wagers with me guys im here to make some wagers and make things interesting ......
  12. Query about Premium membership
    When it says, "per-event prizes doubled," does that mean Premium members get double points on events? If so, doesn't that make it much easier for them to win?
  13. *Spoilers* Question about the scoring of a fight tonight.
    Once again, this thread will contain SPOILERS. Look away if you don't want to know Alright, so the Maynard/Emerson fight is a NC. How will it be scored? If it is no points, I am going to be pissed. I...
  14. Playground Update???
    Does anyone know when the results and point earnings will be updated?
  15. No Contest
    What happens to our records if a no contest is awarded since you can not pick it as a decision to a fight?
  16. Great way to start the season, My wagers
    Lost all of them, dammit! Manny was dominating nate until that fluke, and doug evans was dominating huerta! I could have been Fantasy rich if they came through.
  17. "Hot Bout" is such crap!
    Why set up the game the way it is, and then add that feature which completely changes the outcome based on one single pick more then any two or three combined?!
  18. Who Thinks jrhensley79 got screwed by MMAPlayground??
    Dude Get over it, It's a free game all you are doing is making yourself a flame target!
  19. Ratings?
    How does anyone feel about the ratings for the TUF 5 finale ? better than any of the fight nights I would guess but who knows ......Maybe 1.5 or better .....
  20. I'm still undefeated
    Man, making UFC picks is like shooting fish in a barrell. Anyone who got any of their picks wrong on TUF 5 finale is retarded.
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  21. I'm top earner
    I won 100 bucks right? what am i supposed to do
  22. Anyone else get raped by the last show?
    I put 900 on Manny, which was looking like a nice bet until he ******* dislocated his shoulder. Oh well.
  23. Starting off on the right foot
    I was estatic to find this site with other MMA fans. That TUF 5 Finale was pretty easy to pick. Im ready to see what I know with these next couple PPV events. Undefeated so far baby (8,0)
  24. Can you guys all bet on Rashad?
    I want to make some money back when Tito wins.
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  25. How much of a chance do you really believe Marquardt has to win?
    Just curious, because I don't want to pick Nate, and then he get pulverized (yeah, pun intended after last night.), by Silva. Who do you guys think will win, and what chance do you give Nate to...
  26. Season 2
    What events will Season 2 include, or from when does it start till end?
  27. Best UFC 73 WAGERS to make?????
    Im thinking the way the odds are now the 3 best fights to wager on are the 3 main event fights - which is good Nate "The Great" Marquardt +255 Anderson "The Spider" Silva -235 Hermes Franca +250 Sean...
  28. who you wagering on?
    i got: Tito Ortiz Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Alvin Kid Mark Bocek
  29. Soo...I upgraded to Premium member...and...
    Why hasnt anything changed?? does it take a while? I really got the Premium plus cuz i wanted the T-shirt so i can take it to get air brushed with my nick "Trapt1nw0nder" on it.....I dont really care...
    I was wondering, do the odds change as the event comes closer ? or will the odds stay the same ?
  31. To put it all on Marquardt?
    25 - 6 - 2 His losses coming from 4 decesions and 2 submissions. He has never been KO'd or TKO'd i believe. Do you guys think Marquardt has a pretty good chance of beating Silva? The odds are pretty...
  32. Move the forum Box below Quick Links
    I like having the little box of forums on the left hand side, but put them under the quick links. Having to scroll down is the same as hitting the back button on your browser, so it ends up not...
  33. opened up new camp For Marines and former military
    I opened up a new camp for Marines and former military and for fans of the military. I Plan on winning big so join if you want. Semper fi. Im open to any suggestions.
  34. add to favorites
    the "add to favorites" option is a great addition, thanks for working so hard to continue the growth and improvement of this site! Other sites had better watch out, you guys are doing some great...
  35. anyone want to bet me on any UFC 73 bout?
    anyone want to bet me on any UFC 73 bout?
  36. Reloading Credits
    Hope you guys would be able to add a feature where we can reload our wagering credits... I wanted to wager $2,000 for a fighter but I lost a whole lot the last time and I can't do that anymore! I'm...
  37. Records
    What does your record go by? Your Fantasy Picks or Wagers?
  38. I betting the house on Babalu
    Send me wagers.
  39. where to watch the documentary "Fighter"
    Man, its a great documentary film !! Fighter gives you so many angles to the sport its unreal! there are clear instructions on how to watch it... enjoy, mikEY Fighter documentary film
  40. New Feature: My Gamer Tags
    Nice touch, those look pretty sweet. Now only if I had some statistics I'd be willing to show off.
  41. new category to add with favorite fighters
    I know people enjoy the new fighter ranking option of "favorite fighter", and i think it would be great if there would be a list of "least favorite fighters". i know this may not be a great thing...
    JunCTion's fight picks for - UFC 73 STACKED WINNER--------------LOSER---------------PREDICTIONS SILVA------------------MARQUARDT-------RND #--1--TKO FRANCA--------------SHERK---------------RND...
  43. Post Your UFC 73 Picks and Wagers
    Copy and Paste your picks/wager from the FIGHT COMPANION page (then do a slight quick edit to make it look better) Anderson Silva Fight ends in round 3 KO / TKO $118 on Marquardt @ +255 Potential...
  44. Anyone else annoyed by the new fight links?
    Is anyone else disappointed in the how the new Fighter Links look. (the ones with the white background) they contain less detailed info on the fighters such as the new links dont even show what round...
  45. Why would you bet on the person you aren't picking?
    I prefer the newer wager system but if people are going to be picking one guy and then wagering on the other, isn't that pretty much cheating? I for one think that you should only be allowed to wager...
  46. The Future of the Sport Has Arrived
    God bless the French. They've given us one of the greatest gifts man can give--Cheik Kongo. Kongo has arguably the best strikes in all of MMA. His knees are vicious, his punches crisp, and his kicks...
  47. Tito / Evans - House Odds are off...
    On the majority of the real world sportsbooks the odds seem to be around... Evans +110 Ortiz - 105 would make this a lot more interesting bet on the playground. as it sets right now I see it as a...
  48. MMA Videos?
    Is anyone else worried about the new video feature getting the site shutdown? I love having video, but the UFC doesn't. Now they own the Pride stuff and it has been disappearing from youtube and...
  49. ufn 11
    do you guys think we will see a fightnight between ufc 73 and 74 with 74 not till August 25th that gives us around 50 with no ufc. so do you think they will put a fightnight in there to fill in the...
  50. Who knows?????
    when does ur status change from learning to sprawl to mma regular and so on and so on when does it change and what does it change to?
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