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  1. my 72 picks 750 left to wager
    Any reasonable bet with decent odds I will accept and I will answer quickly Franklin Griffin Griffin not taking anymore bets on that unless its 1:1 Macdonald Smith Big "c" Hazelett Davis
  2. UFC 72- My picks- Revised (big bets ok)
    Franklin over Okami Griffin over Ramirez (2:1) Herman over Smith Bring the green!
  3. Robinson>Sanchez and Singer>McDonald
    Ive got Robinson over Sanchez and Singer over McDonald for 2.5:1 odds.
  4. Okami>Franklin... Mcdonald>singer.. oh yea i want griffin too
    Okami>Franklin... Mcdonald>singer.. oh yea i want griffin too send wagers
  5. Herman over Smith at UFC 72
    me herman you smith send me wagers
  6. TUF Finale Bets
    Manny over Nate I want 1.5 odds. or 1:1 if small amount Lauzon over Melendez I'll give 2:1 Cole Miller over Wang Maynard over Emerson Wiman over Geraghty
  7. TUF 5 Wagers
  8. Best TUF 5 odds you'll find
    Alright, I'm leaving soon and need to get rid of my money so here is what I'm wagering on: Penn over Pulver (giving 2:1) Wiman over Geraghty (giving 2:1)
  9. I got Rob Emerson over Gray Maynard LOOK!!!!
    I got Rob Emerson over Gray Maynard---My $150 for your $500 (1:3.3) Send Wager Right Now!!! ^^^^You dont have to send that big wager but it would be liked...wil still accept wagers at those odds
  10. i got diaz to win finale
    i cant take wagers until after ufc 72, but ill take any 1:1 wagers for manny over diaz. just reply here or pm me and ill send the wagers right after 72 is over -im picking diaz, u are picking manny...
  11. Will money carry over to the next season?
    Since the season is ending with tomorrows UFC,I was wondering if money carries over to season 2? I hope it does
  12. Okami over Ace
    looking for 3:1 odds max bet of 300. ie your 300 for my 100.
  13. LeaderBoard
    Why do i get: "There are no leaders or points to be viewed for this season" when i visit my fight club's Leaderboard.
  14. UFC TUF 5 Wagers
    Penn > Pulver 2:1 Miller > Wang 3:1 Diaz > Manny 1:1 send those wagers
  15. How come i cant send TUF 5 wagers
    does anyone know why i cant send TUF 5 wagers
  16. My Ultimate Finale Picks -- Who wants to make some bets?
    BJ Penn beats Jens Pulver (Rd. 1, Sub) Roger Huerta beats Doug Evans (Unanimous Dec) Leonard Garcia beats Allen Burube (Rd. 1, Sub) Thales Leites beats Floyd Sword (Rd. 2, Sub) Nate Diaz beats...
  17. My TUF 5 Picks
    BJ Penn > Jens Pulver (2:1) Nate Diaz > Manny Gamburyan (1:1) Cole Miller > Andy Wang (3:1) Gray Maynard > Rob Emerson (2:1) Brian Geraghty > Matt Wiman (1:2) Send your wagers
  18. Pulver > BJ anyone.
    I'm picking Jens over BJ. Anyone care to bet?
  19. 600 ON CRO COP
  20. Betting on Penn
    Send me your Pulver wagers. Send with your odds
  21. Betting on Penn
    Send me your Pulver wagers. Send with your odds
  22. Putting all my money on Penn
    Yup, I only got 60$ left but I'm putting it all on him.
  23. I got 735 $ on B.J, who wants to set up ?
    If there are any Pulver fans out there that wanna make a bet im your man.
  24. Season 1 is complete. Where do you stand?
    Id say the first season of me making picks went extremely well. check it out: how did you do?
  25. 500$$ on Sherk
    big bets small bets whatever u wanna do ill bet up to 500 on the shark....send me what u want for odds..send a wager request or message me.peace mother bitches.
  26. Bets 1.5 to 1 (Penn vs Pulver) I got Pulver -- BJ Nutsuckers run
    Stand up for your boy BJ and throw a bet on him. No nuthugger like a BJ nuthugger.
  27. Guida Griffin Decision
    Wow was that decision for real, am I alone in that Guida got the shaft? I actually agreed with Eddie Bravo's score for the first time LOL.
  28. Anyone else having trouble sending wager proposals?
    It's not letting me send wager offers.
  29. wagers uf finale & ufc 73
    Im taking pulver over penn Manny over diaz louzon by first round tko !!! any takers ...... Ufc 73 Im taking franca over sherk ortiz over rashad silva over Marquardt ficket over lights out pm me for...
  30. Ultimate Fighter Finale 5 picks....
    Send some wagers.....I will be looking around as well... BJ Penn Huerta Garcia Leites Diaz (decision) Melendez Miller Maynard Wiman
  31. Silva vs. Marquardt
    I'll go 2:1 that Silva will beat Marquardt if you are intrested let me know...
  32. TUF5 Bets
    I got: Pulver Huerta Garcia Leites Diaz Lauzon Miller Emerson Wiman Do not send me 2:1 odds. I want even odds only!
  33. TUF 5 Finale Wagers
    I take: BJ over Pulver Garcia over Berube Lauzon over Melendez Miller over Wang Maynard over Emerson Diaz over Gamburyan Send me some wagers please.
  34. I will take Manny over Diaz 400 bucks
    400 on Manny...odds in my favor tho
  35. My TUF 5 Finale picks, send me a bet.
    Penn, Huerta, Garcia, Leites, Gamburyan, Lauzon, Miller, Emerson, and Wiman. Send me a wager i'm trying to get all my money out there on this event.
    JunCTion's fight picks for - UFC TUF 5 FINALE WINNER--------------LOSER---------------PREDICTIONS PENN-----------------PULVER-------------RND #--2--sub HUERTA-------------EVANS----------------RND...
  37. TUF 5 Picks
    BJ "The Prodigy" Penn Roger "El Matador" Huerta Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia Thales Leites Nate Diaz Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon Cole Miller Gray Maynard Matt "Handsome" Wiman will give odds and look at any wager...
  38. Everything I have for BJ, Jens fans send wagers
    putting everything i have on Bj, im so confident in him winning this. Bj is in awesome shape, and has such a good training sessions day in & day out, hes on weight,determined & focused as ever. Any...
  39. I'm undefeated
    I'm the smartest person here. I've never been wrong on a pick. Just wait, I'll be the next Rickson when it comes to making picks.
  40. Looking to bet on BJ and Manny for TUF finale...
    Will give 2:1 odds for Penn vs Pulver, expect odds for Manny vs Diaz.
  41. Great Update DoTheMMAth
    I like this look better. Has a nice flow to it, and having nav at the top works better. Also enjoy the new features like "My Game History," where I can watch my run at the top turn into utter shit in...
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  42. The New System
    i think they should bring back the old system where you send people wagers because: it give you bragging rights when you take your friend's money but the money that you earn from other accounts won't...
  43. no need to post picks or wanted wagers.
    hey guys no need to post your wagers you want anymore. so it was nice talking to you guys on here but those days are over. i hope to see you all at the top.
  44. How you like the change
    i don;t like it at all
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  45. Will earnings reset every season?
    If we're playing for prizes, does that mean the next season carries over the money. Or will we have to reset again so people joining get a chance to win the prizes?
  46. Was pulver really less than 20% to lose against bj.
    pulver has an underdog bonus attached to him. was he really less than 20% to win? i cant remember and with the new changes (unless I'm missing something) i cant view what everyone else picked. anyone...
  47. Wang the sleeper this weekend?
    I am considering dumping my money on Wang this saturday. He is a BJJ blackbelt, but showed no groundgame in his first fight on TUF. Cole Miller is also a wrestling sub guy and might not have much...
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  48. Why is it only the UFC??
    That we can bet on? Just curious
  49. mmaplayground betting lines...
    Isn't the favourite value always supposed to be higher than the underdog value? pulver is +330 and penn is -310, but shouldn't it be pulver +310 and penn -330? like... as it stands i could put 100 on...
  50. My Fight Companion
    Just noticed this new link in the Quick Links section. Very cool. Any chance we can get something like this for an entire fight camp? I've been manually putting together a spreadsheet every event...
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