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  1. Jorge to beat martin
    $50 send me wager? no more wagers please...
  2. $$ Macdonald and Scott smith
    looking for anyone to wager against macdonald and scott smith
  3. Takin Babalu
    I'll put $75 on babalu...Any takers?
  4. Ufc 67 wagers
    Im looking for some wagers for my UFC 67 picks. My picks are: Silva, CC, Rampage, Smith, Machida, Hazelett, and Griffin, If you take an underdog then I am willing to wager more of my money for having...
  5. Check out my picks on my profile and send me any wagers!!!!!
    come on guys send me who you have so I can make a big payday!!!!!!!!
  6. My wagers, all my money
    I am betting 150$ on Rampage winning in rnd 1 and 200$ on Cro Cop winning in rnd 1, also 100$ on Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida just winning. And ofcourse i cant have all these bets but i am betting all my...
  7. Please help....
    How to I make picks?
  8. Travis Lutter
    Im willing to put a 100 on lutter any takers?
  9. ok then send me some
    come on then if you think your gonna get some cash off my picks send me a wager!!
  10. Any bets for 67
    I've got $400 left to bet let me know if you're interested.
  11. Diaz
    I got a hundred on Diaz if you wanna bet.
  12. Terry Martin vs Jorge Rivera
    I think martin will take this one any takers
  13. Cro Cop 300 for 100
    Willing to bet 300 on Cro Cop if someone places 100 on sanchaz
  14. Crocop
    I got Crocop all the way.If anyone is foolish enough to bet aginst me send me a bet!
  15. 500 on lutter
    ill bet 500 on lutter if anyone wants it
  16. Betting on Machida
    Willing to take wagers on Machida v. Hogar of any size I'll be taking Machida - anyone interested send me an offer
  17. Willing to bet against Hazelett
    I'm willing to bet 25-50 bucks against Hazelett - any takers?
  18. macdonald
    i got macdonald over franklin $100 any takers??
  19. Take The wager??
    I'm all in on UFC 67.. Got $400 to bet and will make it worth your while... I got Silva, CroCop, Jackson and Machida. In this sport anything can happen... 2 to 1 Bets. You risk $50 to win $100. Or...
  20. who whants to bet
    my picks are anderson silva , crocop,rampage,jason mcdonald,randy couture,mike swick,wanderlie,gomi any one wanna bet send me offer
  21. jason macdonald
    ill take 50 on jason and 100 on randy and any others offer away
  22. Babalu
    i'll take 100 on babula winning any takers??
  23. I got Rampage TRY ME!!
    I got rampage for 50 and u take eastmean for 50 wat u say send me a wager
  24. who wants eastman?
    I got $on Jackson. Any eastam fans out there? Probly not, but I'll try any way.
  25. If you are betting 200$ **READ**
    I got Rampage in rnd 1 200$ CC rnd 1 200$ Silva rnd 1 200$ Tyson rnd 1 200$ Ok so i know i dont have this much money but it seems its not a problem because no one is betting against me. If you see...
  26. 50-100 Dollar Wagers on close fights
    Bolded are my picks: Patrick Cote vs. Scott Smith Terry Martin vs. Jorge Rivera Kazuo Misaki vs. Frank Trigg Tim Sylvia vs. Randy Couture (unfortunatly) any takers? I have $30 left. I'm also taking...
  27. gomi vs. diaz
    I got gomi anyone want to wager?
  28. Taking some bets!!
    These are my picks that i'm lookin for wagers on (straight up picks though, no round choice) Gomi def. Diaz Misaki def. Trigg Kharitonov def. Yvel Danzig def. Sakurai
  29. I'll take Sylvia over Couture for $100 each.
    Get ahold of me. I want Sylvia. You got Couture. Both of us put $100.
  30. ** My new wagers **
    Ok so here are the picks, you can decide yourself how much you wanna bet against me but we will both bet the same amount. CC rnd1 Rampage rnd1 Silva rnd1 Tyson rnd1 Roger "El Matador" Huerta no...
  31. My small bets!
    My picks are the bold ones. Sylvia - Couture Diaz - Gomi Nak - Wiuff Huerta - Halverson Ace - McDonald Hazelett - Saraiva Silva - Henderson If you want to wager with me either pm me or write it here....
  32. anyone want to bet?
    anyone at all?
  33. smith vs cote
    i got cote....
  34. edgor vs griffin
    ill take edgor send me wagers
  35. Frank Edgor
    ill put any amount of money on Edgor send some wagers
  36. 250$ on Roger "El Matador" Huerta ***READ***
    Ok whit no luck getting any bets up yet i am going whit 250$ on Roger "El Matador" Huerta should be a pretty close fight any takers ?
  37. Ayone want to take Eastman 200$
    ill take rampage,,,, any takers?
  38. Come Wager UFC 67
    Willing to bet on: Saraiva Huerta Rivera Cote A Silva
  39. Send me Wagers!
    here are my pics I only have 250$ left and i want to make many bets so send me low wagers Silva over Lutter Crocop over sanchez rampage over eastman smith over cote Hogar over machida (upset) Griffin...
  40. 6 $30 bets
    i would like to bet on all of these(one on each) Wiuff over Naka, UD Smith over Cote, Rnd 3 Rivera over Martin, Rnd 2 Trigg over Misaki, UD MacDonald over Franklin, UD Couture over Big Tim, UD $30 on...
  41. I'll take Tyson
    I'll take Tyson Griffin to win (No specific) for any ammount of money, just send me a wager if your interested please
  42. Something is fishy about this wager...
    "oswald is wagering takada that Eddie Sanchez (for $500) will defeat Mirko Filipovic (for $50) in their upcoming fight at UFC 67: All Or Nothing and that the fight ends in round 1. " There is...
  43. Any takers?i got huerta, machida and cote
    Send me your wagers!!! 150 max bet i got Machida over Hogar Cote over smith Jorge over martin and Huerta over whoever
  44. Will take Lutter with 3:2 odds
    If you put up $30 to my $20, I'll take Lutter.
  45. Looking for Wagers
    i still got $500 left looking to wager with any takers Silva over Lutter Cro Cop over Sanchez Rampage over Eastman Cote over Smith Machida over Hoger Griffin over Edgar Hazlett over Saraiva Huerta...
  46. I have Smith/Gomi/Saku and any others you might think imterested in
    send me some bets try to keep then low so I will be able to spead more bets around
  47. My wagers for UFC 67 - who wants in?
    I'm willing to wager the rest of my $ on: Silva >Lutter (My Wager - $100> Your Wager - $50) Crocop >Sanchez (My Wager - $150> Your Wager - $50) Rampage >Eastman (My Wager - $150>...
  48. Cote vs Smith odds
    I already have an even money wager on Smith. I wanna know who'll offer me odds. Maybe this is the wrong forum, I didn't know if it should be betting or ufc. If it's wrong I hope it gets moved or...
  49. Smith Over Cote..... $150
    I got Smith. Any Cote fans want to bet? (No more bets)
  50. my picks, any takers?
    Pride 33 Silva over Henderson Gomi over Diaz Kharitonov over Yvel Nakamura over Wiuff Sakurai over Danzig Misaki over Trigg Rua over Overeem Send a wager if interested.
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