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  1. Ed Herman > Scott Smith
    Herman (me) 1:1 (you) Smith send me wagers after UFN 10
  2. Okami > Franklin
    Okami (me) 1:2 (you) Franklin send me wagers after UFN 10
  3. Colin Robinson > Eddie Sanchez
    Colin Robinson (me) 1:2 (you) Eddie Sanchez send me wagers after UFN 10
  4. All my money on St Pierre
    I got $390 left and I'm putting it all on St Pierre. Anyone send me a wager.
  5. AHHH I dont see picks for ufn 10 help
    I didnt see choices for fight night 10 and its only 4 oclock. what happend. Just got home from work and cant make picks what can I do.
  6. UFC 72 wagers
    Franklin over Okami (1:12) Griffin over Ramirez (1:2) Tyson over Guida (1:1.5) MacDonald over Singer (1:2) Herman over Smith (1:1) Sanchez over Robinson (1:2) Hazelett over Lynch (1:1) Davis over Tan...
  7. ufc 72
    i got okami, ramirez, herman, and macdonald hit me up for wagers.
  8. -nil
    i got franklin, offering 195 against 100. first offer gets it, no smaller amounts, 1 wager. thx! bets over, thx
  9. Lots of wagers for UFC 72
    I want to wager out all my money, these are the fights I want to wager on. Please send me wagers. Thank you Okami- I will only be putting a few wagers on him, I want odds. Thanks Tyson Griffin Jason...
  10. $$$ Guida over Griffin $$$
    Give me 1.5 : 1. That is more than fair, given the spread. No limit. Send wagers.
  11. UFC 72 wagers...all or nothin
    Since the new season starts with TUF finale, I figure I might as well put it all on the line here. I've got nearly two grand of fantasy cash to put on: Franklin Forrest Guida Singer Herman And...
  12. singer>Macdonald 2.5:1
    Im betting Rory Singer over Jason MacDonald. 2.5:1 odds. only got $455...
  13. Taking Penn and Sherk, giving 2:1
    Here is what I want to put my money on: Penn over Pulver (giving 2:1) Sherk over Franca (giving 2:1) A wager of any amount, big or small, is fine. EDIT: Send me a pm or post here how much you wanna...
  14. everything on franklin
    $295 to put on franklin ill give u 1:1.5 odds
  15. Okami And Pulver
    I Got Okami and Pulver. If You Wanna Bet Me. 2:1 Odds.
  16. 580 left for 72, all on Herman or Forrest
    1:1 on Herman Odds negotiable on forrest fight (ie: don't send my stupid 3-1 bets) Send me wagers!
  17. My UFC 72 Underdog Picks (Okami, Ramirez, Guida)
    Please send reasonable offers only.. Yushin Okami > Rich Franklin (want 3:1 odds) Hector Ramirez > Forrest Griffin (want 3:1 odds) Clay Guida > Tyson Griffin (want 3:1odds) I will respond...
  18. LETS DO IT! Last 140 on Scott Smith
    I have 140, looking to get close to 2-1 odds, Ill take Smith. First 220 bet takes it, thanks.
  19. TONS of different UFC 72 Wagers HERE from my Fight Camp **LOOK**
    I have $25 left i wanna put on Hazelett for your $15 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DONT SEND ANY OF THESE TO ME THEY ARE FOR OTHER MEMBERS IN MY FIGHT...
  20. Still got too much money.
    Try to steal some off me. Franklin 2:1 Forrest 2,5:1 Herman 1:1 Hazelett 2:1 Singer 1:3 Big C 1:3
  21. Everything on Franklin
    I got franklin, If anyone wants Okami send me a wager at 2:1
  22. want to get 500 out on Ramirez
    3:1 or thereabouts
  23. I will take Rampage. Mirko, Hayato Sakurai, Couture, Pulver
    Anyone wanna make some bets? I will take rampage at 1:1 odds I will take mirko and give 2.5:1 odds I will take Sakurai at 1:1 odds I will take couture at 1:1 odds I will take pulver at 2:1 Odds....
  24. UFC 72 Bets
    Franklin Griffin Griffin MacDonald Herman Sanchez Hazelett Davis Send me some wagers before the deadline approaches!
  25. A lot of cash for 72
    I will bet on the following...(my picks are bolded) Ed Herman 1-1 (if its is a really big bet i will give you 1.5-1) Tyson Griffin 1-1 (if its a big bet i will give you 1.5-1) Macdonald (2-1) Okami...
  26. UFC 74
    On Sunday After I WIn Some Money From My Wagers, Ill Be Open To Bet On That Card. I Got Courture And GSP. Ill Give 2:1 On GSP.
  27. My last $50 on Hazelett
    Straight up. Not on the outcome, just on the fight.
  28. money to bet on UFC 72 & TUF Finale
    1:1.5 My pick: Colin Robinson Your Pick: Eddie Sanchez My Pick: Dustin Hazelett Your Pick: Steven Lynch 2:1 My Pick: Roger Huerta Your Pick: Doug Evans 2:1 My Pick: Leonard Garcia Your Pick: Allen...
  29. everything on Ed Herman
    Ed Herman > Scott Smith 1:1 send those wagers
  30. lookin for bets for ufc 72 and the finale.
    i got franklin griffin tyson macdonald herman sanchez marcus dustin i got pulver looking for a bet. interested in any offer on any match.
  31. I give 2:1 on Gonzaga
    I give 2:1in Gonzaga Send me a Wager
  32. Need Wagers on 72
    I got Griffin Griffin MacDonald Smith Sanchez Hazelett Davis I have over $700 left to wager.
  33. me griffen...3:1 about
    send me a wager for as much or as little as you want: me ramirez you griffen i want around 3:1
  34. I give 1:2 on franca
    send me a PM thanks
  35. I got Okami!
    Send me wager if you think I'm wrong, I'm taking any amount big or small
  36. Putting money on Clay Guida
    The title says it all, send me a wager
  37. I got $ 500 to wager on Singer for 3 to 1 odds
    So I'll take a chance. My 1 to your 3 .Send your wagers please
  38. last $400 on Ed Herman
    my last $400 on Ed Herman send those wagers
  40. Ive got Rich Franklin Over Okami who wants some $$
    send wager ive got franklin send any amount
  41. UFC 72: Send Me Wagers
    Here are my picks for UFC 72 send me some wagers if you're interested Franklin over Okami Griffin over Ramirez Griffin over Guida MacDonald over Singer Herman over Smith Sanchez over Robinson...
  42. griffin over guida
    i got 95 dollars left and i want griffin my 95 to ur 45 first to send wager will be excepted...
  43. UFC 72
    Franklin > Okami (2:1) F.Griffin > Ramirez (1.5:1) T.Griffin > Guida (1.5:1) Smith > Herman (1:1.5) Or best offer.
  44. TUF Finale - BJ/Jens.
    I'm up to taking any wagers on this fight, hit me up and throw some odd's down if you are looking for Jens to win this.
  45. The 4th richest mans picks...
    Willing to take wagers, heres my picks. Franklin Griffin Guida Jason McDonald Ed Herman Eddie Sanchez Dustin Hazelett Marcus Davis (As much as I will support Tan, Davis gets it) Cherers fellas.
  46. Full UFC 72 odds
    From Bodog Scott Smith -110 Ed Herman -120 Dustin Hazelett -245 Stevie Lynch +195 Marcus Davis -450 Jason Tan +325 Eddie Sanchez -200 Colin Robinson +160 Rich Franklin -220 Yushin Okami +180 Tyson...
  47. Griffin v Guida
    Look....the fight isn't close to being even on the betting side, so STOP SENDING EVEN MONEY WAGERS TO ME ON THIS FIGHT. I got 8 of them today either even money or with me having to bet more even...
  48. My last $717 on Ed Herman (even odds)
    Send your wager proposal now, I will accept quickly.
  49. I've got Sick Dog
    $310 on Sick Dog. Your minimum bet must be $620.
  50. I would like a $100 wager on Franklin/Okami
    I take Franklin, look for someone to put $100 up against me on Okami, Message me please. Thanks Rob
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