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  1. I wanna bet on some underdogs for FN10
    I'd like McCrory over Spratt Bruno over Reiner Caudillo over Mohr Petz over Fioravanti Looking for bets around 100 give or take... Anyone intersted? Edit: Would like to see some reasonable odds, too
  2. Who wants Forrest and Ed Herman?
    I've got $444 left to put on two fights. I'll take Ramirez over Forrest for 1:4 odds and I'll take Scott Smith over Ed Herman for 1:2 odds
  3. Everything on spencer fisher
    I want to bet everything on fisher,even though he lost to stout before. Send me some big or small bets.
  4. UFC 73 bet
    Gurgel vs Saraiva - I got Saraiva I want odds, at least 1:2.
  5. Sherk/Franca
    I'm open to put some money down on Sherk to take out Franca, send in your offer's and lets see whats up.
  6. I want to put $700 on Rashad
    Any big Tito fans want to give put up $775 to my $700 for Rashad?
  7. Fight camps???
    What exactly is the benefit of joining a fight camp? I understand the site gives a few more options if you join one, but other than that, I fail to see the point... You have thousands of people...
  8. looking for serious bet
    i'm taking thiago tavares over jason black looking to bet $2000, only if you have the money should you reply,
  9. your favorite mma federation/ show/ league and other mma things
    What is your most favorite mma federation/ show/ league and whatever else you want to add. (opinions)
  10. me fitch.. you roan... i'll give 2.5 odds
    send me whatever wager you want. i pick fitch to win. i have a lot of money to wager, so bet small or big, i don't care.
  11. Got $400 on Black over Tavares
    Someone make me an offer, I've got $400 on Jason Black
  12. My 75 on stout to your 100 on fisher
    That's all the money I have left.. Someone please send wager, but notify under this post, so I dont get a bunch of wagers.. Thanks fellas.
  13. Radev over McFedries 4:1
    My Radev over your Mcfedries with 4:1 odds.
  14. JCT FN10 picks - all done! check out 72 picks.
    JunCTion's fight picks for - UFC Fight Night 10 WINNER----------LOSER-----------PREDICTIONS-------WAGERS FISHER----------STOUT-----------RND #--2--sub------ME $50----YOU $50 cmon lets go!...
  15. Bettin on underdogs
    Stout 3:1 Carneirro 4:1 Radev 3:1 Black 3:1 Petz 3:1 McCrory 3:1 Cox 4:1 Bruno 3:1 Caudillo 3:1 Send me approx. 50$ bets
  16. Will the Ultimate Finale be added to upcoming events soon?
  17. In the year of the upset, I will still take Fitch 2:1.....
    Send me a wager....I cannot find anyone to take Carneiro....
  18. Luigi over Petz 2:1
    Any amount. Also got Fitch over Carneiro 3:1
  19. Fioravanti over Petz
    I'll put $100 on Fioravanti to your whatever on Petz. Whoever gives me the best offer gets the bet. Be back in a couple of days to check.
  20. I take Fitch, will give 2:1, And Fisher, even odds
    Come on people hit me up
  21. Fisher over Stout, giving 1.5:1
    Betting what I have left on Fisher to beat Stout, giving 1.5:1 odds. Send me some wagers.
  22. i want fitch and mcfedries...i'll give 2:1 odds...big and small bets accepted
    i want fitch and mcfedries i'll give 2:1 odds, so anything like your 50 to my 100, your 100 to my 200..etc.. big and small bets accepted
  23. i have 64 dollars left
    might as well go all in somone send me a wager, any fight, if it is reasonable i will accept it
  24. I got too much money.
    Try to steal some off me. Luigi > Petz 2,5:1 Fitch > Carneiro 3:1 McCrory > Spratt 1:2 Mohr > Caudillo 1,5:1 Updated..
  25. thiago > jason black
    ill take any 1:1 wager for me thiago tavres and you jason black.
  26. roan>fitch
    ill take roan carniero over fitch for the right odds and amount of money.
  27. I've Got Ed Herman over Scott Smith
    I have $100 to put down on Ed Herman over Scott Smith. Send me an offer...even money!
  28. I Have jason Black, Wager me!
    I will take no more than $75 on bets. thanks.
  29. Spencer>Stout? Anyone?
    Anybody care to wager? Just make it under $ 200/
  30. JCT TUF5 picks
    JunCTion's fight picks for - UFC TUF5 FINALE WINNER----------LOSER-----------PREDICTIONS-------WAGERS PENN-------------PULVER---------RND #--2--sub------ME $-------YOU $...
  31. UFC 72 picks
    Franklin>Okami Griffin>Ramirez Macdonald>Singer Herman>Smith Sanchez>Robinson David>Tan Send wagers after Ultimate Fight Night 10 Airs. -Primate
  32. Bruno - Reiner off.
    When are we getting our money back from those wagers?
  33. UFN 10 Bets
    Petz>Luigi, I get 2.5:1 McCrory>Spratt, I get 2:1 Tibau>Cox, I'll give 2:1 Caudillo>Mohr, I get 2:1 And one 72 Bet: Herman>Smith, Even odds
  34. what happened to #4 on the wealthiest players list?
    it doesnt seem to exist
  35. fisher/black
    looking to wager on spencer fisher and jason black, send me wagers. i'll give odds on the king, and i'd like them on black.
  36. UFC 72 Picks
    I got... Herman over Smith Macdonald over Singer Okami over Franklin I'll take the best wagers I get.
  37. UFC 72 PICKS
    Yushin Okami > Rich Franklin (1:2) Scott Smith < Ed Herman (1:1) Colin Robinson > Eddie Sanchez (1:2) send your wagers
  38. So will the Bruno fight be changed on "My Upcoming Events?"
  39. UFC Fighters on MMAPlayground
    I'm not going to ask for their screen names or anything...just wonders if anyone knows if there are any big name UFC fighters(or any big name mma fighter) who have accounts on here? I'm sure that if...
  40. McCrory over Spratt
    Looking for 2 to 1 since I know absolutely nothing about McCrory but I think Spratt sucks
  41. ADMIN - PLEASE revise the reiner bruno fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bruno is not fighting anymore and have been replaced by Johnson - see the event page on and then please revise the picks and reset the wagers ASAP please
  42. LFB Spratt vs McCrory
    I got McCrory Send me any bet offers. The best offers I will accept.
  43. UFC 72 = I'll Give Good Odds!!!
    Here are my picks for UFC 72 send me some wagers if you're interested Franklin over Okami Griffin over Ramirez Griffin over Guida MacDonald over Singer Herman over Smith Sanchez over Robinson...
  44. i got 400 on spencer to win any takers
    i got 400 on spencer to win any takers
  45. looking for wagers on 72
    ill take okami if you give 2:1 ill take singer for 2.5/3:1
  46. UFN 10 Wagers
    Fisher Fitch McFedries Black Fioravanti McCrory Tibau Mohr Reiner
  47. $500 on Nate Mohr - any bets
    ill take Nate -
  48. My picks
    Stout Fitch Radev Tavares big wagers on stout and Fisher starting at $100 up to 400, small wages on the undercards $50 and below
  49. 205 left for Fight Night, bets inside!!!
    Would like to do it all on one bet, if possible. Here's what I want: Black at 2-1 Petz at 2-1 Fitch, will give you 2-1 Send me wagers!!!
  50. Tamden vs Spratt
    Ok I have $499 lef to bet on Tamden over Spratt. Tamden is an instructor at my gym, and I know he will destroy Pete. Any takers?
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