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  1. Who Will Put $400 Up For Tito??
    I'm willing to put up 4 bills on Rashad and collect that easy money so anybody who wants to step up to the plate let me know
  2. Looking to put money on ed herman
    ill take Herman you take Smith Ill also take Yushin Okami with 2 to 1 odds
  3. Ill take Yushin Okami
    3 to 1 odds
  4. UFC 72 Bets
    Franklin 1:1 Griffin 2:1 Tyson 2:1 JMAC 2:1 Sanchez 1:1
  5. UFC 73
    Evans v Ortiz me Evans and Edgar you the rest, any takers?? 1:1 Edgar v Bocek 1.5:1
  6. Franklin
    ive got 400 to bet on him, my 2 to your 1. Ill take whatever amount you want to lose.
  7. Fight Camp - Chute Boxe Academy Recruiting
    I'm eager to find any and all fight fans that are knowledgeable and talented when it comes to picking fights. If you pick your favorite fighters every time they fight without seriously considering...
  8. UFC 72 wager requests wanted
    I'll consider wagers on Yushin Okami (me) vs Rich Franklin (you) and Rory Singer (me) vs Jason Mcdonald (you). I want 2 to 1 on the Franklin vs Okami fight.
  9. franklin vs okami
    my $$ flow is limited but i'm willing to take franklin over okami with a fair bet, no odds. any takers?
  10. When Does Season 1 End???
    Could somebody, whether it's an Ad. or Mod, or just somebody who knows, state clearly when the 1st season ends, and the new one begins. Thanks.
  11. ~My UFN 10 Wagers~
    See Wrestler189's post below...
  12. Putting Money on Yushin Okami
    I want 2:1 odds. Any amount. Send wages!
  13. wagers on rashad evans and donkey kong head ortiz!!
    Any wagers against my rashad evans and your donkey kong king kong head toto ortiz!!! will bet alot!!
  14. UFN Wagers.
    Still got around $1000 left to wager with, and looking to wager on these fights (my picks bolded): Roan Carneiro vs. Jon Fitch I'll give 2:1 Luigi Fioravanti vs. Forrest Petz 1:1 Drew McFedries vs....
  15. I'm picking Fioravanti or Tibau (my 134 for your 100)
    $2654 to wager for UFN 10! I still want to put some money on these fights: Luigi Fioravanti > Forrest Petz Gleison Tibau > Jeff Cox I already bet everything I wanted on the other fights. I have...
  16. I'll take Black at 2 to 1 odds over Thiago
    Ill take Jason Black for 100 against Thiago for 200 send me the wager
  17. Smith over Herman, give me odds
    i'll take scott smith 1:2
  18. Radev by a landslide, Who wants McFedries??
    3:1 odds seem pretty fair, holla at ya boy!
  19. Herring vs. Nog
    i got nog...send me wagers big or small
  20. I'll take okami
    I want 2:1 odds. Send me a wager proposal and i will accept.
  21. 25$ left
    i got 25 bones left, send any wager and i may take it, no odds needed, straight up 25 for 25.
  22. i take hector ramirez
    I want 5:1 odds. Send me a proposal and i will accept.
  23. Marquardt > Silva
    I don't have much left to bet, but I'm up for this one any time... gimme good odds...
  24. Franklin vs Okami
    I'm taking Franklin. I'll give 2-1, let's make some big wagers on this one.
  25. UFC72 Wager, send a request if interested.
    Here it is folks, I have Tyson Griffin taking it for my $75 against Clay Guida for your $50. Send me a request and we'll get it done.
  26. Betting on Fitch
    I have Fitch, send me wagers. It's 2:1 so it's in your favor.
  27. "The Heat" on Burkman, Title Shot's Mike Sloan spoke with Karo Parisyan (Pictures) after the welterweight contender's impressive victory over Josh Burkman (Pictures) Saturday in Las Vegas at UFC 71. LINK
  28. Belcher Breaks Down Quick Win at UFC 71 spoke exclusively with Alan Belcher (Pictures) after the light heavyweight's impressive first round submission over Sean Salmon (Pictures) at UFC 71. LINK
  29. I got Evans for $160 EVEN
    my 160 on evans to your 160 on ortiz if you have less that's fine i guess but i'll take all wagers until my last 160 is gone. even $ on rashad.
  30. I got stout
    I'm takin any 2:1 bet on your fisher vs my stout... bring it
  31. Want big money wager on Marquardt vs Silva
    Willing to bet at least $250 on Nate over Silva.
  32. I want Franklin
    big or small wagers...send em
    I have $65 dollars to left, and I am wagering it all on Fitch, I am looking for 2:1.
  34. the reason people are asking for 2 to 1 odds for taking sam stout
    If you are one of those people post your reason here im just curious and im easily entertained.
  35. All my money on McCory
    I want odds . SEND THEM!
  36. Evans over Tito 2:1
    I got 290 left to wager CLOSED im all betted out thanks for trying =)
  37. If your taking Spratt
    Im taking Tamden..but id like 2to 1 odds also I got Fitch willing to give 2 to 1 and 1to1 on fisher and stout i got fisher ill also bet on Tavares winning and i got Radev over Mcfredries any...
  38. Upcoming picks
    I've got Fiorivanti and Fitch.....Offer sumpin....
  39. Silva vs. Marqaurdt wager.
    I have Silva for $200, anybody willing to take a bet for Marquardt at $150-$200 send a request.
  40. UFN 10 picks $400 left to wager
    Spencer Fisher > Sam Stout Jon Fitch > Roan Carneiro Drew McFedries > Jordan Radev Jason Black > Thiago Tavares Luigi Fioravanti > Forrest Petz Pete Spratt > Tamden McCory Gleison...
  41. McCory over Spratt
    2:1 odds, please. First come, first accepted.
  42. Will take Okami - but want 2.5:1 odds
    My $50 for your $125 or my $30 for your $75, hit me up
  43. Luigi over Petz
    Will give slight odds - my $50 for your $40
  44. bets finished
  45. Records for next season
    After this season is over and our records start off at 0-0 for the next season..will you guys still keep track of our overall records from this season and the next ones to come..say to have season...
  46. Ortiz over Evans
    I've got Tito over Rashad and I have 400 to bet, send the bets this way gentlemen.
  47. caudillo>mohr
    if you think otherwise send wagers my 40 to your 55
  48. No faith in Tavares?
    I am having more ppl wanting to put wagers on jason black against thiago silva than anything. if tavares wins that means big payday for me but i just dont see how everyone seems to think black will...
  49. Im taking some underdogs.
    Make me some offers. I want Remirez over Forrest, Looking for 4-1 odds. Heath Herring over Nog 4-1 odds. Scott Smith over Herman. Will take best offer. Lytle over Fickett, best offer. Marquardt over...
  50. What are fair odds for Guida-Griffen?
    just curious?
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