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  1. Looking for big Leben bets
    I've got 650 left to bet on Starnes. I'll take about 2.5:1. Looking for one or two BIG bets instead of lots of small ones. Any takers?
  2. CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im taking chuck. send me any and all offers ridiculous as they may be...
  3. Din Thomas Wager!!!
    I have $100 left and am putting it on Din Thomas, send me a wager if you want to take Stephens!!!!
  4. i need wagers!!!
    here are my picks im willing to take wagers on leben 1.3 to 1 silva even thomas 1.5 to 1 jardine 3 to 1 salmon 1.2 to 1 this is a great opportunity for you guys to make some money just send the...
  5. Taking all wagers !!!
    I've got Liddel , Karo , Saliverry , Leben , Irvin , and Jardine. OUT OF MONEY
  6. Silva vs. Irvin wagers
    I love Silva in this fight i am willing to bet all my money on silva i will accept all bets so place a wager if your feeling froggy cause Irvin is gonna get KTFO
  7. Need to get rid of my money
    Here is what I'm betting on: Thiago Silva over James Irvin (even odds) Salmon over Belcher (giving 4:3, meaning my 100 against your 75) Send a wager or post if your interested
  8. jackson over liddell
    jackson over liddell, i want 2:1 [ie your 50 to my 25] c'mon people
  9. Call Me Crazy and Wager Me: I'm Picking Jardine To Lose
    After doing some research and reading up on Houston Alexander, I'm picking him to upset Keith Jardine. I have to 75 bucks to wager and I know Jardine is a huge favorite. Wager Me, Dudes.
  10. 225 left on jackson no odds send wagers
    refer to subject line
  11. whoever is taking chuck...
    send me a wager..
  12. 550$ left to wager
    Rampage Parisyan Leben Silva Din Thomas Salaverry Gouveia Jardine Salmon
  13. I pick Starnes. Give me 2:1.
    Looking to lay down my last $100 on Starnes. 2:1 please.
  14. $1000 to spend on UFC 71
    Lookin to wager all of my money on 71. Here are my picks: Liddell 1:1 Starnes 1:2 Karo 2:1 Silva 1:1 Din Thomas 2:1 Salaverry 1:1 Gouveia 1:1 Jardine 3:1 Salmon 1:1
  15. UFC 71
    I can't believe its only a few days away already! I'm so pumped....BIG MONEY HERE I COME!
  16. Yo hit me up if you want Chucky and have $750
    Yo send me a wager. Ill take Quiton for $750. Let me know.
  17. Liddell - vs - Rampage
    In this Saturday's upcoming event I'm wagering 100 on Rampage if anyone wants to bet??
  18. UFC 71 full odds out, any big surprises for you guys?
    Chuck Liddell -175 Quinton Jackson +145 Karo Parisyan -295 Josh Burkman +235 Ivan Salaverry -145 Terry Martin +115 Keith Jardine -500 Houston Alexander +350 Chris Leben -270 Kalib Starnes +210 Thiago...
  19. I'm picking Rampage...
    $200 left to wager
  20. $643 on karo
    I would like to put my last $643 on karo, ill give 2:1 odds too, so if anyone wants burkman at 2:1 send a wager my way,thanks.
  21. All dogs
    Anybody else have all their money on the underdogs this weekend? I've got all my (fake) money on Rampage, Burkman, Starnes, Stevens, Martin and Marrero.
  22. $500 on Rampage!! Who wants Chuck hit me up
    I got $500 to bet on Quinton. Even bet against Chuck. 3 round KO. Or maybe 3 round slam through the mat and break the ring. Please someone send me a wager.
  23. Irvin Bet!!!!
    Who is interested in giving their chedder to the angry chinegro??? Contact and we'll talk loot!!
  24. UFC 71 Picks!
    Liddell (Won't give odds because its an even fight) Karo (I'll give 2:1) Leben Silva Din Salaverry Gouveia Jardine Salmon
  25. End of Season One
    So are the seasons definitely divided into 10-event seasons? This means that this season would end after UFC 72 on June 16th, and the new season would begin with UFC 73 on July 7th. Has anyone seen...
  26. Taking Starnes and Martin
    I want 2 to 1 odds. Send offers.
  27. Sean Salmon
    got some $88 available to wager still... looking to put it on sean salmon.. 1:1 odds
  28. My picks - send wagers
    Liddell Parisyan Leben Silva Thomas Martin Gouveia Jardine Belcher please give me odds where needed when sending.
  29. belcher salmon
    alright i have 583 dollars left im taking salmon i need offers if someone wants to put up 500 ill take it or smaller bets i dont care
  30. Got a few thousand to wager on LIDDELL!!!!
    I'll be fair and give you my 5 to your 4 on LIDDELL to win against RAMPAGE. got a few thousand to bet so lets have it folks.
  31. my picks
    iceman parisyan leben silva thomas salaverry jardine salmon looking for wagers before fights, send requests
  32. Looking to bet $1000 on Liddell vs. your $900 on Rampage.
    Title says it all. My $1,000 on Chuck vs. your $900 on Rampage. If you have the cash, send the wager my way.
  33. "Rampage" press conference
    Looking strong It's gonna be a good one!!
  34. Need to put 30 dollars on liddel. Any takers?
    Wanna Put 30 dollars on Liddel. Please help me giet rid of my only 30!
  35. $500 on Liddell vs my $400 on Rampage + Other Bets
    I'm taking Rampage to win this one tonight. I'll put up $400 dollars against your $500. I'm also taking Karo - I'll give 2:1 Send um over.
  36. Kalib Starnes over the Crippler.
    looking for a few bets of 2:1 odds ie my 50 for your 100. will take 1 bet of 3:1 of over 200 max 300 ie my 300 for your 600
  37. 790 left to bet
    chuck karo leben silva thomas salaverry salmon jardine even odds for all
  38. Any takers for the Main event???
    You Liddell me Rampage 100$+ bet???
  39. Burkeman over Karo ..... 100$ limit
    Any takers for this?.....3:1 odds
  40. 500 on rampage
    i got 500 on rampage 1:1 looking for a single bet
  41. My 71 picks send wagers
    Jackson Leban Burkman Stephans send with odds Marrero Dean Of Mean Salmon
  42. QUICK my 50$ on leben
    throw a wager now!!
  43. UFN 10 Bets
    Sam Stout 2:1 Jon Fitch 2:1 Thiago Tavares 1:1 Luigi Fioravanti 1:1 I have 940 to wager, Please no wagers over 100 dollars unless it is against Fitch.
  44. Everything on Spencer Fisher!
    I want to put a wager on Fisher over stout. The wager can be any amount. If your interested, just let me know.
  45. Franca over Sherk. Anyone give me 2 to 1 odds?
    There is no doubt in my mind that Franca is going to take the belt from Sherk. The polls are currently giving Sherk more than 3 to 1 odds of keeping the belt. Anyone out there willing to give me 2 to...
  46. Underdog's
    Tip: Think before you wager... we are actively policing suspicious wagers. If you are thinking of placing all your money on the underdog while having the wager recipient place $10 on the heavy...
  47. ufn 10 picks send me wagers
    Sam "Hands of Stone" Stout Jon Fitch . Drew McFedries Jason Black Luigi Fioravanti Pete "Secret Weapon" Spratt Gleison Tibau Steve Bruno Nate Mohr send me wagers guys i will get to them very fast.
  48. How do I create my own Fight Camp?
  49. Fight Night Picks
    I got: Spencer Fisher Jon Fitch McFedries Fioravanti Tamden McCory Tibau Bruno Mohr Looking for and giving FAIR odds. Start sending them!
  50. UFN 10 Sam over Spencer, Jason over Thiago
    Sam Stout 1:2.5 Jason Black 1:2 send you wagers
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