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  1. Carmelo Marrero
    I'll take all bets on Carmelo Marrero i got 1300 to wager. 1:1
  2. Liddell all the way baby
    I have 485 to put on Liddell any takers I already have 685 on him I might as wells put it all down hit me up
  3. 485 to put on Liddell any takers
    Any one out there think Rampage is that gut well here is your chance to prove it put up or shut up.
    Here are my picks for UFC 71. Send me an offer if you are interested. Liddell over Jackson Parisyan over Berkman Leben over Starnes Thomas over Stephens Gouveia over Marrero Jardine over Alexander...
  5. Rich guy #55 has cash to blow on UFC 71 (my picks)
    No more bets... no more cash available. My Picks: Lidell over Rampage (EVEN) Parisian over Burkman (2:1) Leben over Starnes (2:1) Salavery over Martin (3:1) Jardine over Houston (4:1) I'm not betting...
  6. My entire bank on Burkman, any takers?
    Ive got 1254 to put on Burkman. I will take all bets on this fight until my money is gone.
  7. Salaverry over Martin
    I'm putting $100 on Salaverry, whoever gives me the best odds gets the wager.
  8. is UFN 10 gonna be put up?
    Is UFN 10 card gonna be put up? I wanna put my picks in but its not there yet
  9. Guida / Griffin
    I got 150 on Clay... Need some decent odds though
  10. $1000 on chuck
    want a straight up bet for chuck. big money. who's got the balls?
  11. 700 to put on Liddell any takers and hope your not scard to get beat by a girl
    best of luck
  12. bet me 1000, i got rampage
    i am tired of tryin to ask people to bet chuck vs rampage...soo anyone wants to but 1000 on chuck bet me i am up for it
  13. gouveia vs morrero
    I got gouveia even odds
  14. $300 left all on rampage
    send me wagers i want some odds though
  15. salmon&Martin over Schafer&salaverry_WAGERS
    sean salmon and terry martin over eric schafer and Ivan salaverry ..........any takers? please SEND WAGERS
  16. I Got Liddell
    willing to be 660 for the same amount of coin any takers?
  17. I got Rampage at 1:1.5
    Your $75 to my $50...let's do this.
  18. 71
    i have 3 more fights i wanna bet on,and the guys i want to take are thiago silva tyson griffen and wilson gouveia send me your wagers and ill get back to you asap..... thanx guyz
  19. Franklin okami
    im looking to bet the rest of my bankroll on franklin to win. Any takers send me wagers!
  20. 800 on Liddell
    Most of my money is pending so I have 800 left to bet on Liddell, make offers.
  21. $100 on salmon
    i got salmon 1:1 odds $100
  22. Liddell over Rampage. If You want to go 1:1 send a wager.
    Liddell over Rampage. If You want to go 1:1 send a wager. I do not really care about other site odds. It is a close match so ... Rampage fans should be not affraid .
  23. Wager for Liddell v. Jackson, interested parties PM me.
    Here's my wager. I have Quinton Jackson taking the fight , and I'm willing to put down a $75 dollar wager, assuming any takers are willing to do the same for Mr. Liddell. Any Interested parties can...
  24. I got Murphy
    I got Tom Murphy over Jake O'brian in UFC 72. Send me some wagers.
  25. ufc71
    ill have liddell burkman salmon thomas leben gouveia silva jardine send me your wagers and ill get bak to you asap
  26. me martin 100, you salavary 150 ..
    me martin $100 you salavary $150 send me a wager
  27. UFC 71 Wagers
    I have about $750 to wager here are my picks, send wagers please. Rampage Karo Salmon Leben Irvin Thomas Salaverry Gouveia Jardine
  28. salmon over blecher 1:1 odds $300
    sean salmon over alan blecher for $300. SEND WAGERS
  29. I'll bet the house on Marrero
    I got Marrero send me some wagers
  30. Betting on Terry Martin 2:1
    I got Terry Martin. 2:1 odds. My $50 to your $100.
  31. UFC 71 wagers.
    Chuck Karo Leben Silva Dinyero Salaverry Gouveia Jardine Belcher i gots only 400 left. ill put my 150 to your 75 for chuck. other than that, i want 25,50$ bets. wutevers fair odds for you.
  32. Parisyan > Burkman
    I've got $348 available, send me resonable offers...
  33. My $100 to your $150...
    I got Martin. My last hundred bucks, first bet gets it.
  34. Anyone want Belcher?
    I'll take Salmon 1:1 for $50. Send me a wager.
  35. I'll take Belcher
    Send me some wagers... Good odds
  36. im taking salmon will give odds
    ill put 130 to your 100 or bigger or smaller same ratio also if any canucks want to take starnes send the bets this way ill give 1.2/1 odds for that fight
  37. UFC 71 Picks
    Liddell Karo Leben Thomas Martin Marrero Jardine Salmon I only have about 600 to play with
  38. Liddell vs Jackson wagers
    if there is anyone out there who thinks jackson will beat liddell and is willing to place at least $500 on jackson to win? I need some action.
  39. Anyone want Din Thomas?
    I'll take Stevens for the upset but I want good odds. My $50 to your $200. Send me a wager if you're interested.
  40. me irvin $ silva $75
    i want irvin with slight odds...i have 50$ left
  41. I'll take Starnes at 3:1
    I'll take Starnes at 3:1, send your wager proposals. I have about 400$ left.
  42. WAGER ME - I take - Salmon, Marrero, Starnes, Silva, Martin, Jardine
    Send $40-$75 wagers for these - I take these Salmon - even odds Marrero - even odds Starnes - i want 1.75:1 (example - my $40 for your $70) Silva - will give 1.25:1 (example - my $50 for your $40...
  43. I got Liddell for 2 g's
    Any takers?
  44. Betting for 71
    I got Liddell, The Heat, Leben, Silva, Thomas, Salaverry, Marrero, Jardine, and Salmon I am willing for big odds on the Iceman Rampage fight for all you Jackson fans. Anything else...any odds will...
  45. Burkman over parisyan
    I got 358 ill put on burkman if anyone has an offer let me know.
  46. My picks, Send me wagers
    I have Rampage at 2:1 Starnes at 2:1 Karo at 1:2 i also have Irvin Salavery Salmon Din thomas Jardine
  47. If you picked Rampage...
    Send me a wager.
  48. Wager Me On Martin/Salaverry. I got Martin.
    I got Terry Martin to win. Any takers? Let's do this.
  49. Liddell>Rampage, Karo>Burkman
    odds TBA, send wagers if interested.
  50. 380 left, Taking Marerro, Martin, and Starnes
    Have a bit left to get rid of before 71, send wagers. Taking: Marerro over Gouveia, 1:1 Martin over Salaverry 2:1 Starnes over Leben 2:1
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