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  1. UFC 71
    My picks for now: Liddell over Rampage 1:1 Parisian over Burkman
  2. theICEbreaks...
    rampage over iceman my 200 to your 300... plus..anderson silva(me) 300 or bigger bet...
  3. Lots of cash...UFC 71 picks
    Taking Chuck at 1:1 Starnes give me 2:1 minimum (depends on amount offered) Thomas at 1:1 (when it comes up to wager) Schafer at 1:1 (nothing over 150) I'll update later.
  4. me-rampage, you-chuck, 2:1 in my favor
    i'm looking to put a lot of money on rampage so any bets are welcome 2:1, small or big.
  5. no more bets
    almost broke guys. gotta save money for other bets.
  6. catsmasher vs starnes
    im going with leben send wagers ill give 1.2 to 1 for those of you south of the mason dixon line thats 120 to your 100
  7. iceman vs rampage
    ill take the iceman you take rampage even odds 1:1 i have have $920, send wagers
  8. Parisyan over Burkman
    Looking to bet on Parisyan over Burkman. Giving 2:1, send a wager if interested.
  9. i"ll take burkman
    ....but i want 2.5:1 i got 70 left.....any takers??
  10. iceman over rampage
    100-100 me iceman you rampage
  11. top 10
    im now the tenth wealthiest player, soon to be #1
  12. $755 left to wager UFC 71 picks inside
    Rampage Parisyan Salmon Leben Silva
  13. rampage over chuck
    im putting all my eggs in one basket. i want to bet it all on rampage so send me some wagers ***edit*** i'll bet smaller amounts, im not necessarily looking for one huge bet.
  14. Who wants Karo? I got Burkman
    I'll take Burkman. Send me ur wagers...
  15. UFC 71 picks, send me wagers
    Here's who I have winning... Liddell Parisyan Salaverry Jardine Silva Salmon Gouveia
  16. I got rashad
    send em.
  17. Anybody taking the Sandman???
    I want Silva, and 1.5:1
  18. Iceman is goin DOWN....
    I put the rest of my money on RAMPAGE .... all of it send em... A little over 500 left to play with now
  19. Want to lay a big wager on the ICE MAN
    any takers?
  20. $1,120 on chuck.....
    I'm betting all my cash on the iceman.. accepting the highest offer i have available as soon as UFC Unleashed gets over tonight.. so offer up you pride nuthuggers.
  21. me chuck you jackson 1:1 $300
    $300 on iceman. u send me the wager.
  22. i want leben
    send me bets
  23. Will put up to $500 on Burkman line is: Burkman +250 Karo -350 I'll accept any bet with 2.5:1 odds
  24. chuck kaleb and franklin
    i want to put all my money on these fights, ill take evens on chuck rampage, your 2 for my 1 on kaleb and my 2 for you 1 on ace. Send me some wagers if your interested. Ill also be willing to bet on...
  25. I'll take Thiago Silva over Irvin....
    Send me a wager....$150 for $150....
  26. Chuck will destroy rampage!!
    Any even bets on chuck vs rampage.
  27. have 1,110 to put on rampage accepting any 2:1 odds
  28. UFC 71 Wagers.
    My picks: Rampage: I want 2:1 Karo: I'll give 2:1 Salmon: 1:1 Din: I'll give 2:1
  29. ive 300 2 put on chuck
    1st reply ill accept
  30. taking rampage my 225 to your 450 on chuck
    first response post gets it
  31. Looking for wagers
    Im taking Scott Smith and Terry Martin and I want odds. Send wages.
  32. I got starnes
    I got Starnes > Leben... i have $1,120 , offer up
  33. Some 71 picks.
    I'll take Rampage over the Iceman. Taking 1.5:1 I'll take Salmon over Schafer. even I'll take Martin over Salaverry. Taking 2:1
  34. All the fake money I have left on Kalib Starnes
    I want to place all the fake money I have left Kalib Starnes. But I want good odds, please send me fair offers.
  35. James irvin vs. Thiago Silva
    I have Irvin. If there are any takers send the bets my way.
  36. everything on salaverry
    ill take 1.5:1 odds against salaverry. any amount
  37. Betting the farm on Lidell
    I will bet everything I have on CHUCK
  38. I'll take Karo and give 2:1
    Oh it's ON Ydoc!! Got about 600 bucks left.
  39. Somebody gimme at least 5:1 odds on Din Thomas v Jeremy Stephens
    Let's do this.
  40. Taking Burkman, send offers!
    I'm taking Burkman and I want 2.5:1 odds
  41. $740 to put on Rampage
    I'll take as many bets until my money runs out. You send me a bet and I'll match it out of the $740. You wanna bet $50, I'll bet $50. You wanna bet more I'll bet more. War Rampage,
  42. ufc 71 pics
    liddel over ramage burkman over parisyan schafer over salmon leben over starnes irvin over silva thomas over stevens salaverry over martin marrero over gouveia jardine over alexander taking bets on...
  43. Putting $150 On Franklin
    I am accepting anyones bet against Rich Franklin. I'm putting $150 on Franklin to win.
  44. Taking Bets...any wagers?
    UFC 71 - LIDDELL vs JACKSON Main Card Liddell over Rampage Karo over Burkman Ivan over Martin Jardine over Alexander Leben over Starnes Prelims Thomas over Stephens Silva vs Irvin Schafer vs Salmon...
  45. JCTs picks for 71--Hey! I only have $25 left
    I'll put my $25 on Houston Alexander if someone puts up $200 on Keith Jardine (or best offer) I think that's a pretty fare deal seeing that 98% of the playground is picking Jardine. Come on, who's...
  46. ICEMAN
    im taking chuck...send me wagers
  47. All you Rampage fans send me wagers
    You read the topic
  48. 1:1 I got $500 on Liddell
    Just trying to throw heavy on Chuck... if you can do 1:1 bet with 500$, wager me Good Luck, AZN
  49. $150 on Leben
    to your $110 on Starnes. Send me a wager.
    I am currently accepting any bets against my picks for UFC 71.
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