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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. im to lazy to send a bet
    make me a wager i got 625 $ i'll take crocop werdum bisping silva sakara
  2. 625 $ to wager
    my picks crocop werdum machida silva bisping
  3. $60 left, and Im taking Silva
    wager me, 1:1 please
  4. last chance
    to win big money by taking sinosec send wagers
  5. I got Werdum over Arlovski
    Taking 2:3 odds
  6. UFC 70 send wagers
    I'm begging people to send me some possible wagers on UFC 70 any fight doesn't matter. thanks guys.
  7. I Wager Cro-Cop Loses:
    I'll take Gonzanga, send me a wager. Must pay 4 to 1. That means you wager $100 and I'll wager $25. I have $600 to bet, so, send me a wager if you think Cro-Cop is that great of a bet.
  8. Looking to bet on Werdum 1 to 1!
    will take anything up to $500! send me a wager ASAP!
  9. Lets do some betting UFC 70
    I'm taking... CroCop giving 4:1 Bisping giving 4:1 AA straight up Kongo straight up send um over.
  10. UFC 70 premature scoring
    It seems as if there was something wrong with the system and you guys scored UFC 70 about a week before the fights. Some people who picked the big underdogs got points. What's up with that?
  11. Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz
    Time to put your money where your mouth is. I have 400 on Ortiz for any takers. 1:1 Odds.
  12. I got Gonzaga
    Send me your bets
  13. Nate vs Anderson
    i'll take nate over anderson, any takers send me a wager.
  14. Taking all bets 2:1 on Starnes vs Leben & I got Starnes
    Hit me up.
  15. Give me 2:1 and I'll take Rampage
    Anyone so confident in Chuck's dominance that you'll give me 2:1?
  16. Not to brag or anything...
  17. Give me 2:1 and i'll take starnes
    Starnes (me) 1:2 (you) Leben
  18. UFC 71 - my picks (Chuck,Karo,Salmon,Starnes,Irvin) send me wagers!!!!!
    Chuck beats Rampage - 1:1 Karo beats Burkman - 2:1 Salmon beats Schafer - 1:1 Starnes beats Leben - 1.5:1 Irvin beats Silva - 1:1 Hit me up with wagers between $50-$150 :)
  19. Got over $4000 to bet.
    Schafer over Salmon is all ive got at the mo but i'll update when i decide my other bets. I'll go 1:1 on Schafer to beat Salmon (by sub in the first) EDIT: Also, if anyone wants any bets in the...
    I got Rampage, give me some good odds
  21. UFC 71 betting
    These are my picks: Karo over Burkman (giving 2:1) Salmon over Schafer (1:1) Silva over Irvin (1:1) send a wager if interested.
  22. all my money on chuck
    i want 1:1 odd no bets under $1,400
  23. going with the iceman
    ill give slight odds 1.2/1 im not giving no 2 to 1 like these other crazy mofos ill also take salmon. the only reason why chuck is favored is cause hes champ and its in the cage. Rampage has already...
  24. Putting all my money on Rampage
    I don't got alot, but if you want just send me a wager
    If you want to bet on Rampage, I'll take Chuck, but here's the deal: I think it's a tougher match-up than many people believe it to be, so, what I am asking for is that you bet 10% more than me. If I...
  26. My 120 on starnes vs your 160 on leben
    betting over, thx.
  27. UFC 71 Wagers
    Taking Karo, 2:1 Taking Salaverry, 1:1 Taking Marrero, 1:3
  28. UFC 71 picks
    Im taking: Chuck Karo Salmon Starnes Irvin Im alway looking for and giving FAIR odds. Only send me FAIR wages.
  29. I've got Schafer and Starnes
    My 1 on Schafer for your 1 on Salmon My 2 on Starnes on for your 3 on Leben (or decent other offers) Large bets will be will small.
  30. Picks for UFC 71
    Rampage I want 2:1 odds Karo Ill give 2:1 Odds Schafer 1:1 Odds Leben 1:1 Silva 1:1
  31. I want money on leben
    send me wagers 1.5 to 1 odds
  32. Ill take silva over irvin
    hit me up
  33. blowing the wad on liddell (lol)
    thats right you read correctly, $350 left putting it all on liddell, 1:1 no odds
  34. U betting on Rampage? send it this way.
    I want even money and everybody seems to be mouthin off about how Rampage is better then Chuck because of the little situation in Japan. Sure it cost Dana $1,000,000 and that was more then enough...
  35. UFC 71 Pick
    My picks: Liddell Burkman Schafer Leben Silva Send me some wagers if you are interested.
  36. I got Rampage
    Ill put up 100 on Rampage to your 150.
  37. Changing the 2X fight before the match
    Why did the 2X fight change from Kongo to Etim? I pick the Kongo fight right and thought it was the 2X fight. I should have gotten 22 points for it, but only got 11. I don't think its fair to change...
  38. Make the bets happen.....
    I got ... Chuck Salmon Leben
  39. My UFC 71 Underdog Picks: Starnes (I want 2:1) and Irivin (I want 2:1)
    My picks are in bold . Send your offers! Kalib Starnes VS Chris "The Crippler" Leben (need 2:1 odds) Thiago Silva VS James Irvin (need 2:1 odds)
  40. I'll take Burkman and Rashad
    I'll put up to $450 on Rashad with 2:1 odds I'll put up to $200 on Burkman with 3:1 odds
  41. ill wager everything i have on sean salmon
    not joking the same one who got ktfo by rashad
  42. SEND ME WAGERS!(schaffer, thiago silva and leben)
    ill take schaffer over salmon even odds \ Silva over Irvin= ill give 1.5 to 1 odds Leben over starnes= ill give 1.5 to 1 odds
  43. UFC 71 Wagers: OPEN!
    Will post other fights as I do decide who/if I want to bet. However, thus far I'm going with: Thiago Silva Chris Leben Send those offers.........zoooooooooooooooooom........
  44. Jackson vs. Liddell wagers wanted
    I will consider on the Quinton Jackson vs Chuck Liddell fight. My pick is Jackson.
  45. I choose chuck, you choose rampage. 1:1 wager
    I will choose chuck and you choose rampage. send me a wager proposal i dare you!
  46. UFC 71 bets
    I got Lidell 1:1 Burkman 1:2.5 Salmon 1:1 Irvin 1:2 Make me some offers I got some $ to bet
  47. Rashad over Ortiz
    Who wants some?
  48. bets for 71
    any one wanna bet ill take liddel for 300 4 300 burkman 150 2 150 leben 150 2 150 1st responses will be accepted or ill do 610 for 610 on chuck
  49. I take rampage/ortiz
    Send me wager...I take Rampage / i take ortiz ...i Have 1200 to play with... taking ALL offers..
  50. Karo, Salmon, Leben, Irvin 1:1 $300 left
    I've got Karo, Salmon, Leben, and Irvin all on 1:1 odds ill take (1:2 on leben) ive got $300 left. send me small wagers so i can spread them out over a few $50 oh yeah and thanks for...
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