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  1. 420$ left to bet at UFC 70
    My picks: Gabriel Gonzaga I want 10:1 Fabricio Werdum I want 2:1 Michal Bisping I give 3:1 Send your offers.
  2. ufc 70
    heres my picks will take cc at 1:5 or gonzaga at 5:1 machida werdum at 2:1 bisping at 1:3 or sinosic at 3:1
    I have $335 left and my picks are: Crocop over Gonzaga Bisbing over Sinosic Machita over Heath Arlovski over Werdum Silva over Kongo Send me any offers!
  4. UfC 70 I like David Lee anyone want Junior Assuncao
    Looking to put $1000 on this one :) Welcoming bets!
  5. UfC 70 I like Victor Valimaki anyone want Alessio Sakara
    I'm going to lay a $1000 dollars on this. Looking for a few good wagers!
  6. UFC 70 Picks
    Edit: No more money to bet
  7. arlovski>werdum
    145 left...1:1
  8. I want to bet a ton of cash on CHUCK LIDDELL
    I have a bank roll of $935 and I want to bet all of it on Chuck. I will only accept wagers at a 1 to 1 ratio.
    Ive got 115 left to put on burkman....i want to put it all on him....give me 2:1 or better
  10. I got Chuck!
    1:1 up to 450 is what i have left to bet. C'mon Rampage fans.IT has been upset history in 2007.Lets see if you think it can happen again!
  11. my last 50 on valimaki vs your 75 on sakara
    first offer gets it. i got valimaki for 50, you take sakara for 75 betting over
  12. $370 to bet on Werdum...
    Anyone want Arlovski? I'm looking for 1.5:1 odds, send me a wager if interested.
  13. I've got werdum
    I'm lookin for 1.5:1. Send me a proposal
  14. Valimaki > Sakara
    Valimaki i want 1:2 i've $100 left
  15. Arlovski Vs Werdum
    I'll take The Pitbull over Werdum. I want the bet to be evens though.
  16. Kongo-Silva - Gonzaga - Heath
    Im picking Silva for even money I want 5-1 for the Machida vs Heath fight - im picking Heath I want 10-1 for Mirko vs Gonzaga - im picking Gonzaga [ Mirko is currently a 100-1 favorite on here ! ]
  17. 200 left on Taylor-want 2-1 odds
    or 1.5:1 at very worst, but looking to put 200 on Paul Taylor.
  18. I have rampage
    ill go 500 - 500 with the first person to message me
  19. I want Kalib Starnes
    Looking for odds!
  20. UFC 70 Wagers.
    Here are my picks and the odds: Filipovic Gonzaga: I'll give 3:1 odds. Werdum over Arlovski: I want 1.5:1 or higher. Machida over Heath: I'll give 2:1 odds. Bisping over Sinosic: I'll give 3:1 odds....
  21. My $75 on Werdum Your $125 on Arlovski
    Im fairly sure AA will bang him out but feel its worth it for this amount 1st person to send me the wager gets it
  22. I've put my $2380 on AA
    Lets hope he wins now.
  23. Site updates: 4/12
    Being that we are still in our initial beta season, in conjunction with the consideration of a couple months worth of PM's, site feedback contacts, and forum posts regarding our current scoring...
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  24. me silva, you kongo, 1:1, $50ish
    any takers? me assuerio silva you kongo 1:1 odds somewhere around anywhere from like $20-70 or something i don't know...send me some wagers...
  25. I Got Cheick Kongo
    I only have 20 bucks so.... kina wanna get rid of it...
  26. Emelianenko vs. Lindland
    Hey site I petition to have the Emelianenko vs. Lindland fight wagerable. I understand its bodogfight but these are well known athletes, it would be the only fight on the card that I'd want to wager...
  27. UFC 70 Bets - need to get rid of a $1000 big ones
    Looking to bets on two fights. David Lee vs Junior Assuncao - Want Lee...willing to bet till i hit $700 Victor Valimak vs Alessio Sakara - Want Valimak...willing to bet till i hit $400 Feel free to...
  28. rampageOVERiceman
    i got $100 on rampage..cha put up $200 on iceman....
  29. I have Werdum and Valimaki
    I will take small bets but perfer larger ones in excess of $200
  30. Decision changes
    Since the Gomi/Diaz fight was changed to a NC do we get our money back? Whether you like it or not the fact is Diaz did not get a win and Gomi did not get a lose.
  31. Re: Scoring system update poll, important!
    As was mentioned earlier today , the point scoring system has been revamped based on user feedback. This new scoring system has been applied to all events up to date... which leads to the question:...
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  32. My UFC 70 picks- taking wagers for all fights
    Cro Cop Bisping Arlovski Machida Kongo Etim Lee Siver De Oliveira Valimaki
  33. Eric Schafer
    Looking to put 505$ on Eric Schafer even odds
  34. New point system
    Just a thought. I really like this site and am having a ton of tun on it. That said, changing the points is fine. Please don't change the events that have already been scored. That seems kinda wrong...
  35. Your $100 on Arlovski for my $50 on Werdum
    Since i got so many requests at 1.5:1 i think this is worthy of 2:1 odds so the first few to send me them gets them :)
  36. what happend to my camp.....
    one day i logged in and my camp is gone, no email from website or anyone else. i understand if somethign went wrong but dont you think a email just letting us know its not our computers or failed to...
  37. my pics for ufc 70
    cro cop bisping arlovski heath silva etim assuncao laudin oliveria valimaki send me your bets
  38. Our collective score
    I got bored so I thought I'd see how we do as one collective team when it comes to picking the winners by the looking at the pick history and seeing who most of us voted to win each fight. So far out...
  39. I have AA, want 1:1 odds
    Don't try and pull the 2:1 BS on this fight. We all know Werdum SHOULD be favored. Anyways, send me wagers if interested.
  40. ok ladies
    Im taking werdum at 1.5 to 1 and kongo even send wagers all day long
  41. 366 dollars left to put on bising
    i have 366 left and i want to put it on bisping anone interested
  42. 500$ left to wager on UFC 70
    Crocop Bisping Werdum Machida Silva Etim Lee Siver Oliveira(no more wagers) Sakara
  43. I take Rampage and Kalibb
    Send me wager 1/3 rampage and 1/5 Kalib
  44. Looking to Gamble
    I new to the site. Im looking to make some wagers. Send me some
  45. 500 on Werdum
    I have 500 to put on Werdum over Arlovski. send your wagers
  46. I wanna bet
    i got v silva and arlovski and bisbing
  47. i got arlovski
    i wanna bet my 75$ to your 50$
  48. Taken-
    Taken, war AA
  49. whos got sinosic my 70 to your 35
    I got bisbing
  50. imtaking bisping
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