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  1. tons of wagers needed
    send them all. whatever you want. i got AA, bisping, legionnarius, assuerio, machida. all reasonable requests accepted. will give odds if reasonable.
  2. werdum vs arlovski
    I want Werdum and i would like 2-1 odds. i am looking to place a lot of money on this fight so i will take offers of all sizes as long as they are 2-1
  3. Wagers for UFC 70
    My picks: Gabriel Gonzaga I want 10:1 FabricioWerdum I want 3:1 Assuerio Silva at even odds Michal Bisping I give 5:1 Send your offers!
  4. Wagers
    Anyone who wants to wager on ufc 70 fights, please send them to me. thanks
  5. ufc 70 picks send me some a wager
    Michael "The Count" Bisping will give 3 to 1 Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida will give 2 to 1
  6. UFC 70
    Hackneys dirrrty wagers, im a rich son of a horse thanks to matt serra, Told you all he's a worthy opponant for GSP !!!!! .................. Im taking crocop, Werdum, silva and bispuin !! Any takers...
  7. im taking werdum
    send wagers 1.5 to 1
  8. UFC 70
    Michael "The Count" Bisping will give 3 to 1 Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida will give 2 to 1 Assuerio Silva Also i'll throw some money on Valimaki. But i want 2:1 odds.
  9. JCT picks for UFC 70 - only $25 left
    JunCTion fight picks for - UFC 70 only $25 left. WINNER----------LOSER----------PREDICTIONS-----------WAGERS **ill bet on the outcome of these fights if you also picked - cro cop, bisping, machida...
  10. UFC 70 Bets
    My Picks: Cro Cop Bisping Arlovski Machida Kongo Etim Lee Siver Souza De Oliveira Valimaki Send me some!
  11. Arvloski vs Werdum
    I've got Werdum, and 2-1 odds
  12. wagers for ufc 70
    im looking for wagers for ufc 70
  13. UFC 70 werdum bets
    I got Werdum, send me your offers.
  14. ufc 70 :wagers?
    cro cop 3-1 machida 2-1 bisping 3-1 Arlovski even Silva even Grice 2-3 my 20 your 30 Lee 10-9 Sakara even Siver 10-8 Crocota 10-8
  15. My Picks for 70 ($100 or $50 Wagers Please)
    Mirko - rd 1 ko Bisping - rd 1 tko Arlovski - rd 2 tko Lyoto - ud Silva - rd 1 sub Vlimaki - ud I will take any and all bets along those lines, but only 50 or 100 increments. I will take all bets...
  16. lost all my money but 160 looking for somone to take kongo
    ill throw all my 160 on silva
  17. I got Assuncao and Arlovski
    Taking wagers on: Assuncao (give me 1.5:1) Arlovski (1:1)
  18. Taking Silva
    Anybody want to take kongo ? If so send them wagers in
    I bet u... doesn't matter how much... at least fifty that cro cop takes it... anyone disagree? Send Ultimate_Fighter a wager...
  20. I got Werdum
    me = 25 you = 75 or me = 50 you = 150 Taking 1 bet. Do it.
  21. I've got Arlovski and Silva
    send wagers please...lots of money to bet. max bets of $300
  22. UFC 70 wagers
    I will take wager requests for UFC 70.
  23. I got my $100 to your $150 saying Werdum takes it.
    What's up??? Send me a wager proposal, 1:1.5 odds preferred.
  24. I've got Werdum/Crocop/Bisping/Silva
    if anyone wants to bet some $$$ just send me a wager
  25. UFC 70 Wagers
    Werdum (me) against Arlovski but I want 2:1 odds CC (me) vs. Gonzaga, will give 5:1 Machida (me) vs. Heath, will be forced to give 2:1
  26. UFC 70
    Cro Cop Bisping Arlovski Machida Silva Lee Souza De Oliveira Valimaki
  27. Taking Werdum, Lyoto, Bisping, CC
    Werdum (give me 2:1) Lyoto (giving 2:1) Bisping (giving 3:1) CC (giving 4:1) Hit me up. 900 left to wager.
  28. 1:1 Werdum AA
    I want Werdum... Send your bets my way; got 260 to double up here.
  29. 440$ on Cheick Kongo
    440$ on Cheick Kongo, and if you wanna bet against me you bet the same amount thanks.
  30. Werdum, Ryoto, Silva, Joker Jess, Bisping
    Werdum (I want 2:1) Ryoto (Giving 2:1) A. Silva even Jess Liaudin (I want 2:1) Bisping (Giving 2.5 to 1)
  31. Putting it all on David Lee
    Send me wagers, I'm going to put everything I have onto David Lee (Hope he doesn't lose :P)
  32. I've got Silva over Kongo.... Let's BET
    1:1 Taking any bet amounts...
  33. 1:1 bet, I have $100 left, I have arlovski, who has werdum?
    werdum is great at bjj but not as developed on the feet as arlovski, arlovski is good on the feet but lacks the ground skill. It has been said that arlovski has an extensive sambo backround but i...
  34. I have $1500 to wager. Heres my pics!
    I will take either AA or Werdum. who ever offers me good odds i will take either guy. I expect around 2-1 if i have to take Werdum. Even up if i get AA. I also want: Ass Silva Machida Cop Bisping...
  35. UFC 70 Wagers
    Send me some, I need to build my money up. I was in the top 30 in money until Mike Swick killed me lol. Here's who I have Cro Cop Bisping Arlovski Machida Kongo Etim Lee Siver Oliveria Valimaki
  36. UFC 70 picks (685 bucks to wager)
    Here are my picks for UFC 70... Cro Cop Bisping Arlovski Machida Silva Etim Lee Siver Taylor Sakara Send me some reasonable wagers.
  37. UFC 70...lots of cash to bet with send reasonable offers.
    I'm taking the following Silva Werdum (at 2:1 minimum) CC (willing to take Gonzaga if you give me 4:1 minimum) I'll give 4:1 on CC Bisping (I'll give 3:1) Machida (I'll take Heath at 3:1 minimum)...
  38. Sinosic > Bisping
    I'll take this upset if the odds are right... 5:1 seems about fair unless the betting lines disagree...
  39. UfC 70 I like Fabricio Werdum anyone want Andrei Arlovski!
    Edited : Thanks Guys I'm Full!!
  40. Silva > Kongo... as much or little as you like
    Send me an offer!
  41. My picks for ufc 70, silver, assuerio, valimaki remain
    i'll take assuerio silva for $50, you take kongo for 50 ------------- i'll take valimaki for 30, you take sakara for 50 ------------- i'll take silver for 46, you take liaudin for 31 that's all i...
  42. I've got Gonzaga and David Heath
    You've got CC and Machida. My 20 for your 100 in the Gonzaga - CC fight and my 33 for your 100 in the Heath - Machida fight.
  43. IFL Fight on 4/13 (airing same night)
    Since these fights will be a same night broadcast (one hour delay i believe), is there anyway we can get the event added to the Fantasy Game?
  44. Taking Good Bets
    I got AA, Silva, Assuncao, and Machida if any are interested
  45. me arlovski, you werdum, 1:1 small bets
    me arlovski you werdum 1:1 small bets, like $20-50. any takers? send me a wager EDIT----- ok, i've taken a bunch of wagers. if anyone still wants to wager send me one but give me slight odds...maybe...
  46. Gonzaga over Cro Cop
    Give me 5:1 odds.
  47. leben starnes
    when this pops up im taking leben and will give minor odds
  48. Bisping
    I've got 65 bucks left and want it on Bisping Send em
  49. NSAC Changes Diaz Win to No-Decision
    NSAC Changes Diaz Win to No-Decision. they have ruled it a no-decision so i want the points changed and the cash back.
  50. Question
    What happens if you run out of money? Do you get another $500? Are you in the negative? Anybody know? I have about $90 left to wager, but if you go into the negative or whatever I won't bet it this...
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