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  1. Babalu wins
    Anyone want to bet 50 against Babalu?
  2. dan controls silva
    $50 on Dan Henderson!!! not taking anymore wagers.
  3. Smith over cote
    Scott smith over Cote $50
  4. Anyone wanna bet against Cro Cop?
    Anyone? Anyone? Hello? There's gotta be one Eddie Sanchez fan. $100.
  5. CroCop
    $100 bux on CroCop... anybody wanna take this.... send me the wager...No way is he gonna loose...
  6. I want to bet F.Shamrock over Renzo Gracie
    $50 Any takers?
  7. Looking to wager my last $50
    My picks are Renato "Babalu" Sobral Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard Any bets lemme know I only have $50...
  8. I pretty much like the favorites
    I'd like to spend my $500 of fake money. Do you like Hogar, Lutter, or any of the other underdogs?....Perhaps we can do business
  9. Any Takers?? I will take ACE and Tim Silva ....
    any others that disagree throw it down on the table lets start the wagers at $500.00
  10. Nick Diaz to win over gomi
    $50 Nick all the way... not taking anymore bets sorry
  11. frank triggs takes the fight....
    40$ to all takers come on come all....think differ ,,,take the Frank tiggs WINS!!! No more takers....thanks!!!
  12. WAGER
    Please.....Before you ask someone for a wager look at who the person thinks is going to win the fight. I've had 2-3 people asking me to accept wagers against fighters that I've picked to win.
  13. 100 on sylvia
    i ll put 100 on sylvia to beat coture
  14. Bring it on ......Who think that Smith's going to win....
    if u think Cote is going to lose take me on....Canada Rocks .....time will only tell... thanks guys i'mnot takin any more bets on the Cote vs Smith fight....good luck
  15. Cro-Cop will loose
    I bet 350 bux on cro-cop to loose...who wants it?
  16. diaz
    ill put 100 on nick diaz to win any takers?
  17. My Wager Picks
    UFC 67: Silva, Cro Cop, Rampage, Smith, Guillard, Machida, Griffin. Pride: Silva, Gomi, Yvel, Nakamura, Sakurai, Trigg UFC 68: Couture, Hughes, Franklin, Sobral. Open to any wages. Send them!
  18. I got $50 on Gomi
    Like it says I am taking Gomi over Diaz in what should be an interesting match up. If you have Diaz hit me with the wager. Thanks guys I got enough wagers.
  19. The MadDOg want s u!!!!
    $100 says that Kazohiro Nakamura WINNS ......Travis Wiuff will fall.....hahahaha Come ppl who has the Balls to bet me!!!!????
  20. Patrick Cote vs Scott Smith
    $100 on Cote
  21. Diaz
    I think Diaz is going to win if you think different ....throw your nuts on the tables and bet me
  22. wager
    i got smith you got cote for 425
  23. Questions for: The Ryan Gracie Camp and there 170lb MMA Champ of Costa Rica
    everyone post question that you may have for the Ryan Gracie camp in Costa Rica and Ariel Sexton the MMA 170lb Champ of Costa Rica and member of the Ryan Gracie Camp. Ariel just won a 3 fight...
  24. cote will loose ill put 100 on it
    cote will loose ill put 100 on it
  25. WAGER: Are you in the 5% who think CroCop will lose?
    Apparently 5% of members think that Sanchez is going to beat CroCop: If you are in that 5%, and you weren't joking or hit the...
  26. Send me some wagers!!!!
    If anyone disagree's with my picks shot me a wager
  27. 100 on lutter
    anyone wanna throw down a 100 with me i think lutter is gonna take this
  28. I'll take A Silva, any amount
    If you want to bet against A Silva, send me a wager with any amount and I'll take it.
  29. 500 on big timmy who wants randy?
    any takers
  30. 200 on wanderlei
    any takers? ill take any odds ill throw down 200 to win 50+
  31. Bets on UFC Fight Night....any takers?
    I'll put $10-$50 on Hermes Franca, Nate Marquardt, Rashaad Evans, Rich Clementi, Clay Guida, or Heath Herring tomorrow night. Any takers on any of these?
  32. My wager picks $50 on each fighter
    Here are my picks: UFC 67 Anderson Silva Mirko Crocop Rampage Jackson Scott Smith Tyson Griffin $50 on any of these fighters. Send me any wage offers
  33. Gomi,W.Silva ,Sylvia,Misaki
    I will take Wagers for Gomi vs Diaz [ my pick is Gomi ] , W.Silva vs Hendo [ I pick Silva ] , Sylvia vs Couture [ I pick Sylvia ] , and Misaki vs Trigg [ I pick Misaki ]
  34. 200 on wandy with good odds
    anyone wanna put down 75-100 to win 200? im puttin 200 on wand and if anyone wants to put down 75-200 on henderson hit me up
  35. Ace/Athlete
    i got 150 left Im willing to put it all on Franklin if somone will match if not hit me up with your offers thanks
  36. Jason Lambert vs Babalouuuuuu any takers
    I will take Jason Lambert...20 bucks let it flyyyy
  37. 50 on anderson
    who wants to take this one, i got anderson silva for 50
  38. 500 on Couture
    Yo, i'm confident that "The Natural" will beat Sylvia, any takers?
  39. I have $50 on Hughes to win
    Anyone think Hughes is gonna lose send bet!
  40. 50 on tim and hughes
    send me wagers!
  41. Sacramento>Canada
    Straight up bet. Smith gives Cote a shellacking so bad he'll go back to fighting at TKO.
  42. 250 on Anderson Silva
    come on Lutter fans, don't be scared
  43. Athlete over Ace $50
    I'm hoping that the Athlete will have a good night and Franklin won't. First 2 to send me the bet get it. Take my money!!!!
  44. Sanchez Fans?
    I got $50 on Mirko. Send the bet and I'll accept it.
  45. 100 on Ace
    Topic says it all. Ace for $100 over MacDonald.
  46. 100 on Kharitonov. Anyone up for it?
    I'm putting 100 on my man Sergei... anyone wanna wager?
  47. Taking Wager - Check Mine out UFC 67
    My picks for UFC 67 are as follows: Anderson Silva Cro Cop Quinton Jackson Scott Smith Ryoto Machida Tyson Griffin Dustin Hazelett Send me a wager if you like the other guy in any of these fights and...
  48. Melvin Guilliard Out
    He hurt his hand, he won't be fighting.
  49. My picks for 67, taking a large range of bets
    Anderson Silva - 350 and under Cro Cop - 350 and under Rampage - 250 and under Cote - 75 and under (NO MORE BETS ARE BEING TAKEN FOR THIS MATCH) Machida - 50 and under Tyson Griffin - 200 and under...
  50. My Pride 33 bets
    These are my picks. send me any wagers. Wanderlei Silva Takanori Gomi Sergei Kharitonov Kazuhiro Nakamura Mach Sakurai Kazuo Misaki Also willing to bet like 20-30 on Sanchez but only on 10-1 odds....
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