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  1. im taking sokoudjou
    send me wagers 3 to 1
  2. I have GSP and I give 5:1 odds
    I have GSP and I give 5:1 odds. If you want Serra, send your wagers.
  3. I take Sokudjou you give me 3:1
    I'll take any 3:1 offer, where I get Soku
  4. Open to bets!
    Open to bets on a selection of fights for the two events this weekend Picks I'd take wagers on are Koscheck, Frye, Herring, Monson, Galesic, and Drago (Edson) give or take odds, so send me a wager...
  5. ufc 69
    come on boyz send me an offer quickly ill give 2-1 on diego over kos and 6-1 on gsp over serra
  6. UFC 69 Picks
    Send me some wagers on the following fights at UFC 69... My Picks GSP over Serra Diego over Kos Davis over Spratt Okami over Swick Herring over Imes Cummo over Haynes
  7. ufc 69 wagers
    send me some offers on ufc 69
  8. Pride 34 Picks
    Shoot me some wagers for Pride 34 on the following bouts. My Picks Silva over Vovchanchyn Fujita over Monson Galesic over Takimoto Bean over Zulu Frye over Thompson
  9. Okami vs Swick . Haynes vs Cummo
    My picks are Okami and Haynes I want 2-1 on Okami I want 3-1 on Haynes
  10. $720 to wager on GSP-Swick-Diego-Belcher-Cummo-Thompson
    Any amounts accepted but be quick! GSP over Serra - 3:1 odds Swick over Okami - even odds Diego over Kos - 2:1 odds Belcher over Grove - 2:1 odds Cummo over Haynes - even odds Thompson over Frye -...
  11. I'll take Belcher - your 100 to my 50 ----edit----betting's done
    I'm only taking one bet on this fight. First 100-50 wager gets it.
  12. Lookin for some P34 wagers
    I like: Butterbean (will give 3:1) 133$ left to wager at this point *Edit* Changed wager list to reflect what I am looking for now.
  13. Okami >Swick
    2:1 odds max of 100 ie my 50 for your 100
  14. PRIDE 34
    Anybody care to send me a wager for The Igor Vovchanchyn vs. Wanderlei Silva fight? I like Igor in this fight. Please nothing for over $150.
  15. Big weekend for fighting
    I only have $75 left so make me a interesting offer and we'll see. too late folks. svartorm beat ya out
  16. Leites>Sell even, Herring>Imes 1.5-1
    Leites > Sell, even money. Herring > Imes, 1.5 - 1 ($150 me - $100 you), obo. Send offers.
  17. my 690 4 ur 200
    my 690 on gsp for your 200 on serra any takers?
  18. Place your bets!
    My picks: GSP (don't even bother) Sanchez Grove Sell Davis Swick Imes Haynes Huerta Accepting straight bets with exceptions of Haynes where I will accept 2:1 odds (your 2 to my 1); and Imes where I...
  19. Wager - James Thompson>Frye
    Anyone down for this bet? I will take JT over Frye for a hefty wager. With the power of the WW behind him, he can't lose!
  20. UFC 69 picks
    I want to take bets on okami, herring, gsp, Kendel, Cummo, Sanchez Send me wagers with the odds you want please.
  21. Jt>Frye and Sodjukowhatever>Arona
    Jt and frye 1:1, the Sodjukkiouoao v. arona should be like 1:2.5? or something, im not sure what the odds are, any ways send me an offer id like larger bets up to around 100 $
  22. Pride 34
    Here's who I have....Send me a wager.... Aoki Arona Fujita Galesic Butterbean Drago Frye Good luck.
  23. Anybody picking Spratt over Davis?? Lets BET!
    Looking to lay some even money down on Davis. Any takers? Feel free to send me wager! :)
  24. Igor > Wand
    I've got 300 down on Igor, I'd like to put it all on one bet... I'm looking for a minimum of 2:1 odds...
  25. UFC 69 picks . Wager me before it's closed.
    150 to wager. My picks for UFC69 are: Swick over Okami 1:1 Herring over Imes Haynes over Cummo 1:3 40$ to 100 ok
  26. 310 left
    Lets make some wagers. Please no crazy GSP bet. I also am done betting on Deigo and Swick. So send me others. I want to spend the rest of my money by the fight tonight. Thanks
  27. Belcher over Grove
    2: 1 odds max bet of 100
  28. I have Arona, Belcher and Cummo
    I have Arona over Sokoudjou will offer my $250 to your $100 Cummo over Haynes my $75 to your $50 Belcher over Grove my $50 to your $100
  29. My money on Serra and Koscheck
    I have 80$, i'll do 80:150 with my money on kosheck, offer up, i'll accept soon
  30. Okami over Swick
    Got 140 left ill take 2:1
  31. Davis (1:1), Haynes (2.5:1), Sell (2:1)
    I'll take: Davis (1:1) Haynes (2.5:1) Sell (2:1) Send your wagers, please.
    Looking to bet on: I'm picking Butterbean, Aoki, and Frye, and looking to place some wagers!
  33. $69 left
    got $69 left to wager on Kos, Monson, or send something along!
  34. taking ufc 69 bets
    i want st pierre sancgez swick grove all others open have 800 to bet
  35. $577 Left on Sancehz - Giving 2:1 Odds
    557 left, you take Kos at 2:1. Send me a wager for anything under 577. Thanks!
  36. Pride 34 Pick Changes
    Is someone gonna change them soon because of the yvel fight and wandy not being cleared by nsac??
  37. Anyone like Koscheck?
    I want to take Diego for 100 if anyone wants to take Kos for even money send me a wager
  38. Please help me get rid of my last $600
    I favor, Sanchez Grove Haynes, Davis Leites I'm pretty much am looking for even odds. Send me a wager :)
  39. I got $500 on Swick.... anyone?
    Even odds only.
  40. I want to put 300 on Arona and 300 on James Thompson
    Send me a wager if interested!
  41. pride 34 wagers
    im taking sokoudjou monson and butterbean and frye all even money except sokovs arona i want 3 to 1
  42. Send wagers
    I got Arona, Thompson, And am open to any other wagers
  43. Tryn to bet
    I want to bet the rest of my money for tonight. send wagers, and dont back out I will get to them before Pride is locked out
  44. Fujita over monson
    Looking for 2:1
  45. Looking for new members...
    The Wyoming Ground and Pound Fight Camp is officially looking for new members. We are currently small, by mighty... One of our 2 members is ranked 11th overall and 6th in the money. Join now and...
  46. 170$ left...Fry > Thompson
    even money...send away
  47. last min Pride wagers
    I wanna put some more money on fujita, and bean. i'll still be interested in anything else sent though.
  48. UFC 70 picks
    looking for wagers. my picks are: Cro Cop Bisping Werdum Machida Kongo Sakara Assuncao. Looking for and giving FAIR odds.
  49. UFC 70 I like Silva anyone want Kongo!
    Update/ Thanks Guys I'm Full :) Would like to put a $1000 total on this one. Will accept little or big bets :) Any takers?
  50. Send me your offer NOW!
    Anyone willing to make a bet I have Bean I'll give 2.5 to 1 Arona I'll give 3 to 1 Aoki I'll give 4 to 1 Frye straight up I have a ton to spend as I'm currrently ranked #2 in cash. Send your wagers...
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