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  1. UFN picks. Send me wagers.
    K-Flo Fickett Taveres McCully Pellegrino Hironaka Gouveia Try to keep the wagers around $50, as I don't like putting all my eggs in one basket. We'll call it the "Sokoudjou Rule".
  2. diego/koscheck
    ive got 450 on koscheck i want 2.5:1 odds....any takers?
  3. Imes > Herring Wager
    Title says it.
  4. UFN9 picks
    Guillard Florian Fickett Tavares Petruzelli Clementi Wagers ahoy in the 10-20 $ range, don't want to waste all my hard earned monopoly notes if everything goes to heck with these ones.
  5. who would win?
    both on their return Evan Tanner vs. Nate Quarry
  6. Werdum/Arlovski Wager
    Anyone interested in a wager on the Werdum/Arlovski fight? I'll take Werdum if anyone wants Arlovski.
  7. Kongo/Silva Wager
    I'll put 100 on Silva if anybody wants to take that bet.
  8. Anyone wanna take a bet on Stevenson/Guillard Fight?
    I'm taking Stevenson in this fight and just wanted to see if anyone wanted to wager some money. Send me a wager if your interested.
  9. Have $245 - want to get it down on UFN
    Have $245 to spend, looking to get it down on UFN, hit me with some wagers... Stevenson>Guilliard , swick>okami (1.5-1), Herring>Imes (2-1), and any others... Thanks
  10. lets bet
    Im wanting to wager all of my money for the nex ufn make offers
  11. I'll give great odds on Serra
    I have $120 left to wager and want to take St. Pierre anyone want to take Serra, I'll put my $120 up against your $40. or make me an offer if you don't feel that is fair.
  12. Want to make a few wagers on Werdum and Chuck.
    Willing to to give 4:1 on Cro Cop over Ganzaga. $400 vs. $100. or Wanting to bet $200 on Werdum to win outright. 1:1 odds. Also wanting to bet $400 on Chuck over Rampage. 1:1 odds. Not sure if we can...
  13. Mishima > Florian
    I'll put some money down on this one... give me some odds...
  14. Butterbean vs. Zulu
    Wanting to put big money on the Bean as soon as this fight comes up, let me know if I've got any takers.
  15. UFC 69 bets
  16. Pride 34 bets
    I've got: Aoki Arona Fujita Galesic I'll also take Takimoto at 3:1 odds.
  17. stevenson guillard
    im taking stevenson send wagers
  18. Koscheck>Sanchez
    ill take any wagers with decent odds.
  19. UFN Wagers
    stevenson fickett kotani hardonk pellegrino hironaka gouveia clementi Those are my picks please send me wagers, I have about 1400 and I want it all out there before this card
  20. taking gonzaga--want 6:1
    it's outrageous that people are offering 3:1 for crocop against gonzaga. crocop is probably going to kill him. i think 6:1 is much more appropriate. will consider slightly less offers. if you...
  21. ufn wagerz
    im taking stevenson petruzelli taveras mishima send me ur wagers will get back to u asap
  22. fight nite
    im taking stevenson fickett tavares hardonk and carneiro over clementi send wagers
  23. I'll give great odds on Serra
    I have $120 left to wager and want to take St. Pierre anyone want to take Serra, I'll put my $120 up against your $40. or make me an offer if you don't feel that is fair.
  24. I wanna get down on Petz...
    Petz over Hironaka... I need some decent odds... 2.5:1... I got 100 on it...
  25. Anyone want to bet?
    Anyone want to bet on any of the upcoming cards, PM me.
  26. Anyone Think??
    That this website should have a card every week. It doesnt have to be PRIDE or UFC. There is always a card somewhere, whether it be K1, shooto, EXC, Strikeforce or IFL. It just seems that theres too...
  27. Guillard over Joe Daddy.... and others for UFN 9
    I want to bet on Guillard... Also like: Florian Fickett Hardonk send any offers
  28. I want belcher
    After fight night passes i want 2:1 odds on belcher over grove also 2:1 on okami over swift any takers
  29. UFN, UFC69 and Pride 34
    Come on guys send me some bets for UFN, UFC 69 and Pride 34!!!!!!!!!! my picks UFN: Guillard Ken Flo Fickett McCully Bragga Hironaka Clementi UFC 69: GSP Sanchez Grove Leites Davis Swick Herring...
  30. Gots my money on Sanchez...anybody up for a bet???
    Let's Do This!!!
  31. Fighter Changes
    So what happens if I had a wager on a fight and the fighter gets replaced are the wagers deleted or do i have to stick with the replacement?
  32. Fight Night Wagers needed
    Taking wagers. My picks are: Stevenson Bragga Petz Petruzelli. Send them! Just a little bit of money left.
  33. I want my money on Guillard
    Even money wagers. I got Guillard over Stevenson.
  34. ufc 70 wager
    ufc 70 i am certain michael bispin will win any1 want a wager
  35. I Want to bet "The Terror" Serra... and other UFC 69 picks
    not serious about the Serra comment... my 69 picks are Diego Sanchez Mike Swick Heath Herring please send any offers
  36. Betting on BELCHER!!!! and Daddy and Davis
    bet with me I'll also do 1.5:1 for mishima
  37. Betting on Bazigit "Volk" Atajev
    lets do this
  38. Guillard vs. Stevenson Ultimate Fight Night
    If you think Joe Stevenson is going to win this one, wager me.
  39. Explain why Stevenson over Guillard!
    I just don't get this one. Why does anyone think Stevenson can beat Guillard? What's so impressive about him?
  40. I want Stevenson and Koscheck, send me a wager request
    send me a wager request
  41. Stevenson Over Guilard
    Im betting over 1k on stevenson so if anyone wants to send me some wagers for any amount go ahead.
    I have $120 left to bet, I want St. Pierre, and will give you good odds. My $120 to your $30. Send me an offer. I'd also be willing to put my $120 on Heath Herring vs. your $50 on Imes or my $120 on...
  43. taking bets for fight night
    taking bets on the fight night. i want stevenson and florian every thing else is up
  44. I got $70 left, taking wagers for all 3 upcoming events.
    My picks Fight Night: Stevenson Mishima Fickett Tavares Hardonk Hironaka Gouveia Clementi Pellegrino Shootout: GSP Sanchez Grove Sell Davis Swick Herring Cummo Huerta Kamikaze: Aoki Arona Monson...
  45. Will anybody give me 2:1 on Guillard?
    Will anybody give me 2:1 on Guillard?
  46. I will put $440 on James Thompson, even money
    If anyone is sure that Frye can beat JT, I am willing to bet them $440 (my whole bank roll) even money that JT will win. On a side note: A recent interview in Fighters Only magazine asked James...
  47. JCT taking some risks (I NEED BETS TONIGHT)
    any offers on ufn? i got... guillard me $100 - you $200 mishima me $100 - you $200 nakamura me $100 - you $300 taverez hardonk hironaka gouveia me $100 - you $100 carniero me $100 - you $300...
  48. I'll take James Thompson, I have plenty of $$$$$$
    I'll take JT, you take Frye. Small or Large amounts... it doesn't matter.
  49. galesic >takimoto
    my 150 your 200?
  50. Anybody want an easy $20?
    I'll put $20 on Serra if you'll give me 10:1 odds.
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