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  1. My UFN 9 and UFC 67 Bets
    Ultimate Fight Night 9 Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard over Joe "Daddy" Stevenson Kenny "Kenflo" Florian over Dokonjonosuke Mishima Frank Mir over Antoni Hardonk Drew Fickett over Keita "K-Taro"...
  2. last $40 on hardonk
    last 40 on hardonk any takers?
  3. Frank Mir out with an injury - wagers reset?
    Frank Mir has withdrawn from his fight with Antoni Hardonk with an undisclosed injury (i bet it was fear of leg kicks! lol) I spose all the wagers will be reset? Damn shame cos i had $200 coming to...
  4. Taking Bets
    On Alan Belcher: 2.5:1 Joe Daddy: 1:1 Okami: 1.5:1 Marcus Davis:1:1
  5. Many Wagers
    AA > werdrum kos > diego cc > gonzaga count > elvis machida > forest swick > Yushin herring > imes If you think diego, imes, forrest, or diego is going to win, make me a wager.
  6. New user, have question
    How does your record affect your overall rank? Would it be stupid to NOT bet on events that you are not informed about or confident about a certain fighter, or should you bet on every fight to earn...
  7. I'll take Werdum if anybody wants to give me 2 to 1 and Haynes for 1.5 to 1
    I'm willing to bet $200 total to $400 on werdum and $200 to $300 total on Haynes. I'm leaving in an hour but will accept the first wagers when when i get home from the midnight showing of 300.
  8. Anybody want Guillard?
    Send me a wager.
  9. Bets finished~
    bets taken on swick, davis, kos, stevenson, and mishima.... thx ! although i'll take another bet on stevenson at like 1:1 odds if someone wants guillard.
  10. UFN
    my picks are stevenson kenflo torres and thiago taveras
  11. Anybody want Grove?
    He is the heavy favorite. Send me a wager.
  12. Diego over Kos
    I'm backing Diego. Any takers? PM me if you're interested.
  13. I'm putting 200 on KOS
    Anyone want to put money on diego? I'll accept the highest ammount, should be around 450.
  14. my only 15 on gonzoga
    send me a wager, its probably an easy 15 for u but what the hell its all i got left right now.. make it a REASONABLE wager please
  15. UFN and 69 picks
    I'm taking Stevenson Nak Ken-flo Carneiro Tavares Kos (at 2:1) Cummo Herring Sell Belcher (at 2:1)
  16. my 50 on kos
    50 on kos for ur ??? i currently have 2 pending wagers on this fight so if u want to make a reasonable wager better hurry, if neither of my wagers go through ill go up to 50
  17. i have 1105 wager up
    click my name and look at my picks if you are interested
  18. UFN 9 and UFC 69 Wagers: Taking Belcher and Kos
    Thanks everybody that's sent in wagers and such... right now I'm done accepting wagers on all except the below fights. UFC 69 Koscheck (My $30) over Sanchez (Your $70) Belcher (My $30) over Grove...
  19. Still have a Grand to spend..send me proposals
    I still have $1000 to wager. Send me some wager proposals for UFN or 69. I won't be betting on Serra no matter what the odds. If you expect me to take an underdog then give me odds or don't bother...
  20. Someone give me decent odds on Koscheck
    Like my $20 to your $30, or something similar. I only have $80 left. $80 vs $100 would be good too. PM me.
    anyone want to make a wager with me send me an offer, here are my picks: Joe Stevenson over Melvin Guillard St. Pierre over Serra Sanchez over Koscheck Marcus Davis over Pete Spratt Swick over Okami...
  22. fight nite
    im taking sanchez and giving 2 to 1 odds send em
  23. UFN
    Hey guys, I need fight night wagers I got Florian Fickett Taveres. Send equal bets or reasonable odds.
  24. Betting on Guillard with 2:3 Odds.
    Any amount you want to wager. I'm taking Guillard with 2:3 odds over Stevenson
  25. Wanting to bet on Mishima Joe and Okami.
    I got Mishima by UD Joe by 2nd round sub and Okami by UD if anyone wants to send a wadger ill gladely accept. Thanks!
  26. ill take bets on griffin machida..
    i want griffin i will bet the house on it...
  27. worth a wager!!
    Mishima over kenflo my $50 to your $100 Nakamura over fickett my $50 to your $125 Melvin over Joe "Daddy" my $50 to your $100 Caneiro over Torres my $50 to your $100 Kotani over Tavares my $50 to...
  28. ($2000 for UFN 9) I pick Joe/Mishima/K-Taro/Carneiro CMON PPL
    Taking bets. Joe (even) Mishima (I get 2 to 1) K-Taro (I get 2 to 1) Carneiro (I get 2 to 1)
  29. Guillard > Stevenson EVEN MONEY WAGERS
    As the title states. Don't respond here just send wagers.
  30. pride event on april 8th
    when the hell is pride gonna show up in our upcoming events anybody know or is this show gonna get canceled too?
  31. stevenson>guillard
    i got stevenson anyone wanna make some bets?
  32. Matt Serra Loses!
    I got a bet on GSP kicks the sh*t out of matt serra any wagers against that?
  33. 310 left to wager for UFN9
    My picks: Stevenson Florian Fickett Torres Kotani* *need good odds
  34. Mishima, Diego, Leites, Okami
    Mishima > Florian Diego > Koshcheck (will give odds) Leites > Sell Okami > Swick Got $435. Accepting offers.
  35. Anyone want koscheck for 225?
    for my 450 on nightmare?
  36. Anyone want to take Koscheck?
    i'll put 200 against your 100. Send me a wager if you are intrested.
  37. 200 left - i got Nightmare - you Koscheck
    200 left - i got Nightmare over Koscheck send me a wager
  38. my fight night wagers
    Guillard over Stevenson I get 1.5 Florian over Misima you get 1.5 Ficket over Nakamura you get 1.5 Torres over Carneiro even Tavares over Kotani even
  39. i got werdum who wants to bet!
    werdum 1 to 2.............
  40. Betting on BELCHER!!!!
    my $30 for your $70
  41. $565 avaliable for UFN / UFC69 / PRIDE
    My picks are: For UFN : Guillard offer odds 1 : 2 Hardonk Petruzli offer odds min 1 : 2 ________________________________________________ UFC 69 pisks are : Pierre Grove Swick 1 :1 Herring Haynes odds...
  42. Who would you bet on... Liddell of Jackson???
    i dont know if chuck and rampage will even fight in ufc 71, but if they do who would you bet on.
  43. Possible Purposes for Fantasy Cash
    All this fantasy cash is kind of useless if we don't have a purpose for it. It's fun to wager and all, but then what? I've known a few sites that have come up with interesting ideas for their fantasy...
  44. Why no IFL predictions?
    why cant we predict the IFL fights tommorow? I love the IFL
  45. I've got Stevenson over Guillard
    I've got $1135 left to bet with, i'm backing Joe Daddy to beat Guillard and i'm looking for either a single bet with someone @ evens, or a combination of bets. PM me, reply or send requests!
  46. Anyone against Diego Sanchez?
    Anyone against Sanchez in this fight? Let me know I'm up for a wager
  47. stevenson over guillard
    taking wagers on stevenson and guillard i got stevenson
  48. sokoudjou>arona
    im taking sokoudjou send wagers 3 to 1 odds
  49. no anthony torres on UFN?
    i had money on this fight wagered but it seems he's now been replaced by rich clementi. are all the wagers made for this fight going to eventually reset?
  50. I've got 500 on Diego Sanchez, somone wager me?
    Just bet me 250!
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