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This is the place to make avatar bets, talk about game picks and wagers, and other community related discussions.
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  1. thank you
    i just want to thank everybody who placed bets with me on silvia/couture. i really appreciate it
  2. Randy vs. Tim
    I made a wager with bassgodace... he sent it to me for 330 on Tim and I take Randy.... why is that money not in my account ? All other wager's i made are there... is there a limit on how much your...
  3. hardonk mir
    ill take hardonk you take mir 50 for me 100 for you
  4. Davis>Sprat
    Who wants to give me some of their money? I'm taking Marcus Davis over Pete Sprat.
  5. My UFC 69 Picks
    Looking for wagers. Hurry and send them I have alot of money to give out! St. Pierre Sanchez Grove Sell Davis Swick Herring Haynes Huerta Always looking for and giving FAIR odds.
  6. UFC Fight Night Picks
    Joe "Daddy" Stevenson Dokonjonosuke Mishima Antoni Hardonk Keita "K-Taro" Nakamura Roan "Jucao" Carneiro Thiago Tavares Any wagers?
  7. UFC 69 Picks
    Georges "Rush" St Pierre Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez Alan "The Talent" Belcher(2:1) Pete "Drago" Sell Pete "Secret Weapon" Spratt Yushin Okami Heath "Texas Crazy Horse" Herring Josh "Bring The Pain"...
  8. Melvin, Mishima, and Kos
    I'll take Melvin and Mishima, but I need 3:1 odds I'll take Kos but need 4:1 odds
  9. UFC Fight Night & UFC 69
    UFC Fight Night 9 Joe "Daddy" Stevenson Kenny "Kenflo" Florian Drew Fickett Anthony "The Crush" Torres Thiago Tavares UFC 69: Shootout Georges "Rush" St Pierre Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez Kendall "Da...
  10. St pierre vs serra
    I'm taking serra, i know so many think st pierre will storm serra, but i think he is highly underated. I also know that his training for this fight is very impressive and as yet injury free, so im...
  11. Anybody want Swick ??
    Send in those wagers if so.
  12. Im picking Mishima ,Nakamura
    I have 280 $ to wager . I want 2-1 odds . for the Nakamura vs Fickett and Mishima vs Florian fights at FT 9
  13. Some bets and a question.
    First the question, what happens if you lose your whole bankroll? Now for the bets. Fight Night 9 : Hardonk over Mir UFC 69 : Koscheck over Sanchez
  14. UFN 9
    looking to bet on steveson over guillard. maybe 1 or 2 more for mishima over kenflo 1 or 2 more for mir to take hardonk. nothing over 100$
  15. i'm taking sinosic
    i feel like Elvis will pull off an upset in Bispings native country.
  16. my picks
    stevenson florian mir (i want some good odds on this) fickett
  17. My picks for UFN 9 (Stevenson, Florian, Hardonk, etc)
    Joe Stevenson Kenny Florian Antoni Hardonk Drew Ficket Anthony Torres Naoyuki Kotani* Even odds on all fights, except for Kotani where I want 2:1. Send your wagers. If you're not interrested by what...
  18. guillard, mishima, hardonk
    ill take any of those 3 guys, guillard and mishima i want odds on though
  19. Looking to bet Hardonk, Florian, Joe Daddy
    Even odds across on these. Send me wagers-50 minimum!
  20. I'm picking Gonzaga!!!
    I want 10:1 odds. Act now while I still have some money left. I have a feeling there won't be many people making that same pick, even with 10:1 odds.
  21. Fight Nite - My picks - take a peek & send a wager
    Stevenson-2nd - sub Florian-2nd - sub Hardonk-1ft- KO/TKO Fickett- 2nd -sub Torres - 2nd- sub Tavares- 2nd - sub
  22. 13 ppl have picked gonzaga on here
    he obviously has a huge family because there's no way more than 10% of his family picked him to beat CC
  23. shootout picks
    GSP -1ft - KO/TKO Nightmare- 2nd - sub Da spyda - 1 ft - sub Leites - 1ft - KO/TKO Davis - 2nd - sub Herring - 2nd -sub Cummo -1ft - KO/TKO send me a wager if ya like
  24. Currently Taking Wagers
    on marcus davis and alan belcher
  25. I pick Herring to win....
    Whoever thinks Imes is going to win can send over some 50 bets. No odds.
  26. The biggest underdog?
    I just want to know who you guys think is the biggest underdog in the upcoming UFN9, UFC 69 and UFC 70 events. I have had people offer me 3:1 odds on my Gonzaga pick, which of course I declined. But...
  27. hardonk/mir
    im taking hardonk any takers
  28. Stevenson Guillard
    I got Stevenson. Any takers send me a wager.
  29. bet it all on hardonk
    i wanna put all my money on hardonk so send me proposals
  30. Swick > Okami and Davis > Spratt
    I am looking for even odds for these two fights. I will accept or decline all offers in a timely manner.
  31. Cummo
    I have a little bit of money left I am looking to bet on Cummo. Any takers?
  32. $50 left to wager on fightnight 9
    All wagers I want $25 to $25 on here are my picks first 2 wagers sent then your chance is over. Joe "Daddy" Stevenson Kenny "Kenflo" Florian Drew Fickett Thiago Tavares
  33. Mishami , Nakumura , Okami
    Im takeing Mishami , Nakumura and Okami I want 2-1 On Mishami and Nakumura and 3-1 on Okami vs Swick
  34. randy wins me alot of money
    damn im rolling every body is backing out of bets and also everyone who said silvia would win can suck randy's nutzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell yes for RANDY COUTURE.......
  35. My $50 on Gonzaga for your $250 on Cro Cop
    Am i mental? Well ................. methinks it worth a punt
  36. my $164 on Stevenson against your $150 on Guillard
    This is all the money I have left for UFN 9. First offer will be accepted. I want to put my remaining $164 on Stevenson against your $150 on Guillard. I will also accept smaller bets at even odds.
  37. Where do I click to do my point picks for Fight Night 9
    Where do I click to do my point picks for Fight Night 9? I cant seem to find where I was able to make my picks for UFC 68.... Thanks
  38. my $835 on guillard
    someone put up $1600 on stevenson or any bets with 2:1 odds
  39. Looking to bet Gonzaga...
    my remaining $15 against your $100-125. Best wager wins!
  40. My UFN and UFC 69 picks....
    PM me for some wagers...I am up for a bunch!! Here's my winners I am willing to bet on... Guillard Florian Hardonk Tavares GSP Sanchez Belcher Leites Davis Imes Cummo Swick Huerta
  41. Ken-Flo Warwagon
    Driving the Ken-Flo wagon If you came here to flame, just put you're money where your mouth is and PM for a bet.
  42. mishima
    i got mishima over ken-flo send me proposals
  43. I'll take Stevenson $$$$$$
    Straight up... send me offers.
  44. Will the points update if they declare Gomi/Diaz a No Contest?
    If the NSAC declares the Gomi/Diaz fight a No Contest, will this website update the point standings? In other words, will everyone that picked Diaz lose their points?
  45. 600$ on Crocop for ufc 71?
    if you are brave enough to bet against cc bring it on
  46. Kos vs Sanchez
    Anyone wanna take a bet on the Koscheck vs sanchez fight...I think koscheck is gonna beat him...
  47. My UFC 69 Picks
    Koscheck/Sanchez - Koscheck Swick/Okami - Okami Leites/Sell - Leites I will consider any fair offers.
  48. **PETITION** Method of victory is more important than time!!
    Title says it all. Currently, when we set our picks (and when they are graded), the order is: Victor Time of victory Method of victory. I, along with many others, believe that the method of victory...
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  49. Fight Night & UFC 69 Picks. Mostly underdogs.
    I'll take a few wagers , mostly underdogs. So Offer odds. Guillard 1 : 2 Hardonk at least 1 : 2 Florian 1 : 1 Koscheck 1 : 3 Marcus Davis 1 : 1 Swick 1 : 1 Haynes 1 : 3 Send me some offers if...
  50. I got 60 bucks left.
    Someone make a bet for FN 9. here are my picks. Joe "Daddy" Stevenson Kenny "Kenflo" Florian Antoni Hardonk Drew Fickett Roan "Jucao" Carneiro Thiago Tavares
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