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  1. Saturday
    $420 to wager don't bother responding to this post just send me wagers. Sylvia > Couture Hughes > Lytle Franklin > MacDonald Sobral > Lambert Kampmann > McFedries Hamill > Holman...
  2. My Wagers!!
    Just wanted to post my wagers and wish all my opponets luck. Its going to either be a big pay day...or a devastation pretty nervous. Event Fight My Wager Against Their Wager Details UFC 68:...
  3. UFC 68
    my pix are babalu sylvia hughes franklin will give excellant odds... just send me ur wagers and i will get back to u asap guyz
  4. I take silvia!!!! Good ods
    I take silvia for 200 And you take randy for 300! High bets only!!!
  5. I pick Babalu to win, anybody pick Lambert?
    My $100 for your $30 - come on ..... you know it makes no sense
  6. Sylvia/Couture
    I've got Sylvia. My 150 for your 75. Send me a wager proposal if you're interested.
  7. Hamill Vs Holoman
    I will take Holoman if you give me the right odds send me wagers
  8. bet me, no odds, sack up
    I got $230 to wager and want to bet on these fights. Here's who I got, havent checked lines on Babalu or fitch, i'd rather not fuss with odds, so if they require 2:1 then its not worth it. Martin...
  9. I have Gilliam over Varner for 2.5:1 odds
    I have like 190 left to bet. I want Gilliam over Varner for 2.5:1 odds. Send the bets.
  10. I got mcfedries will take 2:1 payout
    if you want kampmann, offer me 2:1 odds on mcfedries and you got a bet. i'll take drew. (i.e... your 100 on kamp vs my 50 on mcfedries)
  11. mccdonold 2 win 225
    ill take mccdonald 2 win
  12. Taking Wagers on McDonald to win. Silvia to win.
    I got McDonald to Win. Send offers to me. also send offers if you think cotoure is gonna win. I'll ill give you great odds on this fight.
  13. 400 on sylvia over couture
    like the title says ive got 400 on sylvia any takers?
  14. Betting $250 on MacDonald for your $500 on Franklin
    Read title, send bet my way.
  15. I got $150 on Sylvia. Takers?
    I got $150 to put down on Tim Sylvia. 1:1 bet. Any takers?
  16. Im picking Slyvia and Babalu
    send me Wagers I will give 2-1 odds
  17. Anybody small wagers!
    hey anyone want to do some small wagers I got couture over slyvia hughes over lytle franklin over mcdonald Babalu over lambert kampman over mcfedries hamill over holman fitch over fioravanti tibau...
  18. Last minute bet 300 on Sylvia
    300 on Sylvia, send me a wage proposal asap.
  19. I'll take Guillard over Joe Stevenson
    this is the fight i wil probably lose all my money on, but i will take Guillard over Stevenson.
  20. $300 left to blow. Picks inside.
    Sylvia Hughes Franklin Babalu McFedries Fitch Tibau Gilliam Wagers?
  21. 20 left on hughes round 2
    I wanna put my last 20 on the round that the hughes fight will win. Im taking round 2. If you have something different send me a wager.
  22. Keith wants a dirrrrrty wager !!!!!
    I've got babalu, anyone want lambert ?????? pm me
  23. $100 left
    want kampmann, tibau, gilliam, babalu, franklin, or will take odds on couture and lytle.
    i stand to make ova $1000 if he wins any one else betting on him
  25. $370.00 left for Macdonald would like a little odds
    send me wagers!!!!!!!!
  26. Who wants a wager
    My picks: Sylvia, Hughes, Franklin, Sobral, Kampmann, Hamill, Fioravanti, Dent, Gilliam. Send me whatever.
  27. Need wagers for tonight!
    got $500 left to wager on fights, preferably on Babalu, Fitch, McDonald, and McFedries. If youre interested send one along.
  28. $ 300 on big tim ?????
    i got $300 for fantasy wager. if someone wants to send me a bet i'll put the 300 on big tim. i hope i lose the bet and randy mops the floor with him. but the money is on tim. only a few hors to go...
    TIm, FITCH, Franklin, Matt Hughes , Matt Hamill... send bets!
  30. Send your bets now...taking dogs
    I have $250 left to spend. I'll take Couture at 2:1 I'll take MacDonald at 2:1 I'll take Gilliam, Kampmann, or Tibau at 1:1 Send me your wagers asap
  31. last minute wagers?
    Anybody want a wager? Sylvia Franklin Hughes Babalu Kampmann Holman Fitch Tibau Varner Send me a PM. I got $170 to wager.
  32. $125 Left
    I've got Franklin Hughes Babalu Kampmann Gilliam Tibau Fitch; Hit me up!
  33. 300 bucks to bet anyone?
    i got 300 bucks to bet with. send me some wagers for ufc tonight. im willing to bet the full 300 on big tim / rich franklin/ or gsp . send me bets of any kind i wanna get this 300 put on the table. i...
  34. Good Luck To All!
    All the best of Luck To All crazy fight fans out there :))!! Let's bring it on now , C'omon !!! :D
  35. Where are the 2x point fights?
    Are there no double point fights for the UFC card tonight? There's a couple of close ones.
  36. Go Randyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Randyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my Hero . am ashamed i put my money on Tim....
  37. I'll take Florian over Mishima
    Mishima's gotta be a huge favorite, so send me the bets.
  38. Fight night wagers
    Im lookin for wagers on the guillard-stevenson fight. Im taking guillard and would like decent odds. I am also willing to look at other wagers. My picks are: Mir, fickett, torres, and tavares.
  39. Me: Hardonk (+ odds?), You: Mir
    Looking for someone who will give me a little bit off odds on the Mir / Hardonk fight. Send me a wager if you're interested
  40. I'll Take Florian
    I pick Florian over Mishima. Send a wager if interested. I Will respond as soon as possible. Thanks.
  41. Taking Florian and Stevenson
    Give me odds. Post or send em.
  42. UFN 9 picks.
    Joe Stevenson Dokonjonosuke Mishima* Frank Mir Drew Fickett Roan Carneiro* Thiago Tavares *(2:1 would b cooL)
  43. My Fight Night 9 picks!
    All straight up 1:1 Daddy Mishima Hardonk Fickett Torres Tavares Send me some!
  44. Most my money on Mishima
    The higher the bet the more odds I expect. Let me know.
  45. Stevenson over Guillard
    I will take Stevenson over Guillard. $300 - 500 anyone up for this bet?
  46. Mir over Hardonk
    I'll take Mir over Hardonk. A bet of around $100 - 300 anyone?
  47. Fight Night Picks
    Need Wagers! My picks are: Stevenson Mishima Mir Fickett Torres Tavares Send me some wagers!
  48. Need some bets on almost any fights
    I'm kinda new to this but i know about mma. so i would like for some guys to send me some wagers on some fights.
  49. Looking For Wagers
    I'm only looking for wagers on: Stevenson vs. Gulliard GSP vs. Serra Sanchez vs. Koscheck I'm taking: Stevenson GSP Sanchez
  50. UFC Fight Night- My picks (pending odds)
    Guillard K-Flo Mir Fickett Tores Tavares Does anyone have odds yet? I bet for Randy straight up and would have made a killing with odds.
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