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  1. odds for UFC 68
    here is the latest odds for UFC 68: UFC - UFC 68 - Nationwide Arena OH 03/03/07 700 Fight Matchups 23:30 ET Fight Matchups UFC - UFC 68 - Heavyweight Matchup 03/03/07 705 Tim Sylvia -275 23:30 ET...
  2. did anybody predict sokoudjou??
    want to know if anybody actually predicted him to win and if so too bad you didn't bet your whole bankroll on it. good job thierry, keep the wins coming.
  3. 50$ left.
    i wanna wager this away before ufc68. preferably on babalu and franklin. any takers?
  4. wagers for ufc 68
    Have about 700 left want to make wagers, i have Sylvia, Franklin, Hughes, Fitch, Mcfedries, Hamil, Dent, Babalu, and Gilliam, i will possibly bet against my picks if the odds are right, don't bother...
  5. I will give 3 to 1 odds on Hughes over Lytle
    I will bet my $150 that Hughes will beat Lytle against your $50. If interested send wager request.
  6. when will fight night and ufc 70 get added?
    with the fight night coming soon befor ufc 69 its still not up yet it has 3 fights on the ufc websight already. and then for ufc 70 i know its abit away but still 4 fights up on it
  7. Sylvia > Couture. Where are the Couture fanboys?
    I'll take Sylvia over Couture. Send me wager bets. No handicaps.
  8. All done, thanks.
    no more money
  9. Willing on any good bet.....
    Heres who i got........... Randy Hughes Franklin Fioravanti McFedries Dent Varner Hamill Babalu
  10. hughes VS lytle
    i got 100 on hughes for ur 20 on lytle.... any takers send me a wager
  11. UFC 68
    MY PIX ARE FRANKLIN HUGHES AND BABALU........ i will give very good odds just send me wat you think are resonable wagers and i will get back to you ASAP.
  12. Who wants koscheck
    wager up
  13. Me Holman, You Hamill ($300 left)
    Holman > Hamill I get 2.5 to 1
  14. Hey SICKRICK
    Why don't you diversify your betting, if Couture loses you won't have any money left. I kind of want Couture to lose so I can take the lead in the money but I also put some money down on Couture so I...
  15. me mcfedries, you kampmann...1.5:1 in my favor
    i'll take some small bets on this if you give me the slight edge. 1.5:1 20 on mcfedries, you 30 on kampmann 30 on mcfedries, you 45 on kampmann ............etc..... edit: OK, I...
  16. My pick Gilliam over Varner - Taking bets (wagering up to 800$)
    Looking for slight odds... 150$ for every 100$ I put up
  17. I have Hughes, Franklin or Babalu at 2:1 (my 200 for your 100)
    Send your wagers if interrested.
  18. tim vs randy 1:1 $140
    i take tim, you take randy, send bets $140
  19. Giant killing wager offers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Right you bunch of mma bashers, keiths got some fantasy money that he wants to double so any takers on the fights below ????????????? I've got babalu, coture, hughes and mcdonald !!! PM me for bets...
  20. UFC 68 Wanna bet?
    My picks: Sylvia Hughes Sobral Kampmann Fitch Varner PM with offers if interested
  21. 40 down on hughes round 1
    40$ on hughes round 1 - anyone differy - send a wager - 40 bucks is all i got to work with-
  22. Betting the farm on Couture
    If anyone wants to bet against my man Randy,Send me a wager at 2:1 (IE: my 100 to your 200)
  23. Got 15 dollars send me a bet for 68...
    I have 15 dollars left to wager so send me a straight up bet for 68. I'm taking... Franklin, Hughes, Couture, Babalu, Fitch, & Kampmann.
  24. Sylvia over Couture
    I've got Sylvia and I'm taking even money wagers.
  25. Send me a wager
    Ive got: Babalu Kampmann Hamill Fitch Tibau Varner
  26. I'll take McDonald, but need at least 3.5 - 1 odds
    Sportsbook currently has the fight: Franklin -500, McDonald +350. this seems like a real bad bet on McDonald but i will throw a little on him. I will take the 3.5 - 1 odds, but if better offer comes...
  27. Lytle>Hughes
    Just kidding, im looking for a lytle fan to bet
  28. The rest of my money on Holman
    Too bad all I have left is $19. I want 5:1 on him. $95. First come, first serve.
  29. JunCTion's 68 picks
    me $25-----you $25-----on the outcome of the first 6 fights listed ** Matt Hughes-----------2rd sub ** Rich Franklin----------1rd ko ** Jon Fitch----------------unanimous ** Matt...
  30. Slyvia , Babalu , Kampman Updated
    Im takeing bets for the Slyvia vs Couture fight , Babalu vs Lambert , and Martin Kampman fight . my picks are , Kampman , Slyvia , and Babalu Couture vs Slyvia 2-1 Bablu vs Lambert I will go up to...
  31. $900 left to wager...
    Send me some proposals... I've picked Tim, Matt, Rich, Sobral, Kampmann, Hammil, Fitch, Dent and Varner to win.
  32. my $58 on Franklin vs your $25 on macdonald
    my $58 on Franklin vs your $25 on macdonald send away
  33. Hot bouts
    As of 8:51 EST, 3/1/07, there are no Hot Bouts selected for UFC 68. When do they usually assign a bout as "hot". Which ones do you think they will be?
  34. My last 20$
    too late......
  35. Here I am thinking the fights were next weekend.
    But they are not. Silly me. So now the time to take advantage. I got like $750. I'm crazy. I like to eat melted ice cream but that's besides the point. Send your wagers. Send them now.
  36. Couture silvia bet for the confident wagers only !!!!
    Everybody seems to be flooding the wagers as i think couture will take silvia. Anybody who is that confident that silvia will take couture should bet me 4-1. Ive got $100 ready to bet on someones...
  37. Does anyone know why there is no hot pics bouts for ufc68?
    Noramlly there is two bouts which are hot pics, but there isnt any for the ufc68 event. have they scrapped the idea?
  38. I got Kampmann, Tibau, Varner: bet me
    I got $230 to blow on one of these underdogs or close bets. anyone willing to give me fair or decent odds, or maybe even 1:1 if i dont get better, please send me a request. Martin Kampmann Matt...
  39. Jason Gilliam 1:3
    I'll take Jason Gilliam if You want t bet 1:3. Send me a wager if interested.
  40. lots still to bet
    here's my picks, pm me with offers---all just head to head, no when or how finished Sylvia Hughes Franklin Babalu McFedries Hamill Fitch Tibau Gilliam
  41. 110 on Fitch.
    Ill take Fitch for even odds for any amount up to $110! I want to get a bet before the event! If it says i got no cash PM me and ill send you a bet.
  42. I want Gilliams
    Send me offers. I will accept the best ones. I got 340 left.
  43. Everything I got on Sylvia
    I gotta get some wagers out, Make some bets I got Big Tim S. all the way. Come on Randy fans step up!!
  44. Randy fans, read
    Randy is gonna get dropped! I Got sylvia. Send me your wagers please!
  45. Now accepting wagers
    Couture over Sylvia 3:1 Sobral over Lambert Franklin over Macdonald Hughes over Lytle and whatever else, make em good.
  46. still got $300 left to wage
    i'll take sylvia and give you odds also got kampmann, tibau, fitch, babalu, gilliam, franklin send me WAGERS all reasonable requests will be taken.
  47. I got $665 on Randy, who wants Silva?
    thats all the money I got. I'm looking to double up. Anybody willing to put $665 on Tim??? lemme know...... Hey Mods, by the way, there should be a wealth ranking for players who don't buy any...
  48. Anyone taking Lytle?
    I'll give you 3:1 odds. Hook it up.
  49. ill take silve 240
    mail me
  50. I got Jason and Jason
    I'm picking underdogs Jason McDonald and Jason Dent. Looking for bets: Me $100 You $300 or Me $30 You $100
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