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  1. I've got
    $320 on Big Tim. 1st to send the right offer.
  2. Anybody wanna take J-Mac ?
    I'll take Franklin and give 2:1 odds.
  3. Wagers
    Looking for someone who took: MacDonald Lytle Lambert I'll give 2:1 odds if you send me a proposal.
  4. i got 2000 dollars fantasy riding on randy
    i hope he does it, i cant stand sylvia.. and i stand to lose alot of fantasy money if silvia wins....
  5. Sylvia/Couture
    I'm taking Sylvia 1:1 i will only take bets 100 or more.
  6. Will UFC Fight Nights be added to our events?
    I noticed that UFC 69 is listed in "My Upcoming Events", but it actually takes place after UFN9.
  7. $50 left here are my ufc 68 picks
    Matt Hughes 50-10 Renato "Babalu" Sobral 50-20 Jon Fitch 50-40
  8. Anyone one going against Kampann or Couture ??
    i place $50 on kampmann and couture against anyone .
  9. My UFC 68 wagers
    Tim Sylvia Matt Hughes Rich Franklin Babalu Martin Kampmann Matt Hamill Jon Fitch Gleison Tibau Jason Gilliam (only one I request some odds on) Just send me your wager request and I will look at it.
  10. Bets I'd Like to Make
  11. My UFC 68 Picks
    Sylvia Hughes Franklin Babalu Fitch Kampmann Hamill Tibau Gilliam* * Need at least 2:1 odds. I'm willing to give odds on the bigger favorites. Send your offers now, I won't let them stand there for...
  12. Time's Tickin
    UFC 68 is on its way and i need to make some wagers send me a proposal and i'll propabably take it, except for Hughes Lytle sylvia, hughes, franklin, babalu, mcFedries, Hamil, Fitch, Dent, Gilliam...
  13. UFC 68 Picks
    Matt Hughes Rich "Ace" Franklin Renato "Babalu" Sobral Martin "Hitman" Kampmann Matt Hamill Jon Fitch Gleison Tibau Jamie "The Worm" Varner Those the fights i would want to have wagers with im...
  14. Alright who wants Randy?
    Ive got alot of money to bet. If you want Randy send me offers!
  15. All my $$ on Babalu and/or Sylvia
    I have $635 available to wager on Babalu and/or Tim Sylvia at UFC 68. Send me your bets on Randy or Lambert.
  16. 2:1 against fitch
    anyone wanna bet money on fitch? i'm willing to bet on Luigi Fioravanti as the underdog,, send me what you think is fair and ill accept or counter wager.
  17. I take Randy....
    What kinda odds you gonna give me...if so confident.... Done..... Wager received
  18. I'll give you 2:1 odds on Randy, J-Mac or Lambert.
    have just over $1,000. I'll take Sylvia, Franklin or Babalu and I will give you 2:1 odds to boot. any interested parties, send on those wagers! *EDIT $130 left. make a wager for $60 against any of...
  19. three fights'(ers) left -that are open for wagers
    I got three fights'(ers) left that are open for wagers - here are the last of my picks Babalu - R2 sub/tap Fitch - judges- unan... Tibau - R1 sub/tap hit me up wit some wagers - only have 45 bucks...
  20. randy/tim
    im taking randy who wants some
  21. WANTED: UFC 68 Wagers
    Send me your offers!!!!!!!!.... my picks are: Sylvia Hughes Babalu Kampmann Hamill Fitch Tibau Varner
  22. I'll Take Some Underdogs [All bets taken. Thanks, everybody.]
    ...but I want 3:1 odds. My 45 on Couture vs. your 135 on Sylvia My 50 on Luigi vs. your 150 on Fitch [Edit: 30 vs. 90 remaining] [Edit2: No more wagers on this fight.] My 20 on Dent vs. your 60 on...
  23. Send me wagers
    I would like to bet i have 600 left. My picks are: Fitch 2:1 Kampmann 1:1 Sobral 3:1 Lyttle 1:5 Couture 1:3 J. McDonald 1:4 Please
  24. UFC 68
    i wanna bet on hughes vs lytle ill give 3:1 odds send me ur wagers.... ill get bak to u ASAP...
  25. sylvia/couture
    i got 50 on the natural for 100 on sylvia
  26. Kampmann > McFedries
    I'll take the Hitman over McFedries. I have $288 available and I'd like to bet it all on this bout. I'll give some slight odds to favor Drew, something like my 288 for your 250 type of thing. Send me...
  27. Got $50 left to wager on big tim.
    i got 400 left to put on tim who thinks randy will take this one send me some wagers.
  28. Taking Couture
    I have $80 left. Looikng for 2:1 odds. Send me wager.
  29. Giving odds
    My picks Franklin (I'll give 3:1) Babalu (I'll give 2:1) Hughes (I'll give 3:1) Couture (Only if given 2.5:1) These are at even money Kampmann Tibau Hammill Varner Send me the right offer and maybe...
  30. Gilliam>Varner (2:1)
    Gilliam>Varner (2:1) Or Kamp>Mc (even)
  31. hughes3 to lytle 1 odds
    i wanna bet on hughes ill give 3:1 odds on the fight any takers send me an offer....
  32. Randy bets here if me 3 to 1 and I'm giving 3 and a half to 1 on Hughes Babalu 2 to 1
    I think Sylvias going to win, but I will take Coutre if anyone will gove 3 to 1 odds. Send me a wager and I will accept up to 300 vs 100
  33. I got mcfredries....any bets??
    looking for a bet on this fight....get at me
  34. i got $108 left and need to find a Lytle fan
    My $108 on hughes vs your $30 on mr lights out
  35. My 400 on Sylvia for 200 on your Couture.
    send berts if interested please.
  36. Anybody notice we all got bumped up in the standings in the last 24 hours??
    I just noticied I moved up about 5 spots in the Season Rankings in the last day? Did some people get booted?? Probably shady people cheating or something?? Just wondered if anybody noticied them...
  37. 555 on Randy
    ill take the best odds offered.
  38. I got Sylvia and Lambert...ya you heard me...Lambert
    I'll take bets on the following... Sylvia/Couture 1:1 preferably Lambert/Sobral 1:5 perferably
  39. Taking Franklin, Sylvia, and Babalu
    Im open to wagers, ive got Franklin over MacDonald, Sylvia over Couture, and Babalu over Lambert. Make an offer!
  40. UFC 68 Wagers: Taking Underdogs or Giving Odds.
    Send me wagers for any of these or anything else that might be interesting. Will go up or down on amount just keep the odds about the same. Sobral (My $70) over Lambert (Your $30) McFedries (My $25)...
  41. offering odds on ufc 68
    if anyone wants to take jmac i'll take franklin at 2:1 odds if anyone wants lytle i will take hughes at 3:1 odds if anyone wants lambert i will take babalu at 2:1 odds
  42. Willing to put the rest ive got on Sylvia.
    Send me an offer, big or small. Im willing to put the rest of what ive got down on Sylvia. Id love Randy to win, but i just cant see it.
  43. My picks -- some underdogs
    Sylvia over Randy 1:1 Gilliam over Verner (make your best bet offer) Ok, these are the only 2 I'm still taking bets on.
  44. Taking Silvia : giving 2:1 odds (enugh wagers for this fight thx)
    all in the title ,, i want silvya over couture,,, giving 2:1 odds send bets if ur a couture fan
  45. 45 bucks left on hughes anyone want lytle
    little bet i got 45 with hughes - anyone want lytle at 15
  46. $100 Left
    Looking for bets on any of these three. I'll take the favorites so you get 2:1 odds. Sylvia 2:1 Franklin 1:1 Hughes 2:1
  47. I'm picking Sylvia and Huges
    I'm picking Slyvia and Huges as victors in their matches.
  48. Nothing more
    No mas
  49. Nevermind
  50. Looking for someone who took Mcdonald to beat Franklin
    Im willing to bet anything really on this fight...
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