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  1. Need wagers
    I'll take any favourite please send me a wager with the odds that you want for the underdog. Thanks
  2. WANNA BET? PRIDE.....
    I'm lookin for any bets... check my pic and don't be shy............
  3. $100 Left for Pride 33
    I have $100 dollars left and will put it on Sergei for Pride 33. Send me a wager, I will put my $100 to your $50 or make even. LMK.
  4. I got Danzig...
    You got Mach. Send me wagers....
  5. I'll take Nick Diaz...
    ...but I want 3:1 odds. Send me a wager offer if interested. Edit: you'll need to send me a pm so I can cancel a pending bet. Edit2: All bets taken. Thanks.
  6. Pride fights keep changing
    So now I have even more money. Send a wager, any wager. I'm not an idiot, but I do take chances.
  7. 10$ left - on Sokoudjou
    Looking for decent odds
  8. $550 for wagers
    send me some wagers for as much as you want Kazuo Misaki -350 Frank Trigg +275 I'll take Trigg Takanori Gomi -360 Ill take Gomi Nick Diaz +280 Wanderlei Silva -275 Ill take wandy Dan Henderson +215
  9. 300 Left
    Anyone wanna be with me? My picks are Diaz, Wanderlei, Shogun, Nog , Hansen. Also Danzig, Kharitonov, Misaki....but i have bet enough on those. Plz send me wagers...
  10. Accepting wagers on Hendo vs. Wanderlei
    I got $200 on Hendo any takers?
  11. JunCTion's picks - take advantage
    silva - unanimous gomi - unanimous sakuri- unanimous trigg - 2rnd tko rua - 2rnd tko nogueira - 1rnd sub hansen - 1rnd tko kharitonov - 2rnd sub wiuff - 2rnd sub if anyone wants to wager the outcomes...
  12. help me out...50$ left.
    i dont want to bet it on the gomi-diaz fight because i've already bet so much on it... but if i have tooooo i want good odds... lookin' to bet on misaki for the win..along...
  13. 25 bucks left - i got wiuff wit $25
    25 bucks left - i got wiuff wit $25 any who has lee with $12
  14. $80 left
    I've got Sakurai, Shogun and Gomi. Any bets?
  15. Last 30$ on the best odds for Danzig.
    To all you Sakurai lovers, whoever offers me the best odds, i'll take them.
  16. I am offering 2 to 1 against Gomi
    will take any wagers up to $100 for anyone who wants to bet against gomi
  17. Need Bet for Silva Vs. Hendo
    I've got $280 for silva over hendo. For the win only.
  18. $85 left
    Taking gomi for your $40 or Taking Trigg for your $105
  19. $200 left to wager
    I got Misaki, Gomi, Shogun, Nog, Silva ill take odds on all the fights.
  20. I bet on Trigg and Hendo
    That cool,i guess the upset for both fight.damn night!!!
  21. UFC 68 wagers needed
    Alright guys, I am ready to wager on UFC 68. Im looking at all offers. My picks are: Sylvia, Hughes, Franklin, Babalu, Hamill, Kampmann, Fitch, and Tibau. Keep Them Coming! I am willing to put a lot...
  22. money money money
    lets wager people!!
  23. Looking to put BIG money on Sylvia/Couture
    I'm picking Tim to win, looking for straight up bet, 200 or more. Send me wagers!
  24. randy vs tim
    As much as a respect randy, but I'm taking good wager that tim beats him. Also taking bets on: matt wins vs Lytle Rich wins vs MacDonald Hamill wins vs Holman Fitch wins vs Luigi Send em over :)
  25. UFC 68 wagers...
    I got Sylvia, Hughes, Franklin, Babalu, Kampmann, Hamill, Fitch, Dent and Varner. I have $135 left to bet with.
  26. Franklin > MacDonald, 2:1 odds
    I got $195 to wager.
  27. now accepting UFC 68 wagers.
    The Natural Hughes Franklin BabaLu Kampmann HoLman(3:1) Fitch Tibau Gilliam anyone got any wagers 4 me?
  28. Wagering Options
    I think that the wager system should go back to how it originally was with a few minor changes that will help. All that needs to happen is that you cant give any more than 1:1 odds when you bet on...
  29. My UFC 68 picks
    I've got: Sylvia Hughes Franklin Babalu Kampmann Hamill Fitch Tibau Gilliam
  30. Silvia to win $100
    I pick silvia, you pick Randy for a $100 straight bet. send me a wager.
  31. ufc 68 picks send me wagers
    Send me wagers--- I have -Silvia over Randy -Hughes over lytle (up to 3:1) -Ace over Mcdonald ( 2:1) -Babalu over Lambert (2:1) -Hammil over Holman (2:1) will also accept ufc69 bets-- i have -St....
  32. Martin Kampman over Drew McFedries
    Anyone want to wager I got The Hitman for $80.
  33. UFC 68
    i've got close to $1500 im lookin to wager on anything, i need good odds for underdogs and i'll give odds too, just send me a wager.
  34. 68 picks
    macdonald 2:1 silva 1:1 holman 3:1 hughes 1:3:
  35. looking for wagers - UFC 68 (my picks)
    here are picks : Randy - R1- ko/tko Macdonal - R1 ko/tko Babalu - R2 sub/tap Kampmann - R2 -sub/tap Hamill - R1 ko/tko Fitch - judges- unan... Tibau - R1 sub/tap Varner - R2 sub/tap Send me a wager -...
  36. Looking for UFC 68 bets
    I have $1630 that I want to get out there before this event please send me offers. Here are my picks will give odds when appropriate. Sylvia Hughes Franklin Babalu Kampmann Hamill Fitch Tibau Varner
  37. Looking for Bets For UFC 69
    I am looking for bets on UFC 69 I have GSP and will wager 300 & Diego and will wager 200 send me a wager if interested.
  38. I put 1000$ on GSP?????
    If someone want to bet for an upset,I made some cash tonight by betting for hendo
  39. Franklin vs MacDonald giving 2:1
    I'm picking Franklin to win and am giving 2:1 if anyone wants to take MacDonald. Looking for big bets as well.
  40. UFC 68 I have Kamp/Couture/Gilliam
    My picks/odds I want Kamp - Even Couture - 3 to 1 Gilliam - 3 to 1
  41. willing to take silvia
    send me big wagers i have silvia over couture will take anything from 50 to 500 even odds
  42. UFC 69 bets I got Davis/Herring/Kos/Belcher
    I want Davis and looking for someone to take Spratt. I also want Herring over Brad Imes. I will also take Belcher if given 4-1 odds. I will take Koscheck if give 4-1 odds. Send me some offers or post...
  43. couture vs silvia
    i got couture any takers 2 to 1 odds
  44. My UFC 68 picks!!
    Send me some wagers....I'm willing to wager on rounds or type of finish, too...I'll offer odds....Here's who I have... Sylvia by KO/TKO Hughes by stoppage Franklin by KO/TKO Sobral by submission...
  45. My pick - Sylvia - giving 2:1 odds on huge bets
    Got $1015 left looking to unload it all on this fight.
  46. anyone want to take lambert?
    i want to make some bets on babalu submitting lambert in round 2...will give 2-1 odds big or small bets i'm pretty much open to anything on this fight.
  47. I've got Fitch
    Send me your wagers. Best proposals will be accepted.
  48. 600 on the terror
    I want to put 600 on Matt Serra, anyone want to take me up this?? Im looking for something a little better than 3:1
  49. uc 68 picks
    my pix are sylvia franklin hughes babalu hamill and varner if you wanna bet juz send me a wager and ill get bak 2 u asap......
  50. i'm goin with a few underdogs
    2:1 on gilliam 3:1 on holman. i think i've got enough couture/sylvia wagers...unless it wuz an interesting enough wager.
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