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  1. my wagers.
    wanderlei; I'll give you 2-1 diaz; Give me 3-1 nakamura: I'll give you 1.5 to 1 sakurai: I'll give you 2-1 Misaki: even shogun: even nog: I'll give you 5-1 hansen: I'll give you 2.5-1
  2. $100 Left
    I will bet $100 on Misaki over Trigg. First one to get at me gets the bet. I'll update this thread to let you know if the bet has been taken.
  3. Anyone wanna take Sanchez over Koscheck
    ill put 250 on koscheck hes gonna smoke dirty sanchez
  4. Make me an offer i cant refuse
    Wandy $70, Gomi $60, Misaki $50
  5. Last Chance for Pride Bets
    With Yvel fight thrown out, I have plenty of free cash I have Gomi over Diaz Silva over Henderson Misaki over Trigg take your pick and send me something if you want
  6. I had all my bets on the Hurricane
    Now that it's not on the card, I have all kinds of opened up funds. Send me a bet. I'm a gambler so if it seems bet worthy, I'll take it.
  7. $100 left, send me wagers (picks inside)
    $100 left, I'll do it all on the following bets. 100 to your 50, Gomi over Diaz 100 to your 45, Shogun over Overeem 100 to your 80, Nakamura over Wiuff Send me wagers!
  8. Why do people wait soo long to Accept/decline wagers?
    I want to bet all of my $ before Pride but people arn't returning my proposals with a yes or no. now Im out of money to propose with only one official bet. MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE!!! ITS NOT REAL $,...
  9. Imes Returns to Face Herring at UFC 69 jsut sw it on the ufc web sight havn;t seen imes for soemtime want to see how much better he is now. but i stiill think herring will take him if...
  10. Takin bets on PRIDE 33! 2-1 on underdogs
    I'll give this a shot... I'll take 2-1 odds (-200) on both Wanderlei Silva and Takanori Gomi. Send me your wagers if you want to take Dan Henderson or Nick Diaz. For you betting neophytes, offer me...
  11. Gomi to win vs. Diaz --2:1
    im taking bets now. Send Wagers.
  12. 120:120 Misaki:trig
    I have 120$ on misaki for your 120$ on trig send me an offer
  13. Any Trigg fans out there?
    I've got money to go on Misaki, and most of you seem to prefer Trigg, but no one is accepting bets. Anybody want some of this action? I'll take up to 3 at $100 apiece for even odds.
  14. Last of my money on Gomi
    I have $75 left. Any takers?
  15. Look inside for bets!
    Open to any bets...send them over! I have 800 dollars to bet! chris
  16. Misaki vs Trigg
    Anybody want to put some money on Trigg? If you do, send me an offer and I'll take misaki. I'm looking for even odds on this fight.
  17. Anyone want Wiuff?
    Send me a wager.
  18. gomi/diaz plus more
    $200 left Diaz over Gomi 3-1 Shogun over Allistair 2-1 Trigg over Misaki 3-1
  19. I will take Randy
    I have 450 bux .... Put it all on Randy....Serious wager plzzzz. 80 bux left thnx 4 the bets....
  20. delete
  21. $$ To bet, I take the favorite u take the underdog...
    I'll give you 2:1 on Hansen vs Ireland and 2:1 on Sakurai vs. Danzig or 3:1 on Nog vs. Soko I'm also looking to wager $100 vs. $100 on Misaki over Trigg
  22. Pride Wagers Needed
    I have Silva, Gomi, Nakamura, and Hensen. Looking for wages on these fights. Any takers?
  23. Looking For Pride Wagers
    Looking to bet some loose change ($10-20) My picks are Silva Gomi Rua Sakurai Misaki Lil Nog Hansen Sergei (Once they put the fight up on the site) I'd probably take bets on certain fighters and when...
    Here are my picks make me an offer, I have about $500 left to wager and will bet big if the prices are right... PRIDE 33 Silva over Henderson Gomi over Diaz Sakurai over Danzig Rua over Overeem...
  25. Me Trigg, You Misaki, I need odds. (Or Hendo Fight, me Silva)
    No More bets
  26. My picks
    Gomi 100 for Diaz 60 Hansen 150 for Ireland 100 Nakamura 100 for Wiuff 60 Shogun 150 for Alistair 60 Silva 200 for Hendo 100
  27. 185 left make me an offer
    Misaki/Trigg 1:1 odds
  28. Misaki/Trigg
    Im takin Misaki 180 straight up...any takers?
    I will give anyone 2 to 1 on Russow for my last $50 on Sergei. Send me wagers.
  30. Overeem > Rua
    I'll bet up to $350 on Overeem, so long as the odds are in his favor. Hes around +400 on the betting lines and 7% of people have him winning here, so 5:1 sounds fair. EDIT: $140 available
  31. Pride 33 Wagers: DONE
    I'm all set, thank you all that sent in offers.
  32. PRIDE 33 BETS: $105 left
    ok we'll make this simple: anyone want: trigg>misaki.... my $105 on ( misaki) for your $75 on (trigg) diaz>gomi... my $105 on (gomi) for your $75 on (diaz) henderson>silva my $105 on (silva)...
  33. I got 200 on Misaki
    You put 190 on Trigg
  34. Hendo/Silva Championship Fight
    It only has 3 rounds as possible outcomes; I believe under the Nevada rules and I'm pretty sure Hendo mentioned it in his interview on Sherdog that the title fight will be fought like a UFC title...
    please help the rookie fantasy game player. please explain the betting system in words i can understand. am i correct to assume that you can only bet with someone who picks a different fighter and if...
  36. Big Tim > Randy
    I've got plenty to bet. Send as much or as little as you like. I know you Big Tim haters are out there!
  37. Taking Misaki for 150
    Anyone wana go straight up 1-1
  38. Need to bet $300-$400 for Pride 33
    I'm picking: Silva Gomi Misaki Sakurai Nog Rua Hansen Kharitonov I've already got a few on Misaki/Trigg, so I'm mainly looking for other bets, but I'll might take a couple more on that one. You send...
  39. I'll take Russow
    I'll take Russow my 50 to your 150.
  40. $75 left to wager on Pride33
    My picks are: Shogun, Wandy, Lil Nog, Sergei, Misaki, Gomi, Sakurai, Hansen. Lookin at all offers. I have 75 left to wager
  41. 150 left, Looking to Wager
    Willing to wager on any of the following Wand - 2:1 Gomi - 1.5:1 Misaki - 1:1 Shogun - 2:1 Sakurai - 2:1
  42. Pride 33 Picks
    Silva Gomi Misaki Sakurai Nog Rua Hansen Kharitonov Only 15 left.
  43. last 20$$
    i wanna wager it...anyone got any bets for me? ive got enough diaz-gomi bets.. how bout misaki trigg?? i got misaki.. rua overeem?? i got rua.
  44. pride 33 wagers
    my picks are silva misaki diaz shogun hansen send wagers be reasonable and i will accept
  45. Send Me WAGERS!
    Only 2 days before Pride 33 and I still have like $550 left.
  46. fantasy picks curiosity
    just a few ?s for you guys i know most of us pick the heavily favored fighter but how do you... pick the winner if its thought to be a close fight or pick the winner if youve never seen the fighters...
  47. Anyone want Hendo? I'll give $135 to $60.
    Send me the bet if you do.
  48. My Picks Send Bets
    Silva Rua Gomi Hansen Nog Sergei
  49. Wagers for a newbie?
    Come on people PM me for wager goodness. Check out my picks and then PM me for a bet or two. Im good for it.
  50. Diaz/gomi
    My name is keith, keith hackney, When i was fighting in the ufc i owned my own air conditioning company. Right around the time i whacked jo son in the hairy bean bag to get out of his head lock !!...
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