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  1. Hi from the UK
    Hi, Long time UFC fan here from the UK. I'm more of a spectator than a fighter but love the sport. MMA hopefully will become more main stream over here and things should start to take off. Here's...
  2. HI from FL
    Whats up everyone? So what is up with this money situation? Haha, well besides that, I love me some MMA. I like both UFC and Pride, no nuthugging here
  3. Hey from Bullshido
    Phrost sent me this link from the competition section of Bullshido. Nobody around yet but I hope this thing goes off well, it'll give me something else to do. Where: CA What: MMA Coach, retired...
  4. hello from ct
    my names josh i'm 20, and from ct. i hope this gets big, i'm gona start telling everyone i know. maybe after this first event we can see who knows what there talking about and start a good fight camp.
  5. Whats up everbody
    This site looks cool and I cant wait to start betting! Should be some great matchups coming up
  8. From NYC
    Just introducing myself. Great to see MMA rising to the level of the other sports. Hope they come to NYC soon. Can't wait for the season to start.
  9. This should be fun
    Just found out about this site from Looks like there should be some shit talking and some fun to be had by all.
  10. Hey from Canada
    This next UFC event is a joke. All the main event fights seem like gimmies. OF COARSE every fight has a chance to go the unexpected route but come on. Silva, Cro Cop, Jackson? No contest. Also being...
  11. Just wanted to introduce myself, and say "hello".....from CA.
    Yo YO... I just joined the playground, and I really think its pretty cool. I think it will really take off.... Im a very, very Hardcore MMA fan who owns every single Pride DVD and I have every single...
  12. Sup
    Finally....I've been waiting for a site like this that didn't cost anything to join. I'm to poor to pay right now. Well, my name is Chris and I found this site through a friend over at I...
  13. new to the site
    hello, i am new to the site. I am from NJ but recently moved to VA outside of DC. this seems like it will be a good time.
  14. Intro
    Hey guys im new too this site like many others, Im very happy to be apart of a new site that includes forums and so on, Im not sure how to use this site at all but I would like to say that Im a huge...
  15. Hey all
    Just wanted to say whatsup.. Looks like a cool league you have going here. I am from over at I saw someone post their favorites and figured I would do the same: HW: Antonio "Big Nog"...
  16. Greetings From Canada
    Just found this website to and am anxious to start my first season. I have been a MMA fan for about 8 years and my favorite fighters include: Andrei Arlovski, Fedor, Hermes Franca, and Karo Parysian.
  17. Hey everyone
    hey everyone. ive been a fan of mma since 1998 when a buddy of mine showed me a video of the the first ufc. since then ive followed it of and on. I wrestled for twelve years through high school and...
  18. The Champ is Here!
    Hello, dropping by to say Hi. Good luck to everyone on your wagers. Feel free to challenge me!
  19. Just saying hello
    Just thought i'd say hello looking forward to honing my mma knowledge
  20. Hello from BC Canada
    Just want to stop by and say hi.
  21. Another hello from Canada
    This site looks very good, love the layout! Greetings to all from just north of Toronto, Canada. Best of luck also to everyone!
  22. Hello boys (check out my pic)...My name is Loree and I am a hot, hardcore MMA lover....
    ...I am new to this site, but I have already joined the best Fight camp on this website!!! MMA Top Team is by far the best, and I want a couple of you guys to come join me in my Fight Camp (if you...
  23. Another Canadian...Now without pics
    Hey guys this looks like it should be fun. I have been following MMA since it was introduced and is by far my favorite sport.
  24. Wicked Wizards
    The Wicke Wizards are still expanding, so if any of you guys who only have 1 or 2 members in your camp want to consolidate into mine, just send me a message and I'll add you.
  25. hello i am gianni from amsterdam
    Hello my name is gianni i am 10 years old i have my own website please write something in my guestbook. http//
  26. Hello from Maryland
    Hello MMA fans. I'm Tim from Maryland. I go by the username: Zephead. I don't think anyone would ask why I use that name. Lets keep this sport growing
  27. Reppin for Nova Scotia
    Just joined and cant wait for the first event...anyone wanna join my Canadian camp "basement brawl" is welcome. Lookin forward to kickin some ass!!!
  28. Hello All from Mass.
    Whats up all This is going to be fun
  29. Whats Shaking All? Proud SPonser of Kit Cope/Thiago Alves
    Saying Hello from Florida Whaaaaattttssssss up all.....
  30. Hi from the UK
    Hi All It's Livershot from the UK, get ready cos I'm gonna beat you all Seriously though looking forward to competing and getting to know you all Thanks to n0xin for the heads up Peace Livershot
  31. Hello from Iowa Cage Fighter
    Whats up everyone anyone from Iowa please join my camp Iowa Cage Fighter I run a websiter check it out
  32. Hello from California
    Hey everyone! I am a huge fan of MMA and I'm an even bigger fan of playing fantasy games. Before the UFC took their fantasy game off I was a frequent vistor there but I was sad when it was taken off....
  33. Hello From South Carolina!!
    Hello all!! My name is Dave and I train BJJ at If you are ever in the area and need a place to roll, come stop by, the guys are great!! I've never been interested...
  34. Hey
    Just saying hi and good luck to all.
  35. Hello all - from KC
    Just saying hello from KC. Found the link to this site from dodgeforum. Ive been a mma fan since back in the 90's. Looking forward to this site; and ufc 67. Should be a good card. talk to you later
  36. Another SoCal Fan
    Hello from Hawthorne! I'm a fan, not a fighter- but I have dabbled in some Judo and boxing. I jumped on the UFC bandwagon during TUF Season 1. My interest peaked during season 3, and I got to go see...
  37. New to the sight
    Hello all...It's good to see at mma forum where not everyone doesn't seem to ignorant when it comes to topics but actually has something meaningful to say. I've been a huge mma fan for a couple years...
  38. Get ready to lose!
    HAHAHAHA......whats up guys, chiming in from southern Texas here I am, your MMA UFC PRIDE CHAMPION! Just came over from CBRForum to kick some skulls a fantasy kind of way that is.
  39. Perfect timing!
    Hello everyone, I am Greg Clark from Canada and I noticed quite a few of us here already and I am a self admitted MMA fan with serious MMA Fever. I have a non-commercial blog that is devoted to the...
  40. Whats up boys from StL
    Anyone around the STL area?
  41. Reppin SOCAL !!!!!
    What's up everybody ? You can never have enough people from SOCAL . Good luck to everyone this season . Let's have some fun !
  42. hello......
    hey whassup guys just joined up a few minutes ago. looks like a really fun site. im from NC. thats about it for now. lookin for a camp to join so if anyone wants to invite me thatd be cool. lookin...
  43. Hi
    Just a quick hello and some info about me. 25 y/o male from Louisiana. Been in the Army for almost 6yrs now. Been doing BJJ for about 3 consistently now, off and on for about 6. I grew up watching...
  44. Yo
    How's everybody? Train like you play!
  45. Howdy
    Just dropping in the say hey & officially join the club.
  46. To all that wants to know..
    Hey whats up guy .....just here to say Hi to everyone and good luck when it comes to the betin....
  47. Hey, newb to the forum, but not to MMA
    Hi, my name is Tony, and I'm a fight-a-holic. I've tried to watch as much MMA as I possibly could ever since the very first UFC. I absolutely love it, and look forward to sharing stories and MMA...
  48. Greeting from Manila
    Im from the Philippines and am quite a UFC and Pride FC fan. We get to watch UFC here on Solar channel (local cable) and on AXN as far as Ultimate Fighter series are ongoing. Greetings from Manila,...
  49. hello
    Hi guys, Im new to the forum, off of Sherdog and just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Anyone want to wager me on the Misaki/ Trigg match? I got 100 e-bucks Misaki wins via unamious
  50. Hi
    Saw this off of the Sherdog forums. Fantasy MMA! Good idea! Thanks to whoever set this up! I'm lookin forward to takin all yall's virtual cash!
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