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  1. yeeeaaaah
    Haha, new to this. Name's Chris. In about a week I'll be training with Team Inferno down in Naples. I've been following my favorite fighter Rampage since 2000, since his days in king of the cage, and...
  2. Delete my Account
    That is all
  3. From Ireland
    Been watchin MMA about 3 years fav fighters. Been to two live events UFC 70 and UFC72 Planing on going to 75 in london Lightweight: Tyson Griffin WelterWeight:Karo Parisyan MiddleWeight:Anderson...
  4. New Guy looking for team mates
    i have created a camp and am looking for people to come and join me
  5. New member
    Hi everyone. I'm from Sweden and been intrested in MMA for the last 12 months. Can't wait to see my first prediction results for UFC 74. By the way, i'm looking for a camp Cheers !
  6. Sup guys
    Hey guys, my name is Max. Im from toronto and ive been a fan of mma for about 3 years. I train brazilian jiu jitsu.
  7. new guy sayin hey
    Hey I'm really excited about this site because i've been watching the UFC since I can remember and I was always trying to find a site like this...I trained in Tae Kwon Do and BJJ which got me really...
  8. What up? - new guy here...
    What up everyone? I'm a big fan of MMA. Is it possible to train for MMA and get into fighting without any previous training in my history? I'm 19 years old, 6'2 215lbs. I really enjoy the sport and i...
  9. Twistedblaze with his Kenpo ways, says wutup!
    Just strumm'n thru say'n wutup. I live in the #1 Fight Scene, Las Vegas NV! There's so much head pounding to keep up with here. Whether it's watching a Cage Battle or the usual Backyard Brawl the...
  10. newbie here
    hello all...i hear this site is a lot of fun...can wait to start pickin' and winin'
  11. new guy from SC
    Yo new guy from Upstate SC...looking for any local places for BJJ,muay Thai,boxing etc. My gym has a heavy bag and speed bag station but no classes or anything. Anyone know of any spots? Also feel...
  12. Just found this site...
    ...and I think I am going to enjoy it here. This is going to be fun!!
  13. the new guy
    I frist found this site when i was looking for the video of joe rogen when he was on espn defending mma. But i have allways been a big ufc fan and this site looked to be the best out of the rest to...
  14. Any Scotland here
    is their any Scots that post here?
  15. Former Fighter Here!!!
    Hey everyone! My name is Kyle and I'm a former Junior Welterwight & Bantum Weight MMA fighter that had to retire due to severe back injury. In my 2nd ever pro bout, I fell on my opponent's knee while...
  16. new
    saw this sight on peoples signatures on and decided to join and looks cool so far
  17. new
    Hey everybody! New here and just wanted to introduce myself. I am a welterweight from georgia awaiting my first amateur mma fight..
  18. New here, great site!
    Just found this site and I got to say it is awesome! Sherdog really gets annoying after a while, anyways I am excited about all the picking and betting features.
  19. I have returned.
    I'm here bitches, now the party can really start.
  20. New to the forums
    It is very nice to be on the forums although i am new to most forums so i might get lost a little along the way...I'm not quite sure what to say so i will tell whoever reads this about myself and my...
  21. Hi
    YO, any1 from belfast?
    Hello to all! I'm ironmike67 and am new to the forum.. I look forward to chatting with all of you!
  23. whatz up
    whatz good everyone this site is pretty cool. i've been a mma fan since 2000 holla @ cha boy
  24. HELLO!
    Hello to all! Since I am new to the forum...I thought it would be best to let you know from the very beginning... That I am a huge Koscheck fan! Aug. 25th... Can't wait!
  25. Hi there
    Im really a devoted MMA fan and I simply love the hype of this sport
  26. Holla!
    Whats up MMA lovers? I cant believe I found this site, I've been watching this sport from the begining and love how its blowing up espcialy after a few rough years that the UFC encountered. Up here...
  27. O hai fellas!
    >>Image Posting Posting of images in the forums is allowed. With the exception of things that are overly bad.<< I am new to this forum and would like some clarification on this rule. Is...
  28. Hi all!
    Hi everyone!
  29. What's up?
    Just signed up. Looks like fun. See ya around.
  30. whats up everyone
    whats up everyone
  31. New guy from Boston, MA
    Hey, I'm Salty (Greg) from Boston, kinda stumbled upon this site while at work wasting time. I've been into MMA for years now (22 now) I remember my parents not allowing me to watch UFC on PPV so i...
  32. Yo from the Nati.
    Hey all new guy from Cincinnati. Pretty new MMA fan too and stumbled upon this site from a user sig on the mmaweekly forums. I have been trying to immerse myself in the sport and learn more about it...
  33. Just found this site
    i just stumbled across this site by accident after many years participating at other sites. For all the serious mma fans, I look forward to good chats/disagreements/etc. with you, and for all the...
  34. Deaf or hard of hearing fan of MMA out there?
    I has been fan of MMA since frist seen UFC 3 on PPV then fell in love with any MMA's style since then. Until then I learned that not many friends or my people been fan of MMA....they loves WWE more...
  35. new guy from tx.
    hey guys i live in houston. been following mma for a couple of years. just found this site. nice to be here.
  36. Hey, from Portland, Oregon here. New to forum.
    Hey everyone. Pretty new to this forum and a member of Sherdog forums and thought I'd check out a different site for a breath of fresh air. Thanks guys.
  37. Hey new here.
    Hey I'm new to MMAPlayground. I usually post on I'm from Iowa and enjoy MMA.
  38. Hello
    Dont let my username fool you, I'm not an asshole. It's an inside personal joke. But if I win, I'll ask you only if you picked a retarded fighter to KISS MY BALLZ! :) But I'm an ok guy, I have...
  39. Hey There...
    I'm a british MMA fan from Sunderland in England and I just thought I'd introduce myself.
  40. Las Vegas Kid
    My name is Caleb, aka DirtyBird. Im 16, from las vegas nevada. just started conditioning for mma, not experienced but just recently quit my job and am about to just go to school and start training...
  41. introducing myself
    whats up everybody im a mma fan and up and cominf fighter from fayetteville nc.. just thought i would introduce myself to eveyone...
  42. bigflembo
    hi just like to say great site and a great bunch o folks here my name is bigflembo and im from scotland
  43. Hello All
    I am socksqatch and l look forward to joining your forums
  44. Hi MMA Playground!
    Hi my name is Jacob and I'm a huge MMa fan! I post like a maniac at sherdog all day when I can and read all the news. I found out about this site and had to check it out. Well I wish everyone the...
  45. Huge fan of MMA here
    Hey guys, I am new here and am a huge fan of MMA. I went 7-2 in my debut, correctly predicting the Randy Couture - Gabriel Gonzaga fight. You don't bet against a 44 years old MMA...
  46. New to Fantasy MMA world
    Sup gang, my names Phil and I'm new to the site. I'm a long time MMA fan for the last 12-13 years, grew up in the Royce Gracie Generation of MMA. I go to every local fight here in Wisconsin and have...
  47. Hello
    Hi Everyone, My name is Rick and of course I am new to the site but looking forward to participating in the the many options available. Thanks for the great site. Rick
  48. Hi
    Good evening fight fans. Just saying hello. New to the site, but not to mma.
  49. Hey
    Hey guys, I'm Nos and I run the Iowa MMA Report. I live in Iowa and my favorite fighters are Joe Stevenson, Shogun, Fedor, Iowa MMA Report Check it out sometime
  50. (returning) NewB
    And I've just got one thing to say - NEVER bet against a bald fighter!
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