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  1. Intro
    Hey all, I am fairly new here and wanted to introduce myself to some of the members. I am a long time MMA fan who stumbled upon this site through an add on UFCJunkie. I sure am glad I found it! The...
  2. What up
    name's Cody i'm soon to be 16 I absolutely love to fight, my favorite fight network is the UFC still trying to convice my mum to let me do more full-contact fighting (she says i'm too "smart" to...
  3. new here from southeast texas
    my name is Matt the Bull Shark Holland. I am an undefeated amateur mma fighter. i cannot wait to get into this board and get going
  4. Sup Newbie here
    Yeah new just signed up last night uh MMA playground seems really cool so far...Im Fifteen an originate from Virginia but been raised in Jersey so guess u can call me a Jersey Boy really if you want...
  5. Newbie
    Hey everyone I am new to this site and will become a regular. This is the best site I've seen for MMA. Hope to see everyone around.
    the company that sponsors Rampage Jackson, Mayhem Miller, and many more
  7. new what up people
    whats up peeps first time on this site gues ill start by naming some of my favorite fighters chuck liddel randy cotoure gsp antonio murrilo sean sherk (yeah he is mostly a wrestler but who else has...
  8. Newbie
    Found out about this at sounded pretty tight. I was doing the ufc one quite awhile back and was hoping to get into fantasy mma again. Can't wait to get started.
  9. new guy
    Whats up just sayn hi to every one new to the site not to fighting ! lol
  10. new guy
    im new can any 1 help me out
  11. bring it on
    What's up everybody! Just want to introduce myself and see if there's any clubs out there looking for a new player. I am a huge MMA fan, in every aspect. I enjoy keeping up with the current news,...
  12. new to the game
    Just wanted to intrduce myself.I'm fairly new to MMA.I have watched in the past,but I have only recently became a junkie.As I learn more about the sport,I can't get enough.Anyway,just wanted to say...
  13. Dicky Greenleaf Here, What's Goin' On Fellas???
    Hey guys, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'll be posting my opinions very frequently on the board and hope that we can discuss the sport in an intelligent manner. " alt="" />
  14. hello all
    great to be here folks lets begin
  15. hello everybody!!!!!!
    im dan, 18 and looking to make it to some fight comps. i love all kind of sports and im all ears if you have anything to teach me. I'm 180 lbs.
  16. Hello Everyone!
    Hi! I've actually been with the site for about 4.5 months now but never really posted. I feel that its great to finally have a sport to call my own (was never really into much else). But more...
  17. Bring it on! as big John would say.
    hi all, im the newest MMA fan to join the ranks, I hope to share some laughs and talks about 1 of the best sports in the world, so i hope to catch ya all soon. P.S. i hate intros it feels like a job...
  18. Sup?
    Sup? My name is Mike and i just found out about this place. You guys have a really cool idea set up here.
  19. Checking In
    Just wanted to say hello to all the fellow MMA fans.
  20. New here
    hey my names Tee Jay and im new to this site but not to mma. This site looks like fun! so whats up everyone
  21. I be new
    From How are you all
  22. Hello from Canada
    Glad I found this spot!!! MMA is The Real Deal!!! I am an MMA addict and glad that it is growing in Canada. Drop a line if you're from the Great White North... L8R
  23. new member
    whats up everyone my name is Isaac. i just joined the site today and it looks like a pretty cool place.i cant wait for saturday!!!
  24. Your new hero is here
    hello fellow mmaplayground BlindBoyGrunt, and im the new guy thats gonna run through every1 like serra on pierre...lik rampage on ice...lik..ok 4get it...Blind Boy Grunt....remember that...
  25. I'm here!
    I just stumbled upon this site. Looks pretty cool. I can't wait for Saturday, it should be pretty sweet!!!
  26. Another new one
    Just a quick introduction here. I'll be spending a good amount of time on here, I'm sure I'll make some friends and probably bother some others. Anyway, I'm here for a good time, it seems like a good...
  27. Whats Going
    Just Saying Whats Up
  28. welcome me ....
    here are my demands 1. i need nudes in my pm box now 2. i need to be modded immediately (if you have french mods i am definetly better than them) 3. i will need a sacrifice made in my name preferably...
  29. New Guy in Town
    Hello all, I am sure a lot of you may know me from various amateur wrestling forums. For those of you who don't, I am the Hofman, a 24-year-old graduate of Hofstra University. I look forward to...
  30. The truth is Here, The truth is here
    What's up all? IT's GWD (GreatWhiteDope) from MMA-FIGHTER.COM (check it out). Check out my profile if you give a ****. I'm new to this site, but not to MMA by any means, as I have been training since...
  31. New in town
    Just dropping a line because I am needy noob to this site and want to be properly welcomed. I have been watching MMA since around '94 and remember when I could only get bootlegs from Brazil and Japan...
  32. Hello All...
    Just stopping by to introduce myself. I am new to the website, and also pretty new to the sport. After watching UFC 73: Stacked on PPV tonight, i got pretty interested and decided to get a little...
  33. Any Floridians?
    I live in Gainesville and go to UF, been following UFC for past couple years and mma for about last year. go gators
  34. new member
    just joined, good site wondering how u join a camp any gsp or bj fans
  35. New member
    Hello everyone. I just joined the site before UFC 73. The site looks great! I have started getting a little bored beating everyone on picks over the past 2 seasons at so I came over here....
  36. Hey from the UK
    hi new to this site hoping it and it's members will help me out in the stuff i need. i'm looking for help on everything deiting fitness training in all areas. i wanna lose some of the belly and put...
  37. A day late and a dollar short..
    Noticed the link on many moons ago and finally checked it out. Great site for adding another level of interest to MMA. Too bad I was tardy in joining and unable to post my picks for...
  38. Whats up!
    Hey whats up everyone i'm new to the forum but not new to mma forums.Longtime subfighter member..MMA fighter from topeka kansas just trying to do some fantasy.
  39. new guy
    New in town and just saying hi. I am new to the site and the forum scene, but have been an MMA fan for about 5 -6 years.
  40. Yo.
    I am what you might call a newbie. But if you do, I'll flame you halfway to death. So don't.
  41. OSU!!!!!
    Just wanted to say what's up to everyone. This has got to be one of the better sites out there for MMA. Very complete. Way to go guys. I'm Terry "Garyuu" Parkman. Been studying martial arts for about...
    Whats goin on everyone? Look forward to meeting many new friends and contacts here. I'm a head trainer of a boxing gym with a long history of martial arts also. Just got into promoting professional...
  43. Brand New
    Hello All, I am brand new to this forum in terms of posting but have been reading the boards for awhile. I am only about 3 months into my MMA career but fully intend to make something of it. I am...
  44. Hello
    New here and look forward to conversing with everyone. Some great MMA writers along with myself have a blog at Check it out.
  45. young gun
    hey. i just found this website and joined. it seems and sounds pretty gnarly, so porps to who ever came up with it. and the old vets on here (i know how they are being part of one of these types of...
  46. Hello
    hi i got in to mma about a year ago and i just love every thing about it i realy want to train in mma but there are no places around me UFC is my fav i am just getting to to PRIDE ,KOTC is cool My...
  47. hello
    im new here of course sooo uhhhhh.... hi. some1 wanna help me out and tell me where i can edit my profile at?
  48. Any crossfiters out there?
    Hey, I'm Andrew and I've been an MMA fan since about '96. I was happy to find a site like this that added a little investment to the action in the octagon/ring. I train JKD, but am a relative newbie...
  49. New Girl here
    hi people. newbie here lol. My name is Kandice. I love MMA. I love to skateboard, I love to watch extreme sports and other dumb stuff. Want to know more just send me a message. My favorite fighters...
  50. gday from australia
    hey all im from australia. im 17 started kyoukushin karate when i was 10 got in to muay thai at 13 did that antill 16 then ive just started bjj and mma.dream of being a good fighter.have also been...
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