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  1. Hey
    Hey everyone just signed up and wanted to say hello.Cant wait for the TUF finale anyone else?
  2. Hello
    Hi all, Just found this site looks cool. Cant wait for the new 'season" to start.....WAR JENS!!
  3. New here
    Hey Guys, Just wanted to say hi. New to the site, love the concept though. Should be fun, any tips will be greatfully appreciated. Cheers, O
  4. just put in my first set of picks
    hey guys, new here - mmaholic and all round addict. hope to learn some new stuff and have some fun at the mmaplayground. steve
  5. hi everybody
    hi everybody just found the site can't wait to beat everybody
  6. New Member
    What up.
  7. How long after puchasing premium membership..........
    ......before it kicks in? Its been about 25 minutes since my purchase and I was hoping it would kick in immediately. So far no luck.
  8. New Guy here (bows)
    I just stumbled across this place. Wow. Alot of information to take in before tomorrow nights fights!
  9. Hey all.
    Hey I'm only 14, but I've been watcing MMA for about 3 years now. I used to watch a lot of PrideFC without even knowing what it really was. Now I buy every Pride and UFC event I can. The only thing I...
  10. I have herpes
    its true fo realz
  11. How's everyone doing? Great site, great information! Good to be on here.
    Hi everyone, been a fan of mma for a long time - glad to be on here, lots of info and some good posts too. Cheers!
  12. New guy here.
    Whats up everyone? I'm new to this site but I've been a fan of MMA for a long time. Hopefully you'll be seeing me at the top of the charts soon.
  13. Whats Up
    Hey all, 22 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. Currently live in Australia, been living here for almost 2 years. When im done with Uni here im going to move back home and then we will just have to...
  14. glad to be here !!!!!!
    hi everyone !!!! names Darren!!! glad to be here i took ju-jitsu for 7 years ,,some tea-kwon-do about a year and a 1/2 and i wrestled in h.s
  15. one of the few
    hello fellow MMA fans! i have been watching ultimate fighting for several years now. i watched it in the old days...but i didn't love it then i like do now! i got hooked on the first season of the...
  16. what's up
    hey everyone my name is chuck and i'm from montana and i live on the fort peck indian rez. and i've been watching ufc and pride since the beginning. and i gotta say i love mmaplayground it's the best...
  17. whats up everybody
    hey al. my name is Ruben. I've been into MMA for a few years know, mostly UFC, but im starting to catch up on some classic PRIDE bouts. im glad i found this site. seems like there's a lotof true fans...
  18. Fight Fans
    I am a big MMA fan and this site is awesome check out Camp Shedlock looking for some new members to move up in class.
  19. New here!
    Hi all! I'm new to the site, joined last week and I didn't do very horribly on my picks. In fact I picked the winner for almost all the fights, except that I chose Manny and Jens to win. I really...
  20. sup
    you don't want none of this!
  21. Your status
    How is your status chaged? for example why are some people learning to sprawl others are standup guys. How does this work and how does it change.
  22. hi I am new here....
    Hi guys! I am new to this forum, i used to join tosome forums before too. I love watching and seeing some MMA events. hope i can find more here... thanks :)
  23. new here
    new here
  24. Hey, Hey, Hey!
    Hey everybody, I'm MikeySan. I just joined. This site looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully I don't bankrupt myself in record
  25. Hey All!
    Hi Folks, I am new to this community and just wanted to drop a line to say hello. I have no formal Martial Arts or MMA training, but I have been a fan of MMA since I watched the first UFC many years...
  26. New here from Texas
    Hello all. I am new here... as if you could not tell by the topic subject and the forum I am posting in. Just wanting to get to know some people and their camps... Trying to start one of my own. So...
  27. Greetings from Brooklyn
    Hey all. I just started here and did pretty well on TUF5 betting/predictions. Here's hoping for more success. I got into watching MMA (primarily UFC) a few years ago due to my interest in judo (and,...
  28. What's Up from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!
    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say What's Up, Im new here and definately gonna be an avid MMAPlayground freak. Let's see, ive been thinking about joining judo, ive got some stand up from street...
  29. Northern California
    Amy one new from northern california want to be apart of my team i will invite you
  30. Greetings from Queens, NY
    Hi everyone im from New York to bad i just became a member, hope i could do good cause im a mma fan since 1993 when i was living in a small town in Colombia, my big brother was living in NY and went...
  31. MYSPACE????
  32. New guy here...
    Hello everyone, just stumbled across this site and now I'm hooked. Been following MMA ever since UFC 1 just like alot of other people out there. I'm from a little town called Vandalia, IL. about 15...
  33. What's goin on!
    StevieC boys and girls, excited about this website. New to the site, vet when it comes to the sport, been watching almost since day one... Love to watch and practice MMA. Look forward to playing....
  34. Hey
    Hey everyone I'm Devon Fox. From a little town called Carthage NY but I'm currently residing in Sebring FL. I love MMA its the most amazing sport I've seen and have been hooked since my first view....
  35. Hello Everyone...
    Hi, just thought I should introduce myself briefly. I'm paul, 24 and live in England. I've been training in martial arts for about 14yrs now and currently working towards fighting in MMA competitions...
  36. nube here
    super site, glad to be aboard, live in western north carolina mountains, active in martial arts since 1961. GC
  37. New here
    Hi all, I'm new here (to the forums). I haven't been into MMA for a long time. I've only been watching it regularly for about a year and a half now, but I love it. If I say something stupid (I'm...
  38. Just signed up
    JUst signed up all. Looking for members for my camp. Name is Brian Robertson and I run a few mma websites and good luck to all in the gambling!...
  39. hi
    hi new to the site today seems quite cool at the moment. not in any camp yet. i hate matt hughes especially after 'i love it' tuss!
  40. new here
    Great site ....hooked from the word get go ...
  41. Whats Up?
    This is my first season. I'm from Norman, OK.
  42. Hey everybody!
    I'm part of team Ky Jelly! Watch out!!
  43. Sup Fellas
    Just dropping in. This place is great. Good to be here....
  44. Sup Fellas
    hey wassup fellas i'm a new comer here looking to enjoy the sport that i am becoming to love as well... by the way my name is rob...
  45. Whats up, all. New guy here.
    Whats up, all. New guy here. I'm from Fox Lake, Alberta and if anyone has ever heard of it I will be damn suprised! I've been watching the UFC since it started and man, has it come a long ways! I've...
  46. And a hello to me too
    Just wanted to let all of you know that I recently joined the site. have been posting for a while, but still, this is my formal intro.
  47. Love the Diaz Bro!
    Just registered!!! Support for the hot Diaz bros.! We'll see how I do in my picks!!!
  48. jds_truck is new
    new on board from canada and will be very quickly jumping up the ranks
  49. Introduction
    Hello! I'm a 28 year old mixed martial arts fan from the great state of Virginia. This looks like fun.
  50. yo
    hey i am thunkerbird, hailing form montana.
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