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  1. why oh why
    why do people have someone they are supposedly favoring or liking what ever you wanna call it and then when it come time to bet they have no balls ??? just wondering ?
  2. Hey
    hey my names andrew, and an aussie last few months ive been getting into mma big matt hughes fan
  3. hey all
    Names nick im From Philly.. Love MMA Royce Gracie fan Fedor and Cro-cop fan love the sport and everyone in it Need a team lol
  4. Hello
    Hi everyone. Newcomer from sunny Florida. Been watching MMA for years love the sport can't get enough!! I have been watching the sport since 2000 and love it as much today as I did years ago. Glad to...
  5. PNG Avatars
    This might be posted in the wrong forums, please let me know if it is. Will we be able to use PNG avatars in the future? GIF and JPEG suck for avatars. (Unless it's an animated GIF) Transparency...
  6. YO !
    This is the place to introdue one's self so here I go : The is name is Bad-Wolfe I'm from LA,Ca, I've big MMA fan and have alot of respect for the sport and it's practioners. I'm also a big UFC fan,...
  7. Hola
    Hey everyone new to the site got a link to it from a friend. Not new to MMA but hadn't really thought of getting involved online with it, I mainly watch Pride and UFC. But yea ill catch you all...
  8. Hey, new here...
    Hey, found this site somewhere and joined, it seems pretty cool. If anyones up to join my fight camp come on in. Im an avid MMA fan as well as someone who trains in it. I also own a small MMA...
  9. Whats going on?
    Hi Everyone, Im 5'7" 140 lbs. I come from a small town in Michigan where there isn't a whole lot to do, so on the weekends me and my friends get together and beat the crap out of each other MMA...
  10. hi everyone
    hi everyone new to site. a bit of info about myself,i'm from nottinghamshire england i love bjj been training seven years but just had a couple of months because of neck injury(getting too old) i...
  11. To bad its wasnt real money
    New to the site. Looking for Top Camps!
  12. ITS ME!!!!
    sup new to this site, welcome me with open arms
  13. any nj people out there??
    im from nj and just signed up. i was just wonderin if anyone from my area was on here too.
  14. yo
    new here so just so people have an idea of what im about im a avid supporter of fedor emelianenko, anderson silva, dan henderson, the bros nogueira, bj penn, karo parysian, nick diaz, gilbert...
  15. Hi All
    Hi everyone, Just signed up to this great site. My name is Mark, i'm 32 years old and i'm from the UK. I have been following MMA since i first heard about UFC which was still in it's very early days...
  16. New To The Forums
    I'm Gabe. I'm from Arizona. I'm new to the forums. Thanks for having me.
  17. Hullo all. :)
    Greetings to everyone who takes the time to read this, I hope it find you well. (and enjoying some MMA! ) There's isn't too much for me to say about myself here, I'd rather not bore you with details....
  18. New to this forum
    Saw something on a different board- all this Boondock banning.. Thought I would make the switch. Definitely more a reader than poster. Bearohs
  19. hello
    Just a hello to all! Im hear more to read and gain knowledge on mma. Been in to mma for about 5 years,im more of a ufc fight fan and hav'ent missed a ufc in the past 3 years, so i know a bit about...
  20. Iowa
    Any Iowa peeps on here? New to the site been reading, mmaweekly and sherdog forever I love going to the local and Watching all the big shows on TV, My TIVO is full of MMA!
  21. INTRO FROM hughesfan1
    What's up ? Just thought I'd introduce myself , been really into UFC since last year @ the Hughes/Gracie fight , gotten every PPV since. Just now really gettin into Pride,IFL,BoDog,and WEC in the...
  22. New to the Playground
    I might be new to the playground but the game of mma is hardly new for me. UFC and PRIDE is basically my life and ive bought almost every ppv in the last 2 years. Im really excited that the matches...
  23. send me props
    send me some props you guys for the avater i got its cool; is it!! LOL
  24. New here, looks fun
    Just posting to introduce myself. I´ve been watching for several years but really started paying more attention now that I have money and am out of the parents house. Currently studying in Spain, but...
  25. hey, i like mma (a lot)
    um yeah! edit: go karo!
  26. A Number of Years Ago.....
    ....I really missed the big boxing fight nights, with one world champ, the real adrenaline, the warrior aspect. Boxing, for me, has ruined itself. Then I found MMA during TUF 1. I now know what I had...
  27. hello
    hey guys, im new to this site and it looks pretty sweet. my favourite fighters would have to be tito ortiz, quinton jackson and georges st. pierre. sakurai is pretty sick as well. ive been in to MMA...
  28. I'm here.
    I heard about this site from a friend, thought I would sign up and take some money.LOL
  29. whats up
    whats good people?
  30. What's Good
    What's going on good people? I'm just a virgin on here but not new to MMA. Site looks real good so far just trying to make my way around here. Living in Ohio but born and raised in Baltimore.
  31. What up!
    Hey I'm new here and wouldn't mind getting picked up by any camp that would like to have me. Let me know if you need a new team member! Feel free to check out my myspace:
  32. now this is an MMA website!
    Man,after looking around at other mma sites n such ,there were all weakin one way or another+ some of these Nazi Moderators should be taken to happy camp;) Anyway,its cool to be here,thanks to all...
  33. Hey you's guys
    Hey, just thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Towely, im 18 years old and currently training in Goju Ryu Karate but im heavily concidering switching to train MMA at Duke Roufus's gym. Im brand...
  34. Hello Fellow MMA fans!
    Hi. I have just recently joined and I'm glad to be a part here. I'm not a mma fighter but I train for kyokushin karate; however I appreciate anything to do whith martial arts. If you can get past my...
    Now this is an MMA website! I am a 22 year old college graduate. I have been doing martial arts since I was 14. I have a black belt in Karate and 4 years and trained muay thai under 2 thai muay thai...
  36. what up doe!
    Hey everyone what up. I have been searching for a good MMA site today and I think this one is a sure top 5. While I'm thinking about it, if anyone knows why eliminated their fantasy fight...
  37. F-N-G
    just started a few days ago, pretty cool website and from reading posts everyone here seems pretty cool as well military man here who just loves to train hard and get into a competition whenever i...
  38. New here
    Hi guys,I'm a little bit new here and I liked the site,it's a very good idea and it's pretty fun too. Ps.: I'm sorry,my english is not too good
  39. Whats up
    Whats up, DangerousDjohn here. Here is some stuff about me... I turn 20 Monday, I love all sports (Baseball, Basketball, and Football), and of course MMA. My favorite fighters are... 1. Anderson...
  40. hello
    hows it going im from Canada train in traditional and brazilian jujitsu and kick boxing got into MMA when i was 12 other than that meh
  41. What up cuz
    new to tha playground....started a camp called West Coast Canada .....should be at least 10 deep by the next ppv.....we're here to represent peace
  42. Hey!
    I just found this place and it seems pretty cool. I am 22 yrs old, and I have been into MMA for the past couple of years now. I am intrested in learning everything there is to know about MMA, and all...
  43. A quick shout out from Holland!!
    Hey MMAfans, I'm watching MMA (UFC) for a couple of months now and I really like it!! Last month I saw the EliteXC and WEC show, also perfect New to this forum however!! So about me.. 22 years old...
  44. Just saying Whatsup to the fight fans!!!!
    I am CANADIAN and have been watching UFC since the begining and its only getting better. Most people see the good and the bad out of UFC and Pride being owned by Zuffa. I just hope we get to see the...
  45. Hi guys... What's the Deal?
    I am relatively new to the playground and have been looking into the fight camp thing. In my confussion I have set up a camp called 'Chunki Le Fanga' we are in the UK and looking for true...
  46. new here
    hey everybody, new to the site but not to mma. love the sport and im very excited about what the future holds for mma. dont know how well im gonna do at picking but it should be fun.
  47. yo sup?
    hey dude my name is brad and im from Vancouver Canada I have been watching mma for about 3 years now and my fav fighter is Randy Couture
  48. new
    Yo whats ups up,just signed up name is josh from rockford, IL like to watch mma, like to do it also for fun like rampage an deigo
  49. Greetings all
  50. Hello
    Just giving a hello to everyone here. The Calf Cruncher
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