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  1. How to Advance Past Learn to Sprawl
    how do you advance past learning to sprawl, i see alot of ppl with different names by their own names...
  2. nWo
    Im kind of a big deal, people know me. aim jpeoplesman ymsg nwo1978us
  3. hey guys: some of my fight vids
    I'm starting to transfer some of my fight vids over to instead of youtube because they pay ad dollars for it. Here is my channel And the two...
  4. New, lookin for wagers
    Sup guys, just found this site, love the idea!!! I'm lookin for some wagers on upcoming events, here's my picks if you wanna do some business: Fight Night 9: Stevenson Florian Nakamura (taken)...
  5. Hi i'm new
    Hey, this place is cool, looking to join a camp
  6. Calling all Irish!
    Top O' Tha Mornin To Ya! Just wanted to check to see if there's any of my fellow Irish brethern on MMAplayground!? My names James, im 23 and i hail from Hugh O'Neill country - Co. Tyrone Northern...
  7. Swede/Brazilian newbie says hello!
    What a great site! Looking forward to spend my time here! Little about me: Born and raised in Sweden, Stockholm but parents from Brazil. So I am into the brazilian fighters, especially "Shogun" and...
  8. Another Newbie says Hi
    Hey I'm a Canadian mma fan and have been for a few years! I look forward to chatting with many of you and gaming against others. Thanks CreamySmooth
  9. Hey im new.. JOIN MY Mirko "Cro cop" Filipovic Camp!!!
    hey everyone im matt
  10. knappy
    Apa ke atas saya kecil putih lillies! join my camp. only if you are not _____ though!
  11. Shoey - Idiot Savant!
    Heey guys! How you doin´? I´m new here, so be nice to me Just wanted to say hi and introduce my fighting camp called Idiot Savant! You guys are more than welcome to check it out! Anyways, I´m a big...
  12. ola!!
    First post..........lets see how many follow!!
  13. Hello fellow MMA fans
    Just sending out a hello!
  14. 12 step program for MMA
    Hi my name is something clever and I am an MMA addict. Seriously though, MMA is the best sport hands down. I can't get enough of it. I especially can't wait to see the growth and evolution of the...
  15. New guy.
    Hey all, I'm new to the forum just thought id introduce myself. I'm from London UK and trained for awhile at London Shoot Fighters, if any one knows it drop me a line. I worked as a gym instructor/...
  16. New member
    new member whats up yall
  17. camp
  18. ufc 70
    hey its the canadian crippler here i was just wondering wat every one thought about ufc 70 being on live tv and if it should be on spike or espn
  19. introducing myself
    hi everyone if u dont already know who i am im travis anderson but in mma im known as the candian crippler ive been training muay thai jui jitsu for about 4 yrs my record is 2 -1 i dont got any...
  20. camp
    Lookin to join a camp!? anyone lookin?
  21. Hio
    Canadian and love the site its awesome.
  22. ontario???
    Where are all the ontario members????
  23. Hello from Canada
    I'm a big canadaian UFC, Pride fan i just joined today
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  24. first timer
    hey this is my first time doing any fantasy betting for mma but im looking forward to some lets get to it who wants to wager against me first?bring it on. TheDrinkable1
  25. Newb
    Just found this web site through an article I read. Man this looks fun. See y'all around.
  26. Its me
    I'm from Oklahoma and have watched UFC since #1. not to suave on pride but I'm learning... always looking for new members for Oklahoma Top Team
  27. cool
    what's up. i'm new here and its a pretty awsome site. I do mma myself. i'm pretty good i hold a record of 1-1. I recently had a full scholarship for wrestling but i quit and my team won 5th in the...
  28. new members
    New members wanna be part of something NORTH END SUBMISSIONS
  29. Join it NOw
    North end Submissions, holla at your boys
  30. This is pretty awesome.
    Fun stuff. I created a fight camp if anybody's interested. Let me know.
  31. Looking to join a FIGHTCAMP
    I am lonely and depressed. I need to be in a fightcamp so I can feel better about myself.
  32. How do i make picks?
    How do i make picks in my fight camp?
  33. brocked up academy
    if your from the UK you probably would of heard the term 'I'll brock you up blud' or something similar. I've put a spin on this and created the camp led by the mighty Karate Broccoli man himself. If...
  34. Newbie here
    Hey all, I'm 21 years old from Ohio and I remember watching the UFC when it first started. When I was a little boy and I'd go over to my uncle's house to watch all the PPVs. As I got older I...
  35. Howdy
    I'm Bernd, how are yooou? I've been a fan of MMA for a while, but not a serious follower until about two years ago. Looks like a cool place, and if anyone wants to make a wager with me on fights...
  36. Reppin
    Wheres the rest of the subfighters
  37. New Here...
    Hey everyone, I'm new here. Just wanted to let you all know.
  38. hood in the house
    Greetings! I am an information security engineer, and I live in Maryland. I am waiting for an invitation into the Sherdog OT camp. Nice to be here. This site rocks. Thanks, -hood
  39. Here to destroy the WarRoom
    Hello All, Another Sherdog OT get flamed........... P.S. WarRoom members are pansies................
  40. 1st wk this is great
    love mma, and fantasy leagues. i wish i would have found earlier. from green bay, workout at green bay bjj & mma,. the guys there are great and a brand new studio!!:
  41. New from Canada
    Hello. I'm from east Canada, i'm a big UFC/K1/Pride fan and a Muay Thai Kickboxer.
  42. new dude from savannah
    yep. Savannah GA, I'm not really new to the site I just havent been posting in the forums but I have something I have got to say, i figured I'd do it under the auspices of introducing myself, so...
  43. Ola
    Alright, since I'm posting here I'm obviously new here. My names Frank but my fighting name is Juggernaut. I'm from youngstown, Ohio and right now I'm training at Jim "The Perfect Storm" Bundy's...
  44. Hello From Virus
    Hey im new here and just wanted to say hi seems everyone is doing it so i thought i should to. From Canada and just put down 500 on Werdum :D
  45. I'm New Here
    Hey, I'm new here, and i'm a big time MMA fan so I'm very knowlegable about it. My favorite fighters are Huerta, Arlovski, Faber. And I'm looking for a fight camp to join.
  46. New
    What up people.... Im new to this whole thing... just found it on sherdog today... big time MMA fan and an amature fighter. BJ Penn is the man.
  47. new here
    hey all, just seein whats good and sayin good luck saturday!
  48. New
    What's up fellas I'm new to the site and ready to bang! Look forward to getting to know you all and can't wait to see some beat down's handed out. Until then good luck everyong and see you in the...
  49. new old guy
    probably older than the majority here, but really big fan of MMA in a fast time period. only been watching 2 weeks and i'm putting the TiVo to work catching all i can... pretty impressed with the...
  50. Hey what's this section for?
    Haha. Intros right? I get it. This is Clayton, wrestler and part time grappler. I love BJJ and wrestling, and would love to get better.... And I do, all the time. Got told about this site by a buddy...
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