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  1. Hello from Sweden.
    Hej allihopa, jag är svensk. Im swedish, mma fan from sweden.
  2. Alaskan is Here
    Whatup dudes. MMA is king, and im here to participate! I Think I'll do pretty well, Im getting more buddies to jump in my camp. If your alaskan then feel free to join us, even meet us and have a beer...
  3. An other Dutchman in the house.
    I`m new here so hi to all!!!!!
  4. Undergrounder Here
    Hey All Im Snake. I play in the TWC Fight League. We come from The TWCF forum although Id rather you searched out my forumat I prefer UFC...
  5. I am Vudu Apostle
    I am Vudu Apostle I am on this site because MMA is great I am ready to make opinions I am done.
  6. Introduction
    Hey all. I am a Soldier in the US Army, and am hooked to MMA. Just wanted to stop in, and have a blast with this site.
  7. Hi... I'm new
    Just heard about this site and I'm pretty excited. Also, looking forward to meeting more mma enthusiasts...
  8. wassup frm hawaii
    holla! actually I'm austrailian but i live over here now. Look out ladies!
  9. hi everyone
    just saying hi from scotland
  10. Canuck reporting in!
    Hey all, My buddy just sent me this site today, so I figured I'd check it out. I like it here already. I've got some wagers going and whatnot, and I figured I'd begin to lurk the forums. A bit about...
  11. Hi there
    I like long walks on the beach and kung fu
  12. Hello Everyone
    I just signed up here at mmaplayground and would like to say hello to everyone I look forward to coming here often.
  13. Just saying hey!
    Just saying hey and good luck to everyone. I'm new to this site so anybody with some good advice for me I'd like to hear it.
  14. Fedor and Alex
    I get the feeling Fedor and Alex are coming from a place, Russia, that has seen its share of hard times. You can see it in the calm resolve. I love it. The Music Alex played before his match with...
  15. Holla form UK MMA
    Hi Guys, First of all, a quick shoutout to you MMAers out there. Is there a message board that shows events whch are looking to match up international pro-fighters ??? Thanks a lots
  16. Whats up guys
    just introducing myself and id like to say pride 33 kicked ass war diaz that shit was amazing
  17. hello everyone
    was my first event and it was great, ppv had a little bit of everything, and i landed in first place unexpectedly....names berti, from the cat's den, nice to meet everyone.
  18. kentucky
    any body here from kentucky?
  19. I'm Dustin
    Hows it goin?
  20. Hola Amigos
    Hola mi amigo. Mi nombre es Kevin. Soy de Arizona. Tengo vente siete anos. I also don't speak spanish. Join my team, beat against me, say Hello.
  21. Hi all
    Hey all I'm 22 from Connecticut in the US.. I love MMA and ive followed it closely for a long time. I like the UFC and PRIDE equally. I am proud to represent Sherdog and the James Thompson Warwagon...
  22. Hello
    I'm Chris from Buffalo. Gomi/Diaz was F'ing insane. Take care y'all.
  23. great to be here
    Hi, my name is Mike, I'm from Minnesota and MMA Playground looks like a lot of fun. take care
  24. Daddio n da house
    My name is Brad aka Daddio507 & I live here in NC. I was at UFC #3 here in Charlotte, NC and have been a HUGE fan ever since. I knew then that the UFC was gonna be HUGE. It did take way longer than I...
  25. Hello from Egypt
    Hi eveyone! I'm Badre Bally from Egypt and its great to be here.
  26. Hello Hello..ZENKI here
    Hey whats up .. My name is David Im 26 Ive been a fan of mma for the longest.. I dont really favor any org I just love mma action .. But I tend to favor everything over the new wave Nazi org calling...
  27. Hey all
    Hey everyone, joined the site awhile ago, and didn't think I'd be too involved in the forums and betting, but after seeing how well things are done here I couldn't resist. I've been watching mma and...
  28. hey
  29. What's goin' on, people...
    I'm a writer for Lethal Wrestling, an op-ed and news site that covers MMA and Pro Wrestling. Check my stuff out if you get a chance; there's a lot of funny material there as well as serious stuff. In...
  30. What up
    Just joined today. Huge MMA fan from Forks WA (the end of the world). 26 yr old family man. Work full time as a maximum security prison guard.
  31. TJ Sulit from Manila here
    Hi everyone! I'm TJ Sulit, MMA fan from Manila. Do you guys know that we get a live feed here for UFC events on a local channel? That means they show it for free!!! Looking forward to UFC 68. Couture...
  32. I've Been Looking For A Site Like This !!!
    Hey MMA Fans! My buddies and I can't wait to see how we do against other fight fans in the wager wars. We have ALWAYS been huge fans and it looks like we finally found a home. I look forward to it....
  33. Im glad to finally be a part of something
    Many miles from home and no where to rest my head a fight gym took me in and let me sleep on an old matress in the back. I cleaned, dried sweat and carried spit buckets...Fistica became a passion...
  34. New here!
    Just wanted to start here and introduce myself. I'm a 26 year old male, from Florida, and I've been an MMA fan for over 12 years now. Glad to see there are others out there just like me. Happy to be...
  35. Nice to be here!
    My name is Steve from Central IL. Have been watching the UFC since day 1. My favorite KO's are Goodridge-Herrara and Abbott-Matua. I am a huge Fedor and BJ Penn fan. Looking forward to share info and...
  36. How do I get in a camp
    I am trying to get to into a camp
  37. Beer-Run is here. War Sherdog OT
    Just wanted to say, "Hello".
  38. New member says hello
    Hi, Way back when I was training JKD and saw UFC 1. I loved it. I started boxing and later took jiu-jitsu. I then started in a club that does MMA and love it. Hurt myself 2 years ago and am getting...
  39. hey hey
    hey all my name is Jason and I obviously just joined the site. a little background on me I'm 15,I train in Tae Kwon Do and MMA, I train in MMA with my friend who is an amature with a pretty good...
  40. New Canadian member says Hi
    Good to see the Canadians well represented here and in MMA. Lookin' forward to representin' the north of the border folks well and kicking some MMA butt!. With any luck I'll be on a roadtrip to...
  41. New Member wants some action
    I'm a new member and am up for any wagering. someone get at me with some fights.
  42. Another noobie.
    Signed up and looking to do some betting. Just lost dinner and a movie to my WIFE on the Sylvia fight. This looks like it could be fun.
  43. Is where any girls here ???
    What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.
  44. Hello Soldiers
    oeshon from sherdog. war me
  45. Just joined!
    Hey was told about this by a friend and decided to join. Been into MMA since I was 15 ( am now 22) So Looking to get into a camp ... and looking for some fighters in WA state also. Fight hard!
  46. Whats up
    Whats up guys most people call me Ace on the forums I am a big Nick Diaz and Rich Franklin fan I am represtenting MMA Authority at its a good site with quality posters and if your bored...
  47. MMA Fan from the UK!
    Hi Everyone, I'm Martyn, 19, from Surrey England. I have been an MMA fan for as long as I can remember (6 or 7 years). I run an online MMA store, specialising in Tapout clothing at the moment (PM me...
  48. Hello from TN
    I'm excited to be here and that I found this site. I'm by no means a MMA expert or long time watcher. Just got into the sport about 3 years ago and I really love it. I'd have to say my favorite...
  49. Hey
    Hey everyone, New here, heard about the site and liked the forums, good to see some fight talk. As for myslef I come from the east coast of Canada and have been training kickboxing and bjj for a...
  50. Conas ata tu?
    Story guys, Just joined, I'm from Dublin in Ireland, anyone else Irish?....and not by association...that means, not by you great great granpappy...real Irish ;) I will be joining up in the Bravo...
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