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  1. Hi, I'm new
    Hey guys, thought i'd take a minute to introduce myself. My names Matt from Canada. I love MMA and i think I will be pretty good at this, so thats why i'm here. My all time fav fighter is Kazushi...
  2. Anyone here from Milwaukee?
    Looking for some people from Milwaukee, WI
  3. Legacy
    Whats up everyone. Ive never done any fantasy sports game ever but I am a big Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast with a knack of calling them. Looking forward.
  4. Howdy yall
    Im knew to this site but have been hunting and fighting all my life, So if any of you peckerwoods want to be a member of my team "American Hillbillys" all yall have do do is ask!
  5. Seminole Scalping System to debut out of Tallahassee
    We may not know much about ballot counting...and we seem to have forgotten a thing or two involving the pigskin, comes with age I reckon....but one thing we can prognosticate future MMA...
  6. New and Looking for Team
    Hello everyone, I am new here. I might as well come out and say this right now, TUF season one is what helped bring me into MMA. Now with that being said, since that time I have read forums and...
  7. New
    Hey guys I am new here and just started a team Under the name I use to fight under Dealers of Pain anybody that would like to join my team just let me know and also I am from Pa
    I'm just trying to scout all BK members. Post here to let el giggity know you want in.
  9. New today.
    Hey guys, just joined today. Looking for a team if anyone one is interested let me know!
  10. New Guy
    Just dropping a line to introduce myself. I am a member of the Quicksilver Method Mixed Martial Arts Academy (Or the QMMMAA.) COBRA KAI, NEVER DIES!
  11. Waddup
    Waddup yall. Is this forum a spinoff of Sherdog. Cool ass site, gonna recommend it to everyone!
  12. Lookinf for a Fight Camp? Join CampTapOut We sponsor UFC fighters
    the camp is growing hurry up in get ...We are proud sponsors of Thiago Alves, Din Thomas, Heath Herring, Joe Stevenson, and Kit Cope.
  13. $500?
    Pretty cool site. How would we collect the $500 if we win?
  14. New
    hey how's it goin, anyone got a team open?
  15. Hello MMA fanz!
    What a great i site i love it and am looking forward to the competition. I am Bluntz, a DIEHARD mma fanatic. My Top 5 Loved 1. Wanderlei Silva 2.Andrei Arlovski 3.Matt Hughes 4.Mark Hunto 5.Nick Diaz...
  16. Hello from Team Pride !
    Just wanted to say hello to the new users from Team Pride the best camp around, send me an invite and join Team Pride! All the other camps will fall short to Team Pride !
  17. Question about our squads...
    Hey Guys! My name is chris and im the head of Submission Squad...this should be fun! My question is, my friend made a request to be on my team but I cannot get her on! In the email the site sent with...
  18. How many Live events have you guys been too???
    Whats up guys...just curious to see what live events you guys have been to. Let me say that there is nothing like seeing it much energy its awesome! The events that I have been to are UFC...
  19. Blame Canada
    Just letting you know that the G.O.A.T. has arrived. Good job on the site, this should be alot of fun. P.S. If you're bored check out my website
  20. Just another newbie ;)
    Howdy! Guess it's mandatory to introduce oneself here, so here goes... Name: Benjamin Age: 24 Live in: Norway Trains: Submission wrestling Looking forward to a grand time in here... ;) cheers
  21. Howdy All
    Just an Introduction, like everyone here I'm a huge MMA fan and Jiu jitsu practicioner and I love to bet. So this should be a great site for me.
  22. Any one else from the Inland Empire (Upland, Rancho, etc...)
    If you guys dont have a team, come join mine! All are welcome! Our team is "Submission Squad" Take care Chris Submission Squad
  23. want to watch a ppv
    anyone from the twin cities know of any bars that broadcast ufc / pride events.
  24. Awesome site, Let my first words here be
    Going to my first live event, UFC 68. I'm looking to spend as little as possible, but, there are still quite a few options on seating. Anyone have any advice before I purchase tickets? Thanks in...
  25. anyone in the nelson b.c canada area in this place
    any one form the area that wants to join a team and rep the area come on in the the nelson top team
  26. Delayed Intro
    Hey. this would be a first post. i've not much into forums, but I enjoy MMA quite a bit. So Far I guess i'm doin alright on picks.. but I haven't ventured into any wagers yet. How bout some...
  27. Hi from TWC Fight.
    Hi all. I'm Baz from Coventry UK, I've signed up here after a friend on the TWC Fight forums thought this would be something to try out. TWC Fight is a TV Channel that shows Wrestling and MMA (mainly...
  28. Hey
    Hey, I'm richieb19. Most of you may know me as the originator of the Sherdog Sig/Av bet threads, I'm also a moderator at the tw/fwi forum. I'm here to bet, so hopefully this will be alright, best of...
  29. Hi from the UK
    Hi all you guys on here. Looks a great site and can't wait to see how my bets do!! I am also looking forward to UFC70 being in the UK and being able to go and watch it!!! Just to let you all know i...
  30. new to here ready to bet
    new to here ready to bet dont know whats going on here yet
  31. Delayed Intro, but hello!
    Hello folks. Just wanted to drop in and say hello and look forward to some good wagering and MMA discussions. I've been a fan of MMA since the early days of UFC1 and even though I quit following the...
  32. learning to sprawl
    ok seen few positions on this board learning to sprawl/mma regular/ mod and so on how is this worked
  33. Hello
    Hi, I just joined today. I'm lookin' forward to see my progress, up or down the ladder. This seems like a cool place, & it adds more enjoyment to the events also.
  34. teams
    im new and im not sure what the benifit of being on a team is? a couple of the teams have contacted me i have not replied because i am unsure how the team fits into the league. i am a huge mma fan...
  35. I wanna join team sherdog!
    how do i join a team? thanks!
  36. New Members! Read This Thread!!
    View the Official Site Rules. Terms of Use for this site Not a Member? If you aren't a member yet, what are you waiting for? Click Here to create a free account ! If you guys have any questions...
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  37. Is there anyone from Oklahoma here other than me and Dai?
  39. Hi!
    Hi guys!
  40. Guam is here!!!
    wats up fellow fanatics!
  41. Hi, fellow MMA nuts
    Hi, I'm TheNatural from the UK, & going to enjoy doubleleg take downing you all into mount............ No seriously this is my first mma forum i've signed up for, as other ones put you off with...
  42. How to get more fanasty money?
    HI, New to the MMA Playground, and so far so good. I just have a quick questions. I know we are given $500 at the start of sign-up, besides winning bets, is there any other way to get more fanasty...
  43. My first post
    Hello everyone! I have been a huge MMA for years but never joined a sight like this.( I read Sherdog from time to time but never posted.) I found MMAplayground and had to join. I think MMA is the...
  44. New Member...
    How ya goin...just wanted to introduce myself...BooBoo is me name...Started a fight camp {} Team Kimbo {} come join my camp...Get things rolling here...
  45. Registration is complete
    And I am here to attend the fights. So hello everyone
  46. Whats up everyone
    Whats up everyone? My names Ryan. Favorite fighter is Matt Hughes, I'm looking forward to betting on UFC/Pridefc events, sounds fun.
    Just posting this to introduce myself, Im an mmaniac as i hope everyone here is, i hope to enjoy this site cuz most of the others kinda suck. I hope to meet other knowledgable fans in here. FIGHT...
  48. HI from Taiwan MMA
    The site is excellent. Cant wait to get my dollars building and start making some wagers Anyone visiting Taiwan come and checkout our club. You can find out more about us on
  49. Better Late then never
    I have been meaning to get in here and introduce myself but I havent had time. So here I am a cincinnati MMA fan who was introduced to it by his dad in 93. I got heavy into the sport alot later but I...
  50. Introducing myself
    Hi, this is my first post. If anyone needs help on jiu jitsu technique, i have beem training for 8 years and I would be happy to help. I am also very good at the dieting aspect and nutricion. If you...
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