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  1. Sup
    Back after a loooooong layoff. Missed the place and all the talk about MMA. Good to see some oldtimers still floating around. Can't bring the pimphand out since I am no longer a Mod.
  2. Wazzup?!
    New around here. Looking for a good camp to join.
  3. Hi friends from Louisiana
    Hi all, I'm an avid BJJer and Thai fan, just finding places to discuss martial arts with others. Thanks, Paleo
  4. Oh hot damn! This is my jam!
    Word up ya'll.
  5. Hi to all
    Hi frds m new member in this forum... m parker from los angles...hope for nice discussion with senior members... m not here for spamming i hv mine own site i use this in my sig that's it.....
  6. Hey
    Hello everyone I used to come here and post a little bit and at one point I made a lot of predictions here. I kind of lost my interest in the sport for a while after the UFC added the smaller weight...
  7. hello! I am amala, i am new member of this forum
    Hi! am the new member of this forum. i like to join this forum to gain the knowledge about the art forum. art forum contains fine arts, martial art and so many like this topics. so i will gain more...
  8. ESPN Cast-offs come here!
    What's up everyone? I used to post on the ESPN MMA message boards however ESPN is shutting down all their message boards on July 17th so I am coming on board here. I am already in a fight camp here...
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  9. Wassup
    Wassup folks, im new into this fantasy mma thing and im looking a camp to join to, tanks dudes
  10. Hello there fellow MMA nuts
    Hey there all, Just a quick pop in to say hi to you all...Hi Been a Fan since UFC8 and the rest is history Late 30's enjoy photography and my four girls in my family Found mostly on #twitter same...
  11. Hello From Winnipeg
    Hey Guys i've been reading this site for over a year now and love it so i just signed up and talk about fights and other stuff anyway keep up the good work bringing mma news and yes that's me with...
  12. Karate in Georgia
    Good Afternoon, My name is Matt White, I am the owner of Crabapple Martial Arts Academy in Roswell Georgia. We teach traditional Okinawan Karate and Japanese Jiu Jitsu to children and adults. Check...
  13. Greetings Playground!
    New here. Been into MMA/UFC for more than 10 years, Looking for an active camp to join. Thanks!
  14. Pat Curran in UFC?
    I am Interested in seeing Pat Curran Fight for the UFC. I am sure the pay day may not be as much as he gets over at bellator now but what else does this kid have to show to DANA to get abig check....
  15. hey mma playground from BC!
    sup guys, im new here. big mma fan and a fan of almost all combat sports. love doing research on upcoming events. this next ufc event is a hard one to pick so many guys making their debut and others...
  16. Hello everyone, I go by Houndawg
    I love MMA Wrestling Crossfit Bodybuilding
  17. Hello!
    Hey mmaplayground, my name's Nikki! I'm a huge fan of boxing personally. In recent years I've become a fan of MMA and have been following it almost religiously lulz. I say lulz a lot as a warning....
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  18. Hello Everyone
    Been making picks for a few events now so I thought I'd better post here. I'm a Welsh guy but live in England. I've only been a fan of MMA for a couple of years but now I'm obsessed with the sport....
  19. hey im timaaa tim A...timmyy
    Hello earthlings, my name is of course Tim. I'm a wartime army vet who has always loved power. So whatever the controlling device may be, I'm into that. I'm strictly on the good side of the force,...
  20. DC RAGE Banned Me
    It was for a horrible reason, I never came back but missed the game. I wonder if the forums have died? Only recognize about 30 names, there could be a big chance I am auto banned after this post in...
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  21. I need a new camp
    Sup guys I'm in the thugees camp and no one talks or knos each other and it's really lame I try to start conversations but no one talks it's weird I don't care what camp I'm in as long as you're...
  22. Im Back and i hear things are better here.
    Well after being one of the originals to this game I stepped away . To many of the Moderators at that time really had Power issues and I was promised they all have been removed. Ralph has mad this...
  23. Hello Everyone, here William Smith
    Hello everyone. I am William smith; I am new to MMAPLAYGROUND, a big fan of MMA fights. I research lots of fight events and enjoy watching fights. My Aim is to enter boxing. I am a great fan of...
  24. Im back
    Hello all, Im back on the PG. I would love to get back to what I used to do before on the PG. I would also like to join a camp. Let me know if any camps would like to have me. Rabi
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  25. Back after 1956 days!
    I feel like i got out of prison! Glad to post under this name once again, Where you at now DCRAGE! lol
  26. Turtle Head in the house.
    Hi I am Turtle Head. I am from New Zealand but live in Bali, Indonesia. I look forward to contributing.
  27. Howdy pardners
    Hi been looking for a decent forum to talk some mma and also bit of good spirited off topic banter, hard to find so far, hope you guys are the welcoming kind.
  28. What's Up. Need help looking for a gym. Omaha, Nebraska area.
    I am new to the forum. I was looking for some help in finding a good place to train. I am in Omaha, NE. I have 7yrs of experience boxing/MMA. Does anyone have any thoughts on Mick Doyle's gym in...
  29. im mma wizzard
    my real name is shawn, im pretty well known on tapology and mma junkie and a friend told me about MMA Playground so I figured I would give it a chance and scrolling down the forms I know that I will...
  30. Hi
    Im new here. Its great to be here.
  31. Hello from an MMA Fantasy Player & Bettor
    Hi there: My name is Jim and I live in South Florida. I've been a pretty serious MMA fan for nearly ten years. I post on a few MMA forums and play some other fantasy MMA games as well. I also like to...
  32. New member, fairly new fan of MMA
    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. I am fairly new to the whole MMA scene, I only became a fan about 2 years ago. And since then, I have been hooked, like on a drug. I watch tons of fights on Fight Pass, and...
  33. hello to all
    hello to all new member in this forum and share my information.
  34. Hello guys
    Hey guys My name is Christopher smith and I am 21 years old and I love MMA and other spots also but I am more into MMA
  35. Follow @AllThingsUFC on Twitter
    Hey guys, my name is Wesley Riddle and I am the founder/manager of All Things UFC. We are slowly growing, but please feel free to follow our Twitter account AllThingsUFC where we have a lot of...
  36. Hey!
    What's up, dudes and dudettes? I'm 26 and I'm in Toronto. I had an overwhelming urge to do some MMA Pick 'em, so here I am. I've been following MMA for the better part of ten years. Almost fell out...
  37. Long time listener,First time caller
    Hey playground!!! Ive actually been around lurking for years but decided to finally join in the Frey. Im a dedicated mma fan have been for YEARS... Im a HUGE fan of PRIDE,STRIKEFORCE,&BELLATOR.......
  38. Re Introducing Myself..
    Hello everyone ,wish u all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.I have been away awhile from the playground and have returned missing the friends I made and the competition ofcourse..Good Luck To Everyone...
  39. New Year New Team
    Hello everyone. I've been on the playground for several years. Looking forward to an active team.
  40. Serving since 2008
    Small town Oklahoma MMA fan. I'm glad to be on the team. Hello to all.
  41. Introduction
    Hello, we are OBI Karate in Virginia Beach. We were told to visit so here we are. I know that the majority users here study several styles, we only study Traditional Shorin-ryu, so...
  42. I'm new here...
    Hey I'm glad to be here, and look forward to talking with you guys! - John
  43. I have arrived.
    New here to the playground. Looks like a place I can get used too.
  44. Greetings.
    Today, I make no demands... no threats! But, one day, I shall voice demands -- and all shall obey them! But seriously folks, my team and I will absolutely CRUSH you all!
  45. what's up
    pride4ever here looking to discuss mma with people that have as big as of a love as I do. Love all combat sports and look foward to discussing combat sports with you all. I also watch other non...
  46. Hello Again
    Hey everyone. It has been a while since I've been around these parts and I come back to find everything seems very different. Though it is amazing to see some forum contributors still around from way...
  47. Iowa MMA Photo Book
    It was suggested to me that I post this information here. Sorry if this is a faux pas (if it is, sorry and please delete this). I just launched my Kickstarter campaign to help fund the publishing of...
  48. Hello from France!
    Hi everyone, I'm Julian and i live in France. I apologize for my bad english! i work as a coach in a sports hall, and i love teaching!
  49. Hamilton OH
    Hi, I own Gainz Fitness Center in Hamilton OH. the gym is about 40,000sf and we have everything any fighter could ever want in a gym.
  50. Hello we are Bamma USA!
    Live at the Commerce Casino October 2nd, Kevin Bostick, owner of a hellacious standing elbow knockout in his last fight, will battle against Chris Saunders...
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