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  1. Been around..
    I am Jay Jones. Been around MMA since 2008. After watching a few events I created a website devoted to MMA videos. The site is still around and somewhat successful. I am always looking for ways to...
  2. Hello Everyone
    I've been bouncing around the site now for a couple days and decided to go ahead and post here. I've been through a couple threads, just haven't posted anything. Anyway I came across this site for...
  3. Hello Everyone
    Hi friends my name is Addykip and I m from UK, swindon.I loved MMA it’s just so inspired me and my Life. And this forum is so good it gave a lot of info about MMA and I really cheer’s you that this...
  4. Hello all!
    Hows it going everyone? My name is Gilbert, I am from the outskirts of Los Angeles and I have been active in martial arts since age 10 when I started practicing Tae Kwon Do. I excelled in the art and...
  5. Hello From Kansas
    Hello from Kansas! I am excited to be here part of the community. Thanks
  6. Hi from Australia
    Hi everyone, I'm Alex. I'm passionate about MMA, have been for years. I'm 26 years old, I used to be involved in traditional karate for 11 years. I no longer train due to back troubles. Currently I...
  7. Hello from Iowa!
    Whats up yall, i'm from Iowa... love MMA and boxing. My buddy is actually the one into all this hardcore, he's trying to become known and noticed. here's his video i made tonight......
  8. Stale milk
    Hey guys. New member here. 5 years running with MMA. Friend of jakewalters. Hope to be shootin the shit with you guys soon.
  9. Hello from Lubbock Texas
    Greetings! I have been a mixed martial arts fan for some time now. This site looks awesome!
  10. Let's talk music:
    I love music, and I love MMA. I think the two go hand in hand together very well. What are some of your favorite bands/songs/artists that get you pumped? I'm currently going through a Mastodon phase,...
  11. Howzit from SA!
    Looking forward to getting stuck into this! South Africa's MMA scene has been kicking off over the last couple of years and is finally getting to an international level! My name's Dave and I'm part...
  12. Hi there
    I saw a post or two over at FightFanatics where this board was mentioned so figured i'd make an account and give it a shot. I post at a few MMA and boxing boards and this one looks to have some good...
  13. Hello from Australia
    Hey there, thought I would sign up for this site. I'm a very die hard MMA fan and hope I could fit in very well.
  14. New member from Texas!
    Hey fellow fight fans, new member from Texas here, looking forward to making some good pics and maybe a few friends!
  15. alrite lads
    drubert here, jus learning to sprawl at the moment so to speak!
  16. I'm Back
    Hello Everyone, I have been absent a few years, but I have been eager to return. I was sad to see my old account had been terminated, but was not sad to see that poor record put behind me. camp Not...
  17. Greetings from a professional.
    Hello everybody in this forum I am Sven Wassilev,18,Jiu-Jitsu and Savate practitioner. Im also Probably Brock Lesnar's biggest fan Ever. I am happy to join the forums.Thank you. Add me on Facebook...
  18. Hello from Dallas/Ft Worth
    Hey everyone my name is Hunter. I am an old, but newly active member. I have an Amateur background in MMA, Boxing, and Kickboxing. Recently I was involved in a severe car accident and don't know if...
  19. Greetings From Florida
    I'm new to these forums and I feel pretty good about these forums. I like the Fantasy League and the ability to talk to other fans.
  20. Greetings from Ohio!
    Hello, I'm Mike. I really enjoy the website; I've been looking for a great MMA fantasy program/website and this one really exceeded my expectations! One question, is there a way you can add friends...
  21. Hi
    I'm Boo_Radley and I'm an alcoholic
  22. Hey from New Zealand
    Hey all, new to this site! Am an MMA fan and would love to train in a martial art such as brazilian jiu jitsu at some stage but am more focused and obsessed with aerial art at the moment.
  23. Hello All
    Hi everyone, my name is Levi and I've been on PG for about a month now. My cousin has had a team for a while now (Nuthin But The Best) and kept telling me how fun this site was, and well it truly is...
  24. hey guys
    howdy from Canada's Yukon where men are men and so are the women I've been a hardcore MMA (well pretty much exclusively UFC) fan for the past 6 or 7 years. I contribute to a couple of other forums...
  25. Norwegian MMA fan, whatup
    sup guys me and some buds from an mma thread on a weed forum have joined up and hope to contribute to thew mmaplayground osssss
  26. Wazzup
    Hey everyone, back after awhile, didnt really post before, just did the picks. Just a country boy from the backswamps of SC who really loves mma. Vitor is my fav, but also love watching Nate Diaz,...
  27. yo
    Hey started like a month or so ago never introduced myself tho...i know a few people already, so i thought id giver
  28. hello from The Netherlands
    Hello from The Netherlands. I saw this charming advertisement on mmamania So i thought let's give this a...
  29. Who knows About Anthony Morrison (MMA) ?
    Please share your knowledge about Anthony Morrison (MMA) As i know :- Anthony Morrison (born March 29, 1984) is an American mixed martial artist who currently fights out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...
  30. New guy
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Patrick, I'm 22 years old, and pretty new to all of this. I started boxing when I was about 14 or 15, but didn't really keep up with it. I...
  31. Hello from Austin, Texas!
    My name is Veronica--- everyone calls me Vero. Ive been a huge MMA fan for years -- back to the time I lived in Brasil and Europe. I thought it would be cool to finally be in a place like this where...
  32. Reintroduction to the playground
    Hello everyone my name is Anthony. While I have been on the playground for several years, I have never really committed much to commenting on the forum. Therefore, I feel as though no one on the site...
  33. Hello Everyone!
    Hello Fellow Forum members, I am Marco Perazzo, martial arts head instructor at New Jersey Martial Arts. My style is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I started training with Phil Migliarese owner of Balance...
  34. hey, i need some opinions (street fighting in chicago)
    I love fighting and this website looks cool for talking to other people with my same passion. Something has been bugging the shit out of me and I could use some opinions. Alright, so, I'm from...
  35. Latest to re-enrole
    Rage"less" cause Im not an admin this time round. Na im just kidding. How many of u crapped ur pants? Im JJ's housemate the username was his idea so send the bills for clean underwear to him Gonna...
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  36. New here
    Hey guys - I'm new here. This site looks really sweet. Anyone here have Twitter?
  37. I must be blind, Hello everyone!
    I completely missed this section when I first looked. Anyways how is everyone doing? Im new to the forum and just wanted to say hi.
  38. Greet the sun
    Hello all. Not sure how often I will post or speak but I would hate to be rude and not introduce myself. I have been training in the art of combat since the age of 3. I have finally decided I want to...
  39. What's up?
    First things first. I'm a huge Fedor fan. I'm also an Ammy fighter. Still haven't won a fight yet but I'm going to.
  40. Hi folks
    I'm new here, and ready for some good pickings and banter. If anyone is interested in allowing me to join their camp, then please hit me up! Cheers!
  41. Hello
    Hi! I'm new to this site, wazzup
  42. My name is Ryan. I'm an Avid MMA Fan
    go check out this video Evan Tanner's Real Story My name is Ryan and I'm a dedicated MMA FAN R.I.P. Evan Tanner
  43. VIdeo Maker MMA Analyst
    I bet money and make predictions. I like to talk about UFC. Here is a video I made I hope I can be a plus to the forum....
  44. Hey everybody!
    Been a big Junkie, bloody elbow and mania user for a while.. when i say user i mean abuser. Saw someone post their picks and it seems like its a good thing to do since i usually watch the entire card...
  45. Hello
    Hello everybody I view MMA as an art and a professional commitment for those involved, not as a bloodsport or as something a group of friends learns to be able to beat people up in street fights....
  46. Hello Friends
    hello every one.... welcome to all nice to be here...... glad to meet you all
  47. I'm back
    Haven't played for ages, glad to see my acct is still here Any old school guys who remember me, hit me up in PM or send me an invite to your camp
  48. Hello Playground
    I'm relatively new to this site and wanted to give a shout out to everyone on the playground.My uncle has an account on here and he is trying to help me get into the game.I really like the UFC and...
  49. Live Streamer - New to MMA Playground
    Whats up MMA Playground? I go by thrizy and I am mostly known for my live broadcasts of video games on Twitch TV . Mainly I broadcast sports games but I try to cast UFC Undisputed 3 most because I...
  50. Heyo!
    Waddup! hey everyone & what a great community hope i can fit in somewhere ;) i'd really appreciate if someone could link me the most interesting parts of this forum so i can finally start being...
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