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  1. Loving the Sport
    Whats up everyone, newto the playground but knowledgeable opfthe sport! I love everything about it and I hope this sport will soon be the #1 sport in the world.
  2. Hello
    I am new here. I have read the above thread prior to creating this thread of my own. Can anyone of you give me a brief outlook on the gigs and knick-knacks of basically what this site is about. As...
  3. New guy
    Hey guys I'm new here so I thought I'd make my introduction. I look forward to learning the inter-workings of this site. Thanks all!
  4. Another New Guy
    Hey there everyone. New to the site. Can't wait to get to get everything figured out and start earning some points and winning some jack. Think that this is going to be a good time.
  5. Hey From Shreveport
    New to the playground, only my second week to make pics. Awesome site.
  6. Hi everyone
    Hi everyone I'm new to the Playground. Pretty excited to hear from all of you and compete in the Fantasy league For those of you who are part of the UFC FC yes its the same mikeebeats
  7. dcent is finally here!
    thats right, I went there. hello to all. I enjoy gardening. I hate aphids. I dont know what the overall age or education is on this site, but if anyone needs math help than feel free to ask. I will...
  8. Hi - how do I contact site admin?
    Hi guys. I'm trying to contact site admin about advertising but when I use the contact us page it just fails to deliver and I get a bounceback. Can someone let me know an email address? Thanks.
  9. Introduction made
    So, I got that out of the way. Seriously, y'all don't read these, do ya?
  10. new guy in town
    hey whats up, im jake, and im a huge mma fan, ikno0w everything their is to know, and this is my first fantasy style website ive been apart of, so hopefully ill be able to have fun makin pick, and...
  11. Hello.
    Hi guys, I'm wgwolfordredux, but you can call me Bill if you'd like. I'm a Miami Dolphins fan, an Anderson Silva fan, and I attend Marshall University. If you guys have any questions, feel free to...
  12. New Member
    Hello everyone, I am a new member, & I'm excited about finding this site. I have been looking for something like this with Fantasy type MMA, since I am a big fantasy Baseball & Football fan, but this...
  13. change your username?
    anyone out there know how to change a username within the site? I have a fight camp member that wants a new username...let me know if any of you have figured it out...thought it would be easy, but I...
  14. New Member to My Fight Camp
    Just wanted to introduce the new member to my family, my son, Brevin. He was born on Sept. 14th, and weighed 9 lbs 1 ounce. We watched our first UFC event last night and football all day today. Pic...
  15. Hello
    I'am new in town , am looking forward to unleashing my elite mma knowledge on you.
  16. Greeting from KO Lounge!
    Hey guys, just popping in to play around with the picks. I also run a website that interviews Ammy/Pro fighters on the come up, which with proper 'rights' to do so...I will post the interviews in the...
  17. Hey
    What's up everybody? I actually registered a long time ago and was an active member here for a while. I wasn't super active around the forums but I did make predictions on every UFC fight for a year...
  18. New guy
    Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I've been following UFC since UFC 100. I ordered my first, and last PPV with UFC 101, and I've been going to a local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the latest fights,...
  19. Hello MMA Playground
    Hello and good day, I am the Houndawg
  20. The King has arrived!
    Yeah me, The King of Forum. How are you guys.
  21. new bee!
    hello my name is will jones from carmarthen south wales. I train in the art of goshin jujitsu which was founded by our shihan billy doak 4th dan judo 8th dan jujitsu a number of years ago, today our...
  22. Howdy
    Howdy Im new player. Kinda just stumbled onto the site. Been watching since the first UFC (though Im not not a "Hardcore Fan"). So far been having a great time on the yeah that's about it...
  23. New Guy
    Hey whats up I'm Kevin, I am new to this website. I used to do the UFC fantasy before it got canceled, then I herd about this site. Its quite a bit different, more complicated and involving which is...
  24. New guy here
    Hey, my name is Hobol Nezuka. Glad to be part of the forums. I want to make a contribution from my first post. I write articles on international combat sports. I will share articles as I write them....
    Sup guys, new here. Hardcore MMA fan :P Talk to you guys soon
  26. New-ish?
    Basically I joined ages ago, in 2009. I can't even remember that but I tried to sign up today and apparently I was a member. Looks like a nice website, the fantasy thing will help me take up some of...
  27. what's up Jdogtoocool here
    big mma fan and gamer
  28. Profile pic/avatar
    Is the picture under the user's name the avatar or the profile picture? I uploaded a profile pic but it doesn't show up when i post. its a gif. and hi im geoff :)
  29. Hard times can still be beautiful
    I was recently blessed with my second daughter Olivia On Oct 27th. She looks so much like my last one.. same stuff though. As usual I'll be focusing my priorities to at least set picks, but I won't...
  30. Heya - Been around a while but first time on forums
    Hey guys, I've been around since Season 3 but this is my first time on the forums. I haven't really been consistently following my account until the last 3 seasons, even then it hasn't been until...
  31. New here..
    Hey, my names Justin and i'm a full time college student working at WALMART part time. I love everything having to do with fighting and love to talk about MMA and all the ways a fight can go....
  32. New here.How to pick non UFC cards
    I just got here and i have been looking around to pick non UFC cards but cannot find them. where are they
  33. The new guy
    Hey everyone, the name is Todd. I'm 23 years old and been following MMA since I was a kid. Looking forward to discussing the sport with people who love it as much as i do
  34. Hey there..IM NEW HERE!
    Hi there I love MMA, and I just found this community I hope I learn a lot! Cheers Vice
  35. new to this game
    hey my name is Lonnie and i've been a huge MMA fan since UFC 1 way back in the day. i wrestled from 7th grade all through high school but i was injured in a severe car accident in 2002 that ended any...
  36. Hello to all ...
    Hey guys and Gals ' New to the site, been a fan of MMA for many years, just thought i'd post up on here and say hi to all of you.
  37. Girls love MMA too... :)
    Hey Guys, Just introducing myself as a female fan... not a groupie! (ok, well, if I am... I'll never admit to it publicly). lol I've watched every UFC since 129 after I made a bet with a guy that I...
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  38. Hello everybody....
    hi guys, I am Dev from India , i was a big pro wrestling fan untill i saw my first MMA fight back in 2005 , it was " Don Frye vs Takayama " and i am a huge fan since then i have seen all pride fights...
  39. Hey y'all
    Love MMA! I guess this is the place to be lol. Hello to all!
  40. Welcome the UFC Guru to the site...
    New guy here, hardcore UFC fan. Any Fight Camps looking to recruit and up-n-comer with good knowledge?
  41. Hey!!!
    Hey everyone, I just saw mmajunkie writing about this site and I thought it would be fun to try this out. I've never been a part of fantasy anything so I have no idea how it all works. I love MMA,...
  42. Hey There MMA Playground
    Hey guys. I'm Jake Walters, have posted on the UG for a little while, now deciding to get involved in the forums here. If you're familiar with the MMA @ Work podcast, I helped create that back in...
  43. HI from South Africa
    Hi Guys My name is Joe and I am an MMA enthusiast from South Africa. I have been watching the sport for many years on my PC and am glad that it has finally evolved in South Africa. Here is my blog on...
  44. New Member of MMAHQ fight camp and the Forum.
    Just thought I would Make a first post to introduce myself... I was invited here to Join MMAHQ's fight camp, I'm member number 50 and today is my birthday. Peace!
  45. Just Flew IN
    From Sherdog making the transition huge mma fan with a ton of knowledge experience any fight camps?
  46. Hello from New Zealand
    Hello I just joined My name is Clay from New Zealand Wanted to join and play on your fantasy league so joined and got my picks in I enjoy watching UFC and TUF Ok thanks :)
  47. New to Forum and I train at Silver Fox BJJ in Saddle Brook NJ.
    Hey, I just signed on to MMA Playground and wanted to give a shout out to anyone looking for a solid BJJ school in North Jersey. Check us out : Try us out 30 days for...
  48. Hi
    Hi All Just joined after finding this link on another mma fantasy site thats being underused so thought I would give this one a go as it seems well structured and I can actually pick future events....
  49. hi all !
    hi all, my name is tas and im from sydney, australia. i love watching mma and have been a keen fan for a long time. have been on a few other mma sites but none of them even come close to your fantasy...
  50. wassup
    Just joined. Looking forward to this. MMA rules
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