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  1. whats up
    whats up everyone im yonski from the sherdog forums cheers
  2. Greetings from the Florida Keys
    From South FL 305. Been watching UFC since '93 and Pride since '98. Fan of all combat sports. Looking foward to betting and chatting with everyone. Good luck!
  3. Hello All
    New to this forum, came here from Sherdog. War B.J.
  4. Whats up Any one from So. Illinois
    Whats up Any one from So. Illinois
  5. SFO Bay Area in the House...
    Any other Bay Area fight fans out there? Name is Tequilaman... I have been watching Pride since 1998, when I lived in Japan from 1998-2001. UFC since the beginning... This is my first Fantasy League,...
  6. whats up from indianapolis
    whats up everybody this looks like a pretty cool thing. I am letting all of my mma buddies know. we used to enjoy the ufc fantasy league it makes the fights even that much more fun. looking foward to...
  7. eastbay
    any mma fans from the eastbay area. join team eastbay. lets do thisi mane.
  8. Whats up !
    This looks like i will be having alot of fun on this site, sherdoger Hunt. here and i will pick the underdogs like a...... something that picks underdogs really good! So if we are enemies on sherdog...
  9. ATL makes its mark.........
    What's up people? I came out to greet and then defeat everyone I can in the betting. I want nothing less than to be the top spot in the wagers, and make a few new friends.
  10. hi everyone
    im the leader of team Sherdog OT. if you love mma, then you'll join my team, invite requests enabled, of course
  11. Hello from Massachusetts
    Great new site. Glad to be a part of it. Huge fan of MMA. Best sport in the world!
  12. Cincinnati has a player...
    been enjoying MMA since Royce shocked the small PPV audience! root for: Rich Franklin Buddy Clinton Royce Gracie Rampage Shogun Fedor Mirko root against: Spider Tito Brandon Vera Chris Leben Diego...
  13. Hello from hoosick falls NY
    Happy to see MMA is getting so big ,sence the first UFC. I remember me and two of my friends seeing this crazy fight show and that was it, i fell in love with the sport. and now look at where we are...
  14. Seattle here
    Reppin Team Valcom from seattle, WAR AMC GSP Wandy Ivan salaverry are the top 3 training to become pro MMA fighter, amatuer right now
  15. Hey. Im Greg
    Heyyy NAme's Greg here. From the Bronx. Im a Pro Wrestler in training who enjoys and respects MMA and likes to Submission Grapple from tiem to time. but stilL VERY much a rookie. Headed to the Naval...
  16. Sup guys
    Cool, MMA fasntasy game, i already wagered my 500 bucks and will get it back soon :) I'm training to fight at 185lbs :)
  17. hi guys
    hey guys im a 19 year old boy from Zwolle( Netherlands) and i train in Muay Thai and fitness.
  18. HELLO
    I'm from LA, i'm 25 years old and have a passion for fighting. I am a big fan of all mma organizations. Went to prides "real deal" in vegas and loved it. I got my tickets already for pride 33.
  19. Hell yeahhhhhh!!! MMA from Spain.
    Greatings from Barcelona (Spain)... Thanks to support MMA and othe fighting methods!! Join my team Hell's hole! arrivederci
  20. Viva la sweet sugar
    I just joined up and have no idea what I'm doing. I love mma. My favorite fighters are Griffin, rampage, silva, and Randleman.
  21. Thanks in advance for the $500!
  22. Hello From Long Island, NY
    What's going on everyone? This thing seems pretty cool, hopefully it works out well. Good luck foooooools!
  23. Colorado's duXup Lets Get It On!!
    This is a great idea and I'm getting bored with fantasy golf and football!! Who's with me?? No one? Ok well anyway thanks mmaplayground for the fun site. I enjoy it already!!!
  24. want to join sherdog ot team
    how do i join a team??? im totally new to this so can anyone help me out?
  25. MMA fan from CT
    Sup. I got invited here by Sticksta13 from the DOG. I like what I see so far. I'm 30, from Ct. I wrassled a little in high school. Served in the Corps. Trained in L.I.N.E and did some boxing. Nothing...
  26. Balding Brawler ready to rumble off a wager haha
    At 32 I am a huge Randy Couture fan. He is the epitomy of hard work and drive much like myself. This sight seems cool, but I feel as if I won the 500 already. Coming soon is an announcement of the...
  27. Fightin' 'Round the World
    Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know that team Fightin' 'Round the World is here and we will be accepting new members that are looking for a fight club and show some promise after the first...
  28. hi
    i'm rob, but everyone calls me chicken, i'm 22 from stoke on trent, england (home of ross pointon) i've just started training in mma, had my first submission session on monday and got my first vale...
  29. hellp
    hey guys...just got signed on.....i am trained in tae kwon do and hopkido (1st degree black belt in both) of mma for a couple of years favorite fighters are gsp, the crow, ortiz and...
  30. Whats good with fight fans!?
    Just joined up today...i played the fantasy game on the UFC site for about a year, when they still had it up and running, and that was madd fun, so this should be just as good (or better since you...
  31. Intro ...
    Might as well introduce myself. I'm from Ontario, Canada. I grew-up training TMA ( Shito ryu karate). My father was a 5th dan black , and I trained under him between the ages of 6 and 17. I wrestled...
  32. Memphis MMA fans??
    Any others around here?
  33. Greeting from Fight team
    Cool little site you guys have going here. Im looking forward to the competitions upcoming
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  34. whats up everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the SICK DEN is in the house and we want you to join... check out our profiles we are serious .........
  35. Hello All!
    Hey all, my names Matt, and i've been watching MMA since around UFC 50. Yeah it might not be that long but ever since then I've learned as much as I can about it. I hope to stay with this site for a...
  36. Team Metal
    I'm Rezen Metal and Martial Arts combine. Join Team Metal
  37. any swedes here?
    or croatians?
  38. Team Pride is growing !
    If you wanna be in a winning team, then Team Pride is for YOU ! Fedor and Igor gives Team Pride two thumbs up ^^ Dan is also happy to see Team Pride succeed So just send me a request to join. And to...
  39. Anyone from PA?
    If so, you should join a fellow PA'er and join TEAM PRIDE!
  40. Train
  41. Ready to Rumble
    Howdy all. I'm diggin this site already. I am a huge fan of combat sports And I think this will be a cool place to hang out. So look out, this big boy has brought his A game and will put his money...
  42. Looking for a Team...
    Hey guys, I'm new to the site but not the MMA scene. I'm looking to get on a team here and start bidding. If anyone has any open slots hook a guy up. Thanks. _Dave
  43. New Guy
    Hey my name is Kyle from Sacramento, i just saw this site on Sherdog a few days ago, i placed one bet so far and i like it, yes i do like underdogs, as you can see in my SD handle bet record of...
  44. From Iceland
    My name is Haraldur and i come from Iceland where the mma world is slowly rising :)
  45. Huge fan of the sport,new to forums,new to Vegas
    Hey all, I am a longtime fan of MMA since UFC 4.After being introduced to the sport at age 14,I started cross-training with friends and fellow athletes of different disciplines such as...
  46. Svartorm from NH
    Hey folks. I'm a huge fight fan and occasional fighter from NH. I have 16 years of MA experience, and have been watching MMA since UFC 1. I train freelance mostly, but train out of my brothers school...
  47. Hello all
    I am just getting into watching and reading about MMA. Everyone here seems to be really into it, so I look forward to learning from you all. I got thick skin so I dont mind getting busted on for dumb...
  48. What's up y'all?
    I'm here because someone posted a link to MMAPlayground from my own forum Sly Bald Guys . I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of MMA. I attended MMA Strikeforce when it premiered here in San Jose, CA. I...
  49. Hey Everyone
    Hey everyone my name is mike dobranski, yes iam polish, iam 6 foot 1 and roughly 185 pounds i belong to the renzo gracie fight camp in ottawa but my club it in trenton, i train with pat coolagan,...
  50. hello
    Hey everyone! My name is Lee (obviously) i live in Mass and am a huge fan of MMA just like everyone else in here. I found out about this site from Jackie over at MMA I made my own team:...
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