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  1. Well, here i am!
    The pages said to introduce myself, So i am doing just that. I am Snakes, and I am a rabid MMA fan. I love the sport, and I love talking about the sport, whether it be seriously or humorously. I love...
  2. Hi everyone.
    I'm new to this place. I also have a question. Does anyone know where I can view the betting percentage of the upcoming events. I thinks its the "picked to win page".
  3. Regards
    Hello! I'm new here, 25 years old (male), from Germany and quite a "newbie" in MMA, but highly interested in both, history and recent events. Great site you've put online here. Thanks & salutes to...
  4. hi i'm new here
    Hello I'm new here, I've been watching MMA for a bit over a year and love the sport even though I never liked boxing. I figure since I like it so much I might as well find a place to discuss it and...
  5. A place to call home
    Let me start by saying I very impressed with this forum. It has a lot of cool features. It has been awhile since I've been a frequent forum visitor. The ones in the past were car forums. Even though...
  6. New Guy on the block xD
    Big fan of MMA from Portugal !! UFC 128 .. shogun is going to kill jones ;)
  7. Feel like I am home ... and I am new !!!
    Wowww ... I think I am really going to enjoy this site !!!! I am a #1 fan of MMA ~~~
  8. not exactly new here
    I opened this account back in 2007 I think and forgot about it. Im from Houston and been watching knave since 2003. Where is everyone in Houston going to watch the fight??
  9. Another new guy
    Hey everyone, I'm new, clearly, and looking forward to getting involved in this site. It's been a ton of fun so far with the personal rankings and betting and what not. Huge MMA fan, and have been...
  10. new guy coming in hot
    I've been a fan for about 4 years. The 1st mma fight i watched was my sister's bfs amateur fight. I have a little gym experience. I am an OGer. I came here because teh UFC's fantasy is gone. Any...
  11. new here please reply
    when does the new season start where we pick the fighters for each event and do u get anything for winning and whats up with the 1000$ they give you in fake money if you run out what happens do they...
  12. Hey, another noob here
    Came over here from the ESPN Message boards, which got pretty stale pretty fast. I heard these boards were a lot better. Not a whole lot else to say. I've watched MMA for about five years, my...
  13. Kevro here
    yep, not new to mma, but this place i am. sup my homies from the espn boards... :D
  14. New here.....
    Joined here originally from the ESPN board. I've been an MMA fan for about 3 years now. Kept my name from the ESPN boards so all you who jumped over to here will remember who I am.
  15. Here for the party. Brought my own beer.
    I'm not big on introductions. But I've got a lot to say about MMA so I'm sure you'll learn all about me soon enough.
  16. im new and can finally introduce myself
    Love MMA from long ago came over and got a camp togehter with some cool cats from our old espn board...This place rocks and look forward to exchanging opinions with everyone...woulda done this days...
  17. Here for the party. Brought my own Kool-Aid
    Its orange, I hope that's cool.
  18. Yep another new guy
    This place looks great looking forward to talking some mma with everyone!!
  19. the new guy
    my name is simiroll...i've also migrated over from the espn boards...seems like everyone is doing it. if you can't beat them join them lol
  20. Your new member!
    What up everyone my name is Denis, another one of the guys who decided mmap was better than espn lol. Definately is. Guess its that time of the year. Been to plenty of amateur fights, never had the...
  21. New guy
    How's it going everyone? Hector a.k.a. Chinchecker22 is checking in. Came over from ESPN boards.
  22. just joined to find out more info...
    so ive checked out some MMA stuff before but i have never been a fanatic of the sport... just recently however i came across something that seems like an event out of a movie and was wondering what...
  23. newbie- fighter
    The new guy... My name is Mike Schatz. From Oklahoma. I have 10 pro mma fights. Im fightng May 7 for Bellator..Oklahoma has some good fighters, check us out on MTV2
  24. oh no not another new guy!
    Hello guys. how's everybody doing? Just registered on this forum yesterday so I decided to introduce myself. My name is Michael and I live in a little country called Malta (doubt any of you ever...
  25. hey
    im jim just getting into training again... its kicking my ass
  26. Yo!
    With the UFC fantasy site closing its doors, I've been looking for a good alternative with little success. BUT I came across MMAplayground the other day and it looks like a winner. So much that I got...
  27. bet on these ufc 129 fights now
    these odds are according to betus GSP vs. Shields over 3.5 rds -135 / for 35/ another 35$ at -155 Coture+250 vs. Machida/ for 35$ coture vs. machida- over 2.5 rds -115 for 35$ Henderson vs. Bocek...
  28. Howdy
    Hoping to find a place to discuss legit MMA other then at that place full of clowns called sherdog haha. Can't wait to start debating with each and every one of you. Can't get enough MMA! I love a...
  29. Latest Newbie
    Hey everyone, I'm the latest new guy. I am very happy to have found this website and I cant wait to start making my fantasy picks. I've been a fan of MMA since UFC1.
  30. Hy guys
    My name is ┼Żan, i'm 20 years old.. I come from Ljubljana-Slovenia.. I feel in love with martial arts when I was a little boy watching Bruce Lee,Chuch Norris and other martial arts masters.. My other...
  31. New guy
    I am new and I would like to take this time to introduce myself to all of you. Some of you will become enemies and some will become e-friends but, regardless, we will have fun either way. My search...
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  32. Hey
    New to this site. Hello
  33. Hey, Question
    Hey guys im brand new to this website. Now I'm looking for some advice if anyone can help. For a while now I've been getting more and more into UFC and mixed martial arts in general. I've messed...
  34. The new guy
    Hi guys, inhighdefinition signing in! I've been playing Fantasy MMA since 2008 and MMAPlayground has been in my radar for a few months now. Hoping to have a blast in here with you guys. Peace!
  35. New
    Well I've already posted a few times over in the UFC forum, but never properly introduced myself I guess. My name is Corey obviously..and I look forward to many great discussions UFC and otherwise
  36. Newbie
    Hi everyone i'm neeraffa from England UK
  37. Need help creating my camp please.
    I have 20 people waiting for me to get this camp started. I signed up and tried to creat one but i nothing happened. I got the following message -"Camp roster actions may not be made in the first 48...
  38. Hey all..!!
    Been posting the last couple of days and its been suggested I introduce myself so here I am.. I have to say I have never been to mmaplayground before this past weekend and I am very impressed..!! Any...
  39. Hello Everyone
    Hello my name is Robert. I love the sport of MMA. I've been a huge fan of the sport and I am blue belt in jiu jitsu. My favorite fighter is Fabricio Werdum. I like to play EA Sports MMA and UFC...
  40. New to the Introduce Yourself Forum
    Hey everyone, I don't remember if I introduced myself in this forum 4 1/2 years ago or if I jumped straight into the other forums so hello. I'm Kpro and I'm a fan of the sport of UFC and their feeder...
  41. Hey
    just wanted to say whats up
  42. newbie
    Hey guys My name is hein and I have been following the mma for only a few months now. So its fair to say I am a newbie. I am really excited about this forum. I live in south africa in the western...
  43. Quick question
    Just wondering how long or how many posts until we can share videos? Thanks
  44. New Blood
    What's up everybody, I'm new into the BJJ/MMA world. I train at the Coventry Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Acadmey in Coventry, RI. If anyone else is from the area and/or interested in our school check us out
  45. New Kid
    Hey Guys, Im new to the fourm. and have a question, when ur new and trying to be recruited into a camp, some people have wins and losses? how do you get that by winning bets?
  46. What's good?
    I'm basically here for the entertainment of picking fights and betting without any actual risks. I consider myself pretty knowlegable on the sport and I could debate some of my views all day long...
  47. Relocated
    Friend recommended me to this site. Since the UFC Fantasy is still down at, I wanted to do go to another one. I'm an MMA enthusiast and love doing the fantasy part and maybe earn some little...
  48. new here
    new here, checking it out and liking it. one question do they have an app for phones yet? if not some one should make one!
  49. New Guy
    Hey Everyone I just joined this site and am really excited to do fantasy betting!!, I love MMA have been watching UFC and other organizations for years. Thats about it, can't wait to get started on...
  50. New Here
    What's up everyone? Just joined on the recommendation from BlueSkiesBurn, looking forward to shoot the sh*t, and crushing in the picks.
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