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  1. I'm afraid to fight.
    Hello, I'm new not only to this website, but MMA itself. I've watched a couple of UFC fights. But, anyway to get back to the first topic. I am 15 and I am very afraid to fight let alone stand up for...
  2. wassup?
    i'm theruler, formerly from this site looks excellent! soon i will win all the fantasy leagues :)
  3. Hello, new poster, name is Javie.
    I have heard a lot of great things about this site and I just wanted to say hello to all of the folk who contribute. I'm a lover of MMA and I just dig the comp. I am still learning about the history...
  4. New dude here
    Hey everyone, my name is Brian and I guess I'm the new guy around here now. I found this site via a post on another forum from another Fantasy Site, decided to check it out, seen it was way better,...
  5. Hey
    Hey everyone!
  6. New Guy
    Come to this site at least 10 times a day but first time I actually joined the forums.Thanks for welcoming me. Go Rashad!
  7. Long Time Member
    So I have been around for quite a while now, but only posted on the forums here and there. With school now being over till September for me, I figured I would start posting a lot on this site. I love...
  8. Hello friends.
    Hello. I'm wolf and obsessively watch MMA. Background info on me ; Hate TUF and have never watched any season other than the Jackson/Evans one. KOTC talent meets "The Real World"...think I'll pass....
  9. Hi everyone. Newbie from Montreal, Canada
    Newcomer here from Montreal, QC, Canada. My real name is Peterson. When UFC 1 came out on VHS, I rented that tape, but I didn't really follow the sport after that. I'm a lifelong pro wrestling fan. I...
  10. 2 questions from a rookie
    how short is to short to fight mma and does anyone know if there is a training area near or around vincennes, indiana?
  11. hey
    hey guys. I'm not new to MMA but I am new to this. So lets hope I can start off on a good note.
  12. FNG around here
    Hey, I'm PG, nice to meet you fellas, just looking around at other sites. I'll take part of some of the stuff, but just wanted to say hey.
  13. New Here
    Hey guys I found this forum looking for an MMA fantasy league. I decided to check it out. Looks pretty cool. I got into MMA 4 or 5 years ago and I've been a die hard fan ever since. I just recently...
  14. Sup
    Sup all glad to be here! Curious how many people actually train, how many fight or how many just watch. Im a watcher but would love to find a local spot to really train. I don't think there is...
  15. hey everbody!!
    hey everyone my name is corey but i go by c-dub. im a die hard mma fan the ufc is my favorite leauge but i also watch other events and follow other fighters. I watch strikeforce, dream,...
  16. Hi All
    Hi All, Looking forward to some solid forum talk and messing around in the playground... let me start off by saying Fedor is still #1 - a single loss in 10 years doesn't change the fact that he's the...
  17. Hey knuckle heads!
    It's game time baby! Nice ta meet ya all...
  18. New here
    Hey, just found this place I come from another betting forum for all sports where Ive been posting my picks for almost 2 years now and have had some success. The problem is the mma section is just...
  19. What up!!
    What UP fellow Fight Freaks!!!
  20. wassup
    sup. thats all i wanted to say...and i think this will be pretty fun. cool site too.
  21. hello
    My name is Chris Phillips im 18 i am a i leave for basic training jan 5 at fort benning i have a ranger contract so i am a future ranger (as long as i pass ranger school) but since i have 5 months...
  22. Hey new guy
    Hi im luke just stumbled across this site and thought it was kickass just a little about me im 18 im starting to train for mma (slowly but its going), play guitar, dip, normal redneck stuff, i hope...
  23. Howdy
    Howdy y'all! I just joined today, and I'm so glad I have a new place to talk about MMA in!
  24. new
    this is pretty rad
  25. hey
    HEY there guys. what's up?
    Hello all! Just found this forum, Looks great. Just saying Hi!
  27. Heyyyy!
    Been a long time MMA fan ever since PRIDE was still up and kicking. Glad I found a website that looks well informed and enjoys some good fights. Cant wait to discuss and meet all of you!
  28. New Member
    Hey, new member here been following these forums and MMA for a while and decided to register Would love to discuss MMA here with you guys
  29. Nixon Here
    Hey, Name's Nick, go by Nixon. I report on MMA in NE Ohio. I will be sharing many audio interviews in the future. Regards, Nixon
  30. Intro
    Hello. My name is Aminal. I look forward to beating all of you.
  31. New!
    I'm new around these parts! My name is Tim and I'm 28 and live in Missouri. I just started training with a guy at work. He has been in a few amateur fights and done fairly decent. I have no martial...
  32. New to the site
    I am one of the owners of an equipment and mma product site. always looking for new communities to meet people in so I found you guys. I hope to make a few new friends.
  33. new
    hello guys. i'm new to this community. i was training to fight sometime but i busted my knee real bad and i have quit mma. i plan on doing something that would make me still feel connected to MMA,...
  34. Photo Competition to promote Sanctioned MMA Event
    Ring Girl Swim Suit Photo Competition sponsored by Hooters to promote a sanctioned amateur MMA event in north Georgia. Vote for Savage at
  35. The king is here
    Hey, my name is Henry. Im from upstate ny. Im a avid fan of mma and enjoy talking about it.. I have no political or religious attachments. I used to be a long time member of mmashare but left due to...
  36. Hi!!!
  37. New Here
    What's up everyone I am a newbe. I just wanted to say hi and see what's new. I like anything to do with MMA so if you wanna chat let me hit me up. Thanks, Ike
    hi just signed up today Im new and well aside from breeding AMERICAN BULLIES aka PITBULLS I love MMA!!!
  39. New Here!!!
    Hi, I am Mike, MMA amateur fighter. I have been into grappling for 3 years now. Hoping to build friends and learn many things within this community.
  40. hi
  41. what's up people?!! anyone know what happened to UFC's Fantasy Site?
    hopefully I don't flame out in my first forum post on this site,...I'm just pretty excited I found this site after being too frustrated to continue on UFC's fantasy piece of crap. After they switched...
  42. been here a long time but haven't really posted on the forums
    i have been around since the middle of season 2. I get about 65% of my fights right and do okay. I'm fairly consistent and don't seem to change much from season to season. I have a tough time picking...
  43. Sherdog Refugee
    Tell me this site is less foolish than Sherdog, please... couldn't take the holier than thou mods, and 16 yr old goons...
  44. Greetings. Glad to be a part of the Playground.
    Hey Guys, Huge MMA fan and fighter training in New Jersey. New to The Playground. Just wanted to introduce myself.
  45. Introduce yourself
    new here happy to be here
  46. I want to fight MMA
    Hey guys, How long do you think it would take to become a MMA fighter. I just started private lessons and was wondering how long it takes the average person to make it. I am a bodybuilder so I have a...
  47. Fan looking for a home
    Im 17, but im not the foolish 16/17 year olds who started watching mma in 2008 and think they know everything (sherdog).My dad actually went to UFC 1 when it was tournement-style. so fighting has...
  48. Whats up???
    Hey guys. Just saying hi.
  49. new to the site
    new to site heard ufc fantasy was down so im going to give this a try. happy mma happy gaming happy whatever your doing lolz
  50. cali in the building
    hey what's up guy's?
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