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  1. hey im new
    hey im new to this site and to be honest mma as a whole but im a fast learner and heard that this site is full of knowledgeable people to help me along
  2. New Here
    Whats up, im new here. Also looking for some fight camps to join.
  3. Hello
    Whats going on everybody. I'm from Toronto, Ontario my favorite fighters are GSP,Fedor and Machida. Favorite hockey team is the Chicago Blackhawks (not like you guys give a rats bum) I'm looking...
  4. Hey guys.
    Hey guys another nubie here, I come here for news all the time, just been to lazy to sign up. Just a quick hey. Name is David Lake from Florida lol, I forgot to mention my name.
  5. Hello all, what a great site!
    hello to you all. My name is terry, i`m a big mma fan, i`m from England. My fave 3 fighters are Anderson "the spider" Silva, Wanderlei "the axe murderer" Silva an of course Micheal "the king" Bisping...
  6. What's up everyone!
    My name is Joel, I have been watching mma on and off for a while now but in the last few months have really started to take it seriously. I still have a lot to learn, like of the technical aspects...
  7. hello
    hey im Mark, glad to be here. ive lurked for a while thought it was time to join in and have fun with you guys
  8. hi 2 all.....
    Welcome to this forum! Enjoy! Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to website design and being a this forum. I'm stopping by a few forums to pick up tips and get answers from people who know a lot more about...
  9. Hi I'm new
    Hey what's up guys i'm new here and i want to learn about this so email me and tell me evertthing
  10. hi
    Hello Every One, I am new to this forum, I love MMA which has attracted me to this forum. By profession i am a freelance writer and researcher. I love traveling and reading. Looking for support and...
  11. Hello.
    how you all doing, I'm Mick, I've been following MMA for about 9 or 10 years and training for several years. Looking forward to talking with you all.
  12. Hi y'all
    So, I'm new to this whole MMA world. My son (who is 8) came home about a month ago and decided he wanted to do MMA.. Uh.. OK.. why not.. so I found a local gym, which I really like.. he has a great...
  13. whats up new around here
    Hi everyone I'm new to the site. I live in VT and love mma. Iook forward to discussing MMA with everybody
  14. Hi from Knoxville TN
    I started out my martial arts life as a 'traditional kung fu' striker, all the way to black belt, then as luck and destiny would have it I had to find a new school... walked into kbjj a local jiu...
  15. Greetings Everyone!
    Hello!! I am new to the site; just wanted to introduce myself. This site is amazing!!
  16. tuf noob here
    not sure how this works
  17. New Kid
    Hey guys im 15 and i have been a meber for a little under 2 weeks now, i thought i would be appropriate to post my intro. Im from Australia and i have been supporting UFC for about 2 years now, i...
  18. About time I did this..
    Hey everyone, I've been a member of this site for a while, but I haven't really used the forums much, so I figured I'd start! Hope to discuss the best sport in the world with you guys as much as...
  19. The name is puppets
    The name is Master of Puppets and I jam out like a mo-fo, ready to domionate
  20. Whatsup guys
    Check out my profile, I have the best fantasy picks and fighter rankings. Better than those shitty sherdog/yahoo/mmaweekly/gowamma rankings. I'm new, whatsup? Opinion on my rankings? I don't care...
  21. Hey Guys
    I've been a member for awhile but never used the forums. I just figured I'd introduce myself.
  22. New guy on block
    I have never been on this site\fantasy league and was just wandering how things work? I have already set up my team but do not know what to do next? Can anybody help me out please and thank you?
  23. hello
    hows everyone doin? im new here and this site looks pretty cool
    wat up everybody hey just found this website yesterday and im not to sure how this works .. how do i get on a team here i usually do my pics on ufc fantasy but this looks a lot better so anyone got...
  25. hi there
    Hey my name is chris, and i am new to the world of MMA. I choose to pick up MMA training, and BJJ to change my life. I need something that can challenge me physicaly and mentaly. I just came back...
  26. Introducing Myself
    Hey, I've been flirting with the idea of joining this site and I finally did so today. I've been a member at Sherdog for a couple years now so I'm not new to posting on MMA forums, nor MMA in...
  27. Hello Forum Members!
    Hey Friends, This is my first post here. Well I am Tony from Kansas and I do have a small business where I deals in martial arts supplies.. I love to join you all and share my views and get some good...
  28. Iiiiiiittttt'ssss TIME!!!!
    Hey evyone I'm from the wrestling site but read that there was a league here for the MMA game UFC Undisputed so I joined up to play with the guys online. I looked around, but being new I couldn't...
  29. I Need Help
    Hey, i jusst made an account and i really don't know what you do here, so could some people help me out
  30. Newly Inspired
    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole MMA world. I started to really get into it when I saw Never Back Down, since then, I've been researching the sport and wanting to start it up. The only thing, I was too...
  31. hello!
    hey guys, My name's Ray, I've been following mma for about 11 years now. A friend of mine told me about this place, I love games and competition so I just had to join.
  32. Sacramento or Roseville area Strikeforce NEEDED!
    I am visiting my parents in Roseville and I am hoping someone can help a fellow MMA fan out. I need to know where in the area the Strikeforce fights might be shown, I have called some bars and so far...
  33. im a nub here.
    hey everyone, im new in mmaplayground, just wanted to meet friends and watch mma all day baby lol
  34. New to the site
    Just want to introduce myself. I started in martial arts as a youngster wresteling . Then fell away from the sceen till I strarted watching mma. I started Kung Fu a bout 2 and a half years ago and I...
  35. I hate intros
    Please don't hate me the way I hate newbies posting their intros. I'm Joe Cunningham. instructor for the Yamasaki Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Woodbridge, VA. I been training with the Yamasaki...
  36. 1+ years lurking... first post
    Did I really get first place in the TUF finale, or was there a mistake?
  37. Noob here!
    I just created my account and am looking forward to having fun with you guys (and gals). MMA is really the only sport I follow. I can't wait for UFC 100! It's on the first Saturday that I'll be 21!
  38. hey everyone!
    hey everyone i am frank seabass just wanted to say hey cant wait for ufc 100! ? FSB
  39. kind of new
    my names josh i'm 22. live in mass. well i was fighting when this site first started, so i joined. took a couple years off, and now i'm back. should change my name though, working on making 155.
  40. Hey
    What's up guys. I like MMA betting. Yup.
  41. Here to answer questions
    Its good to be here and I think the site is a great idea. About Me: Ive been directly involved with MMA since 1997 and am currently an agent representing Mike Brown, Bobby Lashley, Wilson Gouveia, JZ...
  42. Hello I'm new.
    Hi there everybody. My name is Alex. Been watching UFC for a few years now. I believe the first UFC PPV event I saw was Tito vs Chuck 1 back in 2004 I believe. Ever since then I've been watching UFC....
  43. New Here
    Hey guys I just made an account. This site looks awesome.
  44. New Guy whats up fellas
    whats up guys.. been readin off your site for a bit now and finally decided to commit a little and sign up..haha. Nice to meet everyone
  45. I'm the New Guy
    Just saying hi as I wander through the site. It's going to take ages for me to wrap my head around everything that's here. This is like Fantasy Football for MMA geeks! Anyway, I'm in Utah, love...
  46. New in Town
    Hello to all. New to the board. I have been an MMA fan for quite some time, and really getting hard core into it the last several months. Actually represent a few up and coming fighters, have a...
  47. I'm new
    what? Are you surprised?
  48. new here at mma playground
    i heard this place is among the best mma forums on the net . so here i am .ready to discuss mma with folks who know there stuff .
  49. Greetings
    What's up everyone?
  50. new here
    hi I'm pedrosilva I love anything mma
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