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  1. I'm bRad
    I am Brad. I like MMA. I like to watch fights. I am introducing myself. I am out of things to write. I said barely anything at all. Hail Satan!
  2. yo.
    im finally here, word.
  3. Hi Everyone
    I love MMA. Jardine, and All armenian MMA Fighters are my favorites. Who is dominating th UFC? Anderson Silva has done everuthing he had to do. Who are my hated MMA fighters? Matt Serra is on of them...
  4. Hi
    Hi Guys, my name is Jenny. I am from NC and I love MMA and UFC. I am actively involved in martial arts and enjoy traveling around the country. Not much else to say. for now.
  5. New to the MMA world!
    I have been wanting to train for MMA for a while now, and finally I got my my schedule worked out and now I can train. It's a little more difficult for me than most because there aren't many people...
  6. Clumsy ninja
    yeah people. I'm Bobby "clumsy ninja" Bishop, a pro musician out of Boston/Providence. I front the band Steppers Heaven, and do some hired-gun guitar stuff in the studio and stage. I also love...
  7. Hi - fighter from Vegas here
    Hey all, from vegas here, born in Canada. Just saying hi
  8. Hello
    Hey guys, I am new to MMA, I just started fairly recently. Found this forum just browsing around figured I would say hello.
  9. what a great forum
    I was trying out a few sites and some of the moderators over there need serious psychilogical help. Here to stay!! peace everyone
  10. Hi all
    Hi all, Can I get your feedback on a website I'm building - ? It's a place where people can learn new skills. I appreciate your time and thoughts on it. Cheers
  11. hey guys
    new to the site a buddy told me about it, HUGE mma fan, looking forward to making picks and disscusing who we all think is better or will win or w/e the disscusion may be,
  12. great forum!!
    Hello everybody! Really nice forum!! I'm glad to be here!! I'm from Brazil. I practice jiu-jitsu. I hope to make great friends and discussions about martial arts! Cheers!!!!!
  13. Hello to all
    Looks like I found a great forum for MMA discussions. Look forward to talking with you. Van_Eagan
  14. Greetings from Bulgaria!
    Greetings from Bulgaria! Nice to meet you all! I'm MT and BJJ practitioner who is hoping that will find any useful information over here and meet cool people as well
  15. hello from vancouver, canada
    hi everybody. i'm new to posting on this site but not to mma. i've been watching mma since 1997. i look forward to some good-natured discussion.
  16. Greetings
    Hi, I'm Jason. I'm a semi-professional MMA photographer from Minneapolis. I've been an MMA fan since UFC 6, and shooting fights for a little over a year and a half now. Hi.
  17. Need members to Join Team Skoal
    need more members
  18. Hey Everyone
    Hey, I thought this site/forum looked fun so I thought I would join. I am a big MMA fan and have a good general knowledge of the sport. I have watched every UFC PPV since I started watching MMA...
  19. new member
    I'm Noah from southwest Virginia I'm a wrestler of 12 years & I do a little local cagefighting I'm 4-1.I'm also a big ufc fan along with many other fight orginizations.As a new member I would...
  20. Hello
    Hi everyone. A little about myself: I live in Glenwood Csprings, CO, which is also where I train. My gym is called the Art Of Defense, and my instructor is Pat Carmichael. I'm an amateur MMA...
  21. Hi
  22. new inexperienced youngster
    Hey im young (16) and havent actually began fighting but id like to get into the sport. I just have a few questions.. 1. I think i may not be the right size. i am about 6'2" and like 180. i just feel...
  23. Stupid?
    Hello All! I'm old...kinda, 26 and never fought in any kind of way in my life. played football, rugby, just ran a marathon so I love sports and pushing myself. I'm looking into joining a local mma...
  24. Raykill New member and New fight camp
    Just doing the introduction thing. I am 36 out of California. Really wish I had thought about getting into MMA when I was younger. I have a skill or two and still have heavy hands. But reguardsless...
    My name is yagerman and I am bringing the pain, I like to get into barroom brawls and drink tons of yager, any questions just ask
  26. Hey new here
    Hey whats up im new here just wondering where i can find the results from ufc 83 i didnt get to see it.
  27. The Don
    Greetings all... I am a martial artist, getting ready to try my hand at MMA check the training threads if you want to know more about my background skills... Also I am the leader of Savage Nation MMA...
  28. SPEED!!
    hows it going everyone! This being my first post i guess ill ley you guys know a bit about myself. i dont play any sports worth talking about. and if i did it woudl be a joke :)... but MMA is...
  29. Introduction time
    My names Ryan Canto and am out of Los Angeles. Been training BJJ for about 3 years and that got me into MMA. I am more of a grappler but I do muay thai and striking when I can. Hope to contribute to...
  30. hey new here
    hey my name is kevin hash i have been training privatley for about 4 months now almost everyday. I am 18 years old and 6,2 and around 160 pounds so im kinda tall for my weight class.. My strength as...
  31. Just got into MMA Fighting and after months I found my gear!
    Hey guys I just wanted to see whats going on and also say it's so hard being a woman and finding the correct gear that I'm looking for. I've been into boxing since I was young and watching it with my...
  32. Found site by accident
    I was looking at the reffer site stats on my web site and sombody left this site and came to mine and thats how I found this ..very cool fyi it
  33. I'm New Here
    My name is Jeremy and I'm from a dinky little town in Michigan. I am going to school, where I wrestle I hope to make it around here a lot. Nice to meet you.
  34. Newbie
    Hey everyone! I'm new to Martial Arts in general and would love to get into MMA..specifically Muay Thai, then move into MMA when I have techniques and everything down. Anyone have any tips on how to...
  35. new
    Hey people, I'm 20 years old, from the UK, been doin Muay Thai for about 2 years, and BJJ for a few months. Just wanted to introduce myself.
  36. new player
    hey ima new player but been in love with mma since ufc1 this is the coolest mma site. im looking to join a fight club. check out my profile for more details anyway here's a couple of my fav pics.
    I'm a new member. I am pissed off because my “Windows Media” did not record the fight of Pulver and the California kid. I am from Moreno California, I once was a boxing fan, and grew tired of it. I...
  38. New Guy
    I have been training in MMA for three years.I have been involved in traditional martial arts and boxing off and on for most of my life. I am 36 yom and I truly believe this is one of the purest...
  39. Fight Time // UFC, EliteXC, Affliction, IFL...
    The most complet list on internet of upcoming events, seminars, competitions… + News, surveys, pictures… ------------------------------------------- MMA / BOXING / KARATE / JUDO / KUNG FU &+...
  40. new
    hey guyes im new to this so could someone tell me how to get a fight
  41. introduction
    just signed onto the site...i am a big mma fan, and have been since about 95 or 96....I have a couple of close friends that fight as pros and a few amats...i have been training in mua tai and bjj for...
  42. i need to fight on this game
    how do u get a fight on this game
  43. Forgot to say HI!
    I've been making picks for a little while on the site but never properly introduced myself. The name is Chris I live in the Chicago land area and have been training Boxing for the last 7 years...
  44. Grapplers Quest
    Hey Guys I'm here Representing grapplers quest the largest Grappling tournaments in the world keep a eye out for our future events
    I'm not new, but I hardly post on the forum. My name is Missy. ilovtortillas
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  46. newbie
    everyone im from sc. im looking to join as a first timer. i wrestled in high school. im a tid bit out of shape over the years since ive been out of high school. but i am working back on that now as...
  47. Creating Community Minded Leaders One Black Belt at a Time
    We provide premium martial arts and self defence instruction coupled with a first rate Life Skills program, the goal being to create "Community Minded Leaders" capable of defending themselve with...
  48. hey fellas, new guy
    just thought i'd stop in and introduce myself. i'll be seein everyone around. steve
  49. I'm Takin over!
    Just in case you haven't heard yet... I'm Bob... I will punch you while you sleep... The attack is coming... And I'm takin over...
  50. My name is Tracy Lee... You killed my father, prepare to die...
    Ok, well now that I've got your attention... lol I'm Tracy lee... I'm an MMA photographer and I travel the world taking photos of fighters.. I post them up on I will be...
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