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  1. Hi....
    my name is Da Hood, I'm very enjoy watching MMA matches like k1, and UFC etc.....hopefully I would discuss my opinion forever.... you rfaithfully BENNY.
  2. My Account
    2 thinks First my account Apocalypto is not found ??? second thinks iwant to delete my first account Noads please and i want to my account Apocalypto email Thanks...
  3. New
    hey guys im new i just joined a couple minutes ago this site is
  4. Introducing...
    What's up all. I joined up at the beginning of Season 2. I train BJJ and have been an MMA fan since 2005. I never posted one of these threads when I joined so I figured I'd post one up now.
  5. Where a MODO
    i want change my name is a error noads is error Nomads its good any person for me crisss allume !!!
  6. ME
  7. Nebraska is in the building
    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am a part of Mick Doyle's Camp who Trains Houston Alexander and others. I don't fight or train but I deal with marketing and day to day stuff. Hope to see you all...
  8. If I Only New What I Was Doing.
    : Hi My name is David and I was talked in to joining the Clan MacPaidan the leader of the camp. Now all I have to do is find my way around. I haven't had time to meet anyone yet. But I am...
  9. New here
    Actually, I have been playing for some time now this is just my first post. I am 25 yrs Old and really got into UFC around TUF 2. I remember watching one on a recap Sunday and thought it was pretty...
  10. Well better late than never, but here I am!
    Heya all! I Joined MMAPlayground a few months ago but really haven't been that active (lol well at least until lately, when I decided to stick my Canuck nose into the fray and speak my mind) so since...
  11. Small unmarked bills.
    Put the money in the bag girls!!!
  12. Greatest Place ever...
    I never thought about there being a place where a bunch of MMA fans can just gather 'round and talk about, well, MMA! That sounded 100% stupid but I'm leaving it. I have to go to the bathroom! Well...
  13. Whats up from Japan
    Just thought I'd introduce myself. Name's Danny. I love MMA and have been training in Muay Thai for 5 years now. Hoping to work on my Judo while I'm here in Japan. Looks like a cool place. I really...
  14. Hello from Washington
    I'm new to all this so wish me luck. And I didn't get a chance to watch UFC last night, how was it?
  15. What's up, y'all? Representin' Fort Wayne, IN here...
    I'm new to the site, obviously. I had no idea this place even existed until my cousin told me about while we were watching UFC 78 last night. I have a feeling I'll be spending way too much time here...
  16. hows it going mma fans?
    Thought id bring some sexy down to play in the playground names SexPanther. How do ya do fella's?
  17. another newbie... to the site not the sport, looking forward to picking fights here as well. my names nate and i'm from los angeles, california. peace everyone.
  18. future
    im 16 years old i have 1 year of boxing exp. (record 6-1-1), i have been Wrestling/Grappling for about 3 months. my question is what should i ad to my fighting arsonal?
  19. hey everybody
    hey whats up new to this site just found it a few days ago and excited to play the fantasy game just want to say glad to be here big fan of mma for years
  20. New Guy
    hey what's up everybody. Name's kirby but you can call me kirby. Just got interested in mma about 1yr ago, but I'm learing quickly.
  21. Heyo.
    Long time MMA fan, new fan of MMAplayground. I'm 25, from Hawaii and my personal favorite fighters at the moment is Babalu, A Silva, BJ Penn, Thales Leites, and Antonio Silva. I am a fan of ground...
  22. thisbeme.... my lil intro
    whats up playground... I'm a cali man at heart..I'm a huge motocross rider...mostly freestyle... I am currently in the military and deployed to afghanistan... I have been training for MMA and got my...
  23. Stupid Noob
    Yea its me im from the land of Sherdog, Bring it on!
  24. I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!!
    Hey everybody. I'm back after my suspension. I just wanted to take the time to apoligize to everyone on MMAPlayground for my actions. I became and a** on this board instead of an asset to it. But I'm...
  25. freaky mma lover from amsterdam says hi
    nice to join the site. i'll try to join the competition and meet some nice mma lovers
  26. Hello!
    Just thought i'd introduce myself. I'm CJB, i've come over from sherdog which is where i've been discussing MMA for nearly 3 years but i found this fantasy game site through some links and i wanted...
  27. I love my new playground!
    So far so good....this place is great! My new playground!
  28. One more new guy
    Looks like alot of fun to get into.
  29. I'm new! Any tips for the site?
    Yo all, I'm new an was just wondering how the site works? New to the betting thing not mma! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  30. Real MMA
    Hey , Whats up everyone??? I was realy trying to find out some info on how to get started in real MMA....If anyone has any info that would help I could sure use it....
  31. hey im new
    Just got into the sport a couple months ago..came here to learn..lookin forward to talkin with u guys
  32. Small mma fan in a large pond
    Hey my name is kyle i live in arizona. Im a student athlete as well as a wrestling coach in my off time. Football and mma are life...bottom line. Anybody have any suggestions as far as this site...
  33. Hello, hello
    Just found these forums and after lurking for about 15 minutes I had to register. I'm not always into this online stuff so I think that was the fastest I ever joined a new site. really looking...
  34. never did introduce myself looking for mma fans from san diego
    i am kind of new, started doing league in july, enjoy watching mma live as well as tv. love the ufc and pride. But i am now watching ex elite and ufc still. i try to watch each ufc event each month,...
  35. Hey y'all!!
    Hello MMA Playground this is Hassan, I'm new here, I just started learning BJJ and I gotta say that I really love the game so far, I hope to be a good member and friend to everyone. Cya all!!
  36. sup?
    sup? im new here Merry Christmas
  37. hey guys!
    hey well im new here, ive been training for about a year now off and on, currently under the style of kajukenbo. im thinking of switching over to bjj soon. any guys local to the east bay in...
  38. HopeFully I've found a New Home.....
    Here's my Story I've been posting on sherdog for about a year since april Loved every minute of it :cool Got up to 350 sum post They Sent me a Birthday card on my B-day They banned me on Christmas...
  39. Fight Camp needs members
    I started a fight camp titled "the slapyomamastranglers" I haven't tried to get anyone to join but figured now is a good time. Send me a PM (Californiastrangler) and I'll set you up.
  40. Hello Hello, I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!
    First post Fav fighters Nick Diaz Roger Huerta GSP Gomi Fedor Anderson Silva
  41. Fight fans
    Love the site, it's great fun
  42. Hi Everyone, and Happy New Year
    Hi everyone. I've just joined this site. Anyways, just to introduce myself. I'm Haresh from Singapore. My handle, KTAM, is the acronym of the martial arts I've learnt. First of it is Kung Fu, which I...
  43. New mma member
    Hi guys, love your forum. Im a 3rd degree karate (Shotokan) black belt, with 2 years kickboxing expereince. Practicing Judo at the moment. All for the fun of it. I hope Im welcomed among you. Thank...
  44. New guy here
    Hey, im new here and i just found the website so i am still trying to figure out how to work a couple of the things on here, but i like it so far!
  45. New here
    Hi All, I'm new here. I'm an MMA fighter, I work a full-time job. I've created a new website to help ohter mma fighters to promote themselves for FREE. i found this site...
  46. new guy from England .... H.N.Y everyone
    Ory8 fellas , jus joined today , started me own Camp b4 realizing i maybe shouldve started in someone elses 1st to get the hang of what goes on . If there's any other English chaps in here who wanna...
  47. Hey
    Hey I'm Will, I'm from Spokane Washington, formley from NYC. I'm a purple belt in Taekwondo and practice hapkiddo and judo. I use to box and had a record of 5-0 with 2KO. I love MMA. One of my...
  48. New kid on the block
    Hi everyone,hope this Friday is going well! Just joined today and this forum is great!! Cant wait to chat with everybody I fell like this is gonna be a great year.
  49. New in San Diego, looking for a good gym.
    Hey guys, i just decided to start training mma and I'm looking for a good gym, i have spend 3 days at the white dragon in university ave. but i don't want to commit until i compare with another gym...
  50. FromHereOn
    I'm an Army Sergeant stationed near D.C. (for now). I've been a hand-to-hand combat instructor for two years. I found this site by seeing Gamer Tags on I'm impressed. The wager odds and...
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