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  1. Hi
    Hey whats up guys?? Im new here to mma playground so i figured id introduce myself. Im a pretty big fan. I really enjoy watching lightweights, welterweights, and heavyweights.
  2. So Cal 818 MMA Fan....
    New to the site, looking forward to representing Team Ninja Boot...... I'm from 818 SFV ........big MMA Fan right here....... and I have a history of picking winners!...... should be fun! tony_t
  3. introductions
    What's up guys? My name is Tim, I'm from a small town, Florence, SC. I go to a small school called Francis Marion University. Me along with about three or four friends are probably the only people in...
  4. another new guy
    Hey guys, I've been an MMA fan for just over a year now and since watch Ortiz vs Shamrock 3 I've been watching everything from OLD UFCs, Pride Fights, old TUF episodes and I just can't get enough of...
  5. Nice site.
    Heard about this site on the radio one day and came to check it out. I love this place, the betting and fantasy matches are nice. Kinda the same thing me and my friends do on about every event.
  6. New guy on da block
    Hello this is my first time on this site and it was recommended to me by a guy at work. I'm 28 and have been studying martial arts since the age of 12 and I love training ju-jitsu and karate but...
  7. high
    just learned of this site today...pretty stoked.
  8. New to MMA forums.
    I am new to the board. My fight team is out of the CHI! If anyones interested they can join Iron Bull Fight team we take all who are serious about MMA. Look at my picks and see if you want to wager....
  9. Another guy that got bit from the fight bug.
    Hey guys, just found out about this place and signed up. I recently started taking MMA seriously due to the hype from the main event of UFC 71, since then I've been hooked. Thought this was a great...
  11. Hard Hittin' N00b
    Yeah well this is a Wassup i guess to everyone on this site, Sending my love all the way from Quebec!!! Anyways this thing is pretty dope, just started last night and well awsome xperience so far...
  12. what?!?!?!
    Wait...should I have said i was from Canada and not Quebec to get any sort of reply??? wtf?
  13. what up
    first fantasy league,new to the forums.lookin forward to it.
  14. Djbb = DJ Baby Bear
    Spose I need to introduce myself. I'm 19 years old, born and raised in New York but moved to South Carolina a month after 9/11. Spent 2 years in the Army Nat. Guard, my MOS was 11Charlie (mortar...
  15. Hello
    Just popping into to say Hello to all my new MMA forum buddies.
  16. Just saying hello to everyone
    Just joined a while ago and am still learning the in's and out's of the site. Still need to update a lot of stuff on my profile as well. Anyway,I've been into Mma since '94 and have always been the...
  17. whats up
    big mma fan, been here voting just now starting to get into the forum, and started team original fight this site
  18. No One Cares
    but hello
  19. wasup everyone!
    ive been into mma for a while now just found this sight it kicds ass. anyone know off any other good mma sites. my favs are nick diaz ,jens pulver, rampage,. i honestly think pride was a way better...
  20. I'm a noob
    What up! I have been making picks and wagers on here for a little bit now and just decided to start a fight team, and start posting. The name of my fight camp is Maine Top Team, I am welcoming all...
  21. Hey i am Ulio
    Hey my name is ulio i joined few months back but havent posted so i will post from now on. What i like mma , soccer , sprinting , movies , video games , music. I like make friends . Like to study...
  22. Pabst Blue & The Wreckin' Crew
    A title far too overall zealous, I'd say. Anyways, whats up everyone? Hope you're all well. Enjoy your lives...
  23. Hi all...
    Hi all... I am new to the UFC... Just started watching a month ago... I am from Singapore anyway...
  24. New guy here.
    Hey, I'm new to the site, but have had a strong interest in MMA for over a year.
  25. First time gentle!
    lol Hey guys! I am a frequent poster on Sherdog and that site can get bad within a second, so I just figured I'd try here since I already have a betters account or whatever it's called. I'm a Sylvia...
  26. hello everybody
    just wanted to introduce myself and say whats up to everyone
  27. Introducing myself.
    I just thought i would tell you guys a little about myself. MMA is life basically. Ima redneck blah blah blah. It's great to be here. Thats about all
  28. Central Valley fighting
    Central Cali in the house!! Hey everyone, just a UFC/PRIDE fanatic that loves to chat about anything and everything MMA. Join my group, Central Valley StrikeAct if you're from around here..or not,...
  29. Hello
    Im RedCloud from Los Angeles. I hold a BlackBelt in Chinese Kenpo. and have trained in MuayThai and i can rock a mean arm bar. I love UFC/Pride/WEC and am getting into IFL. I have lost many silly...
  30. Looking for fight camp members
    Hey im looking for fight members if anyone wants to join get a hold of me
  31. Hello
    Just joined here, I have been following MMA for about 5 years now, and I look forward to checking out everything here.
  32. Chuck Liddell
  33. Hi
    I just joined after a friend told me about this place. Now I'm planning on schooling him in predictions. ;) Thanks for having me.
  34. Welcome Aboard
    to all the new guys too many and didnt want to postwhor eit up saying hi to all of them.
  35. want to learn mma martial arts what ever lol!! read this if in new york
    hey im new here and im trying to build a pak of wolves im from new york city and looking for people that would like to train in mma\ martial arts with me if your down with this, it will be free...
  36. Hiya
    Hiya, joined this website due to my mate Baz, otherwise known as Foosterino, leader of my camp International Eye Gouge. I've been a big fan of MMA since the early days of UFC and in particular I'm a...
  37. hey look, another new guy
    ello ello. my name is zach, i live just outside of denver colorado, i'm a big video game geek, and I love MMA. in fact i used to have a little fight club for me and my friends to learn to fight....
  38. need fight camp members
    anyone want to join my camp
  39. Noob From NY
    Yea Im a Noob From New York and I Plan To School My Friends With My Picks Lmao
  40. new guy here looking for a camp!!
    hi im new on here looking for a camp to from england not sure if theres many of us on here!
  41. New guy here that joined †he best camp ever.
    hey everyone. i joined the Pit fighting camp. we are awesome. these guys really teach you how things go in the mma. look us up. see ya,
  42. Greetings from Canada
    Hey all, I've been a member here awhile but have just been using the fantasy picks system. I recently took a gander at the forums and seen that was quite a bit of activity, I am always looking for a...
  43. not so new but introducing my self anyways.
    hey everybody, names nate im from the bay area and i really like mma. found out about this site from a forum post on i would like to train in bjj but dont have the money for a good gym...
  44. hey everyone!
    Im new on here, and just wanted to see how active this forum actually is!!! i just saw my first art of war fight not too long ago and fell in love it MMA!!! i will be going to the one in MS next...
  45. hey yall
    hey yall im Philip from South Texas and im new to this site but not new to the MMA game ive been boxing and wrestling for 5 years. I started some jit like 8 months ago i cant wait till my first...
  46. New here
    hey guys
  47. Learning to Sprawl
    new to these forums, I have been on MMAplayground since the start of Season 2 almost.... just thought I'd start posting on here fromt ime to time so figured I should introduce myself quick.... Fav...
  48. Not new ... but ill introduce myself anyway.
    I am J-Love. I have been a fan of MMA since i was real little watching UFC with my brother. I have been here since the end of season 1. Fav. Fighters: HW - dont really have one like Couture LHW -...
  49. Hello all, I am new to MMA playground
    Hello everyone, I am new to MMA Playground and a huge MMA fan. I am a former competitive powerlifter and strongman who has trimmed down and taken up Muay Thai, I suck right now though! Anyways, I...
  50. Newbie from montreal
    Hi, I'm new to mma playground and I'm a UFC fan since one year now. I live in montreal, canada and I'm a software developer and french, so my posts migh sucks :)) Anyway, see you soon on the board!
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