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  1. UFC 88 video ‘Countdown’ to Liddell vs Evans - Shows Chuck getting injured
    I wouldn't normally post the "Countdown" video but it shows Chuck training and how he injures his hamstring. Also its got some pretty cool clips of Franklin and Hamill training. Heres the Link
  2. Kurt Angle Training???
    Setanta Sports has confirmed that Kurt Angle has been training at Pittsburgh's Fight Club to prepare for his MMA debut. His manager Dave Hawk said Angle is waiting for the right offer to come along:...
  3. Some great HL vids
    Some of my fav highlights Theirs a bunch more but i thought i woudl share some great highlight videos with everyone, which of those is your favorite?...
    Does anyone know what he is doing and when he is planning on coming back and fighting?
  5. What's the situation if Couture loses to Lesner?
    A;right with this fight actually happening and the Randy/Fedor fight still in the mix what happens if Randy loses to Lesner. I mean IMO it will effect Randy/Fedor, and it will then have to be...
  6. Tito Ortiz on Myspace Mickey's ad
    I just saw this ad. A funny thought occured to me- How shitty would it be for Mickey's if they sign Tito to advertise for them and the dude never fights again? Granted they're using his image for...
  7. Rob McCullough vs Donald Cerrone
    Who wins? I think Donald's muay thai is better and he has a reach advantage. We haven't gotten to see his muay thai much but I know he's pretty well decorated. His jiu-itsu has looked really good as...
  8. Little help
    Can someone please give me a link to the Leben Vs Martin fight. I can't find a good one. PROPS will be given to all
  9. Denis Kang cheap shots Kim Jae Yeong
    I know a video has already been posted of the fight but I thought a new thread was necessary to call attention to an attempted head stomp after the fight was over. link
  10. HDNet Fights announces deal with Affliction.
    Looks like HDNet will be airing the Affliction events live. FIGHTHYPE \\ CONTENT]HDNet Fights to air Affliction events. HDNet Fights and Affliction Entertainment Announce Long-Term Deal to Air Live...
  11. Lesnar v Randy (and what it could lead to... )
    OK the following is just my thoughts on the possible outcomes with Randy returning to the UFC.. Yes many of the ideas have been mentioned so don't be an idiot and make that comment... these are just...
  12. Why exactly
    Is the Janitor such an underdog in his upcoming fight? I have full faith in him to beat Nog. Not finish him but beat him at least. Mainly because wrestling usually beats BJJ
  13. Does a win for Overeem get him in the top 10?
    If Overeem beats Crocop, does it put him in the top 10? I think he deserves it. It will have been over a year since his last loss. He holds wins over Buentello, and Hunt. A win over top 10 ranked...
  14. Keep an eye out for Roni Torres
    the guy has a very recent win over luis azeredo and is 13-1
  15. Iron Man- Travis Fulton
    I was looking at Lidells record because my friend introduced me to a guy whos brother fought Lidell. looked it up and sure enough- Noe Hernandez- loss to chuck in a Decision- Props to you Noe- I saw...
  16. Who Is The Unknown Fighter?
    While doing research to answer another topic, I noticed on a fighter's Sherdog record that he beat a fighter listed as "Unknown Fighter". Turns out this Unknown Fighter saw a lot of action from...
  17. Your favorite "undercard" fighters
    Now when I mean your favorite undercard fighters I mean fighters that you think are cool but are overall not champion, no. 1 contender, ect material. you like them for one reason or another. Here's...
  18. Fantasy Draft Fight Cards: Vote
    Each person gets to vote for one card, other than their own. Anybody who wants to vote can, the persons card who has the most votes at the end wins. Fight cards posted exectly as recieved FIGHT CARD...
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  19. anyone have
    a nice quality version of kevin burns triangle on roan? mpeg or avi.? PROPS
  20. Atencio on Couture Re-Signing Since the news broke that Randy Couture was returning to the...
  21. The First-Ever Sporting News MMA Rankings
    We've been waiting for what seems like forever now, but The Sporting News still refuses to publish a set of rankings for the sport of mixed martial arts, or to even cover it adequately. So the three...
  22. Diaz vs Sakurai
    i just wanted to hear everyones opinion on this fight? this is how i see it going. theyre both gonna wanna strike it will be even somewhat on the feet diaz will get rocked and will take it down to...
  23. Latest TAPOUT episode (Julie Kedzie)...
    Quick question. If you watched the latest episode of 'Tapout', you'll remember Greg Jackson saying something along the lines of, "She's undefeated since we started working with her," or something...
  24. Will WEC happen this weds.
    category 4 hurricane headed our way. Talked personally to a rep from the hard rock, and she says cancellation is def a possiblity, and they are checking the weather daily. I have tickets
  25. Fighters to keep an eye on?
    Who do u think is a fighter to keep an eye on as a potential champion in the UFC?
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  26. Randy, Mir, Fedor, Nog
    I was reading on a forum that i can't find again and someone was bashing Randy saying the only reason randy was considered good is because he beat sylvia for the title and he was going on about how...
  27. UFC Fantasy?
    just wondering if anyone has played or seen the fantasy mma that is on the UFC website. wondering how it is, if its good or not. and if there are any differences from the mmaplaygound.
  28. Kurt Steven Angle..
    TNA Superstar Kurt Steven Angle concidering on making the transition to mma seing the success of lesnar? and apparently has been training over the past few months. Thoughts on that? lol..
  29. Dream Fight
    I read alot of posts where they ask you what your absolute dream fight is that you wanna see happen but then they like give you choices. I wanna know what your dream fight is, with no choices just...
  30. MM-Nay: No Amateur MMA In Ontario
    Already posted in the News forum, I know, but it might actually generate more discussion here and get more noticed: It's certainly an interesting topic especially for those in Canada who want to see...
  31. Chuck Lidell on Sportscenter(Friday)
    I saw this and wondered how many of you guys saw it. I think it was added to the show later in the morning around 10 or 11. It was a few general ? for the Iceman. Hows the hammy?/ What do you think...
  32. LHW Rankings
    Where does your ranking look like now after tonight? I think Rashad put a monkey wrench in there. Where do you rank each fighter? I am at a loss as of right now at where I would put each guy.
  33. after UFC 88 who has the best undefeated record in mma?
    Rashad is 17-0-1 but who has the best undefeated record?
  34. Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans
    who takes it and how? I like forrest by decision, he doesn't have stopping power but he has beaten better strikers (shogun, rampage) and better wrestlers (rampage) i think he beats him similar to...
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  35. How would Serra do at LW
    how would Matt sera do against the light weight division in the ufc against penn,sherk,florion,hureta,griffen,edgar,danzig,guida,maynard,.....
  36. UFC 80's
    Out of all the UFC 80's which one did you think was the best. Yes I know 89 hasnt happened yet but so far. I'll say which one I liked after a couple of comments.
  37. Lorenzo Fertita on Affliction and Fedor
    Lorenzo Fertita on Affliction and Fedor on 1:14...Like Father like Son
  38. What would you rather see?
    I was just wondering what you guys prefer to watch, a quick KO, a war or a nice submission.
  39. Nate Marquardt vs. Anderson Silva II
    Silva's dominance over the division is very clear. But Nate looked awesome against Martin Kampmann, and I think that if he was to fight Anderson again, he'd possible pose some problems. I think Nate...
  40. Ultimate Warrior Challenge
    I just heard that the UWC is coming back to the DC area this fall! We don't get the opportunity to see the MMA very often in the area and last year's show was really cool!!! I don't know if anyone...
  41. P4P Rankings
    What do you think the best pound for pound rankings are now cause i know some people had chuck on them.
  42. affliction banned
    does anyone know if the affliction banned event is going to be released on dvd?
  43. Franklin vs Evans
    Franklin Dec is my pick
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  44. Does anyone else give Rich Franklin p4p love?
    i'm just curious bc he's only lost 3 fights....2 to the best p4p fighter in the world & 1 to lyoto machida, another fighter who many show on their p4p list. just curious pretty decent record IMO, &...
    An Amarillo, Texas native, Evan Tanner was a high school wrestling stand out who won the state championships his junior and senior years despite entering the sport as a sophomore. He began mixed...
  46. I Refuse to Shave
    In tribute to Evan Tanner and his manly beard, I will be abstaining from shaving until I have a beard that would make old Tanner proud. Who is with me? Boycott shaving people!
  47. Best Up And Comer In Each Division
    Bantamweight Division Adrian Wooley 5'5 5-0-0 Win: 3 (t)Ko 2 Dec Big Fight:1 Win vs Danny Martinez for the TKO Bantamweight Title Featherweight Division Hatsu Hioki 5'11 15-3-2 Win: 3 (t)Ko 7 Sub 5...
  48. Rich Franklin vs Lyoto Machida II
    Im curious to know who everyone believes would win in the second fight? Rich has a loss to Machida years ago and has evolved tremendously since that fight while Machida has used the same yet very...
  49. Do or die for EliteXC
    Can Shamrock and Slice be the savior that EliteXC needs?
  50. Useless statistic
    Out of 41 professional fights Ken Shamrock has only been out of the first round once.
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