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  1. IFL on FSN tonight, 16 March
    If you're in front of a television tonight, FSN is airing some of the February IFL matchup between the Silverbacks (Pat Miletech's team) and the Anacondas (Bas Rutten's team) that featured a 155-lb...
  2. Biggest underdog in a MMA fight in history???
    In the last few months, it seems like theres been some really big mismatches in both UFC AND PRIDE. What was the biggest mismatch in history? not the acual fight....for example Sanchez was a huge...
  3. Mario Rinaldi new HW superstar
    IMO Rinaldi is the next superstar of MMA in the HW division...I think that he is too heavy for Fedor and many of the lighter heavyweights in UFC and Pride
  4. Bas Rutten Steps Down as Coach on IFL
    From MMA Weekly - BAS RUTTEN STEPS DOWN AS IFL HEAD COACH Sunday, March 18, 2007 - by Jeff Cain - Mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten has stepped down from his position as a coach in...
  5. K-1 to the US on Showtime TV-allied with EliteXC
    This is a huge deal IMO. At least if Pride does go down the UFC will have a significant competitor to keep the fighter's pay going up. I think they will need a lot more high profile fight's than this...
  6. Is it possible?
    Is it possible that there is a single martial art or a single individul who practices a single martial art that could hold up well against a mixed martial artist? I love MMA and its various...
  7. Wandy at pride 34?
    Does anyone know anything about wandy fighting at pride 34? If he is, is it smart for him to come back so soon or not?
  8. You are the UFC/Pride matchmaker!!
    If you were UFC/PRide matchmaker for a day.....what is the first match you feel you have to make??
  9. IFL poll
    IFL Poll On IFL Battleground, they asked everyone to vote on this video tab and answer the question "Did the fighter tap out?" I figured we should get some educated opinions on the poll, as I'm sure...
    Alright everyone, here it is. The ultimate "what if" scenario where your opinions actually decide the outcomes of matches. I have taken 20 well known or well disciplined fighters from all the weight...
  11. Thoughts on IFL Battleground Last Night?
    Anyone have any thoughts? The one thing that stuck out to me was Horodecki falling through the ropes to get out of a guillotine that was cinched in about as tight as it could possibly have been. What...
  12. Anyone from New York City?
    if you are, Lindland v Fedor is everywhere.....times square, grand central, random subway stops. And by everywhere, i mean everywhere. It's not just small posters around, they are covering...
  13. IFL Moline 4/7
    Anyone going? at myspace i found if you enter "IFLWEBMOLINE" you can get 30% off almost all the tickets. I heard the LA show was phenomenal, and that the shows keep getting better. I'll be at my...
  14. Filho vs Hughes
    Does anyone think that Matt Hughes vs. Paulo Filho would be a great fight? Who wins and why? Result: Filho by Unanimous Decision!
  15. UFC Video Game?
    This might be a little premature, but has anyone heard anything about the UFC video game that's supposed to come out in late 2007 or early 2008? Any good website with information about the game?
  16. I love you Bodog!!!!
    They showed Mahood putting one of there smoking hot fight girls in a demonstrative positive, the BANANA SPILTS LOL. Like you can even use that in MMA haha. Then they had another super smokin babe do...
  17. who would win
    both on their return evan tanner vs. nate quarry
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  18. The Perfect Fighter?
    If you were a mixed-martial-artist and you were highly proficient in two fighting styles, what combination would make the most complete and dominant fighter? Example: Boxing and Judo, Wrestling and...
  19. Alexander vs. Hunt: Great Matchup!
    I personally think this would be an amazing matchup, mostly because of the size of the two fighters. I believe it would be better than Cro Cop vs. Arlovski or Wand vs. Chuck in terms of quality. The...
  20. UFC Merchandise I'd like to see in the future
    So far it has been pretty basic with T-shirts and UFC event DVDs, but I want to see the UFC grow even bigger in the merchandise racket. Some ideas: Action Figures: Kind of a touchy subject on how...
  21. Thoughts on Big Ben Rothwell
    Ben Rothwell seems to be finding his do you see him matching up with Pride and UFC fighters?
  22. Don Frye Advice Column (hilarious)
    If you haven't had a chance to read any of these, please take a look. This is the 5th one he's done so far. Don Frye is freaking hilarious:
  23. couture rizzo
    Hi, hackney here. Anyone got a link to the couture rizzo fights, never seen them. I always hear rogan comparing randy to the fights against rizzo so really want to check them out. cheers
  24. Barnett vs Cro Cop 1 - What happened to Barnett's shoulder?
    How did Barnett injure himself?
  25. Pride Heavyweight Title Shot
    Who should get the next title shot in the heavyweight division for Pride?
  26. Kevin English VS Jeff Curran IFL Superfight
    Kevin English announced he signed on for the superfight in Moline Anyone know anything about these two guys.
  27. K-1 Hero's teaming up with EXC?
    According to this page , K-1 Hero's and elite xc have teamed up for an event in june, which would make sense considering all the talk of Hero's coming to the US.. here is the tentative fight card...
  28. mma blood sport style!
    found this on's very interesting!
    Okay, here are the fighters and matches for the Lightweight championship tourney. This will feature 16 instead of 20 fighters in order to make the matches more seamless. Voting is as it was with the...
  30. Need a little help guys
    Does anyone have a pic or a non youtube video of a gogopolata being applied? My buddy at work was asking about it and I realized I couldn't explain it. If anyone could post a pic that would be...
  31. Is this PPV still going to happen?
    Has anyone heard of this PPV from PRIDE? It looks like an awesome look back at some great moments and I hope it doesn't get cancelled because of the sale (if it's sold) PRIDE Fighting Decade...
  32. If PRIDE and UFC merge, name two guys who should switch organizations
    Okay, for the sake of discussion, let's say this sale goes through. Name one guy in each organization who should be "traded" for each other. Try to make it a "fair" trade, and I'd like to see a...
  33. Maurice Smith v Marco Ruas Superfight
    IFL Superfight for IFL Chicago on 5/19 Thoughts on this fight??? I'm excited to see these two old men fight, both haven't fought in 6 or so years ps...the code "IFLCHI" will get you $10 off $90 and...
  34. Kimbo vs Ray Mercer
    Looks like they're fighting at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 5. I've personally never seen CFFC, so I don't know what it's all about but either way, there you go... source
  35. Brock Lesnar Set To Make MMA Debut July 7!!!!
    I just read on sherdog that Brock Lesnar is going to make his MMA Debut July 7 on the Showtime network. K-1 heros and Pro elite togather are going to bring you the show. Now I wonder how good Lesnar...
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  36. Finally got to see Palaszewski-Horodecki... (spoilers, duh)
    My local FSN affiliate finally got around to airing that IFL matchup between the Silverbacks and the Anacondas. The Main Event was of course the matchup of Lightweights Chris Horodecki and Bart...
  37. GOMI vs DIEGO
    who wins??
  38. First match if UFC purchases PRIDE??
    What will be the first match when the the two combine? And how long will it take to have the first match???
  39. Gambling / UFC 69 Question
    I'm looking to place some bets on UFC 69. This is my first time, so I was hoping someone could tell me the deal with online gambling, like what's considered illegal (in the U.S.) and what some good...
  40. MMA GEAR?
    Anyone know where i can buy the top MMA Gear from? Other than places such as Thats a great site, i know, any better?
  41. Worst Nickname Ever
    Ok, I am not a fan of nick names. In most cases I think nick names should be earned over years of competition and should be related to the fighter's style. Some of them just make sense like Randy...
  42. Biggest Fighters (in size)
    Here are the two biggest fighters I can think of Emmanuel Yarborough - 6'8 (203cm) 600lbs (272kg) Hong Man Choi - 7'2 (218cm) 352lbs (160kg) Choi sounds like a monster. He's only fought once, bu I am...
  43. IFL-style fight teams...
    I thought it would be fun to assemble IFL-style teams from the rosters of various MMA gyms, using the best fighters available (I took some liberties, where I felt like doing so). Each roster consists...
  44. funny lindland argument
    lindland vs JT kinda funny may not be suitable for work link
  45. More Manfred Trivia *ANSWERS*
    Ok, you know how this works: NO INTERNET, just your brain PM the answers to me, but feel free to comment so it goes TTT Also, no Pancrese/K-1 1. Why did Ken Shamrock not participate in UFC 2? a....
  46. Ross Pointon vs Butterbean?
    All star DREAM matchup? who would take it? Butterbean by gogoplata
  47. The Best TUF
    What Ultimate Fighter series do you think was the best? I personally thought that The Ultimate Fighter 3 was, including fighters like Kendall Grove, Micheal Bisping, Matt Hamill, Josh Haynes, Ross...
  48. Chuck Vs Crocop
    How long until we see this fight? Chuck has openly discussed it and dana has acknowledged its possibility.
  49. Shawn Tomkins
    Anyone know why he is so sought after as a striking coach? Granted Hominik, and stout come out of his camp but he seems to be everywhere these days. Anyone have any inside info on this guy?
  50. Rizzo vs Aleksander in June?
    this would be an interesting matchup.. hope it develops credit: sábado, 24 de março de 2007 Rizzo may faces Fedor’s brother Photo by Marcelo Alonso The striker Pedro Rizzo, who is still...
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