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  1. Best MMA Magazine?
    Any opinions? I'm looking for something to read at work.
  2. Signed Gloves
    Do you guys think this is a good buy? A guy I know through a friend is selling his collection of signed MMA Gloves. All are cased with a picture of the fighter. Here is the list. Ken Shamrock Anderon...
  3. Young Fighters
    Who do you think will some day hold the belt, but is ranked the lowest? For instance Jesse Taylor, Brock Lesnar, Frankie Edgar, Tm Boesch. Guys that are right now not top contenders, but could be at...
  4. Elitex XC vs. Dream
    Lightweight: Aoki vs. Noons Dream Lightweight: JZ vs. Diaz Dream Welterweight Shields vs. Mach Elite Welterweight Paul vs. Monma Dream Middleweight Jacare vs. Lawler Dream Middleweight Mousasi vs....
  5. Who the F is Yoshiro Maeda?
    This guy came out of Japan with very little noise about him, he was in the WEC for what appeared to be an easy title defense for Miguel Torres (a marketable fighter and talented champion in the...
  6. what american do u think has the best bjj?
    i would say frank mir
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  7. Dana White's top 10???????
    I was thinking about this at work today with the whole discussion on where Slyvia will stand in the rankings if he beats Fedor.For some reason in my head,the question arised: "If Dana White had to...
  8. Mike Tyson's Tap-Out!! for GBA
    Has anyone else heard of this game.. or when its supposed to be out.. Mike Tyson's Tap-Out!! for the gameboy advance? I heard its supposed to have an all-star cast. Mike Tyson Tim Silvyia Bas Rutten...
  9. Last MMA fighter in the world you would want to face....
    Let's suppose you're a pro MMA fighter........Who is the last guy in the world you would want to face. I would have it as a tie between Anderson Silva, and Feodr. Anderson would leave me horribly...
  10. Cool video of Fedor losing an Arm wrestle
    link Weather you think he is number one or not...How can anyone not like this guy.
  11. K1 WGP results + videos-->> Schilt Vs Lebanner, Hari Vs Feitosa, Aerts Vs Nortje
    Hari Vs Feitosa Jerome Vs Schilt Aerts Vs Nortje Also The K-1 World GP 2008 went down last night in Fukuoka, Japan, with Brazil’s Ewerton Teixeira winning the eight-man tournament, knocking off...
    Who actually thinks Serra will pull this out.
  13. Free Affliction Posters and Postcards
    Get your Free Affliction Posters and Postcards now(US residence only) Click here
  14. I want free stuff!
    I am an MMA columnist for and an MMA writer for Plus, I moonlight as a featured blogger for I am always attending local MMA events and even some bigger...
  15. Eddie Bravo VS Some Meat Head Talkin Smack in Legends Gym
    Here is a video of some moron who decides that it would be a good idea to bum rush the sempai.... Eddie Bravo, in his own freakin gym... how much of an idiot do you need to be for natural selection...
  16. Decisions are killin me!
    what the hell has been goin on lately? Decisions are like the leading win style now. sure some fighters give it hell like wand and liddell, but so much fights are now resulting in decisions. im tired...
  17. wishful thinking......
    forrest beats page.......... chuck beats evans......... chuck beats forrest for title...... wand vs page III for no. 1 contender...... wand vs chuck II for title...meanwhile for no 1 contender either...
  18. Whose the best FW/BW!
    Yamamoto is and will prove it after beating Urijah! (eventhough he fights at lightweight he weighs on avg 143lbs) Torres is a bad dude!
  19. Your least respected fighter?
    if you even have a least respected fighter who is it. im going to try and do my best in the poll sorry if anyone is left out.
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  20. Hotrodttt's Annual MMA Trivia Round 9
    So, I haven't done a Trivia Game for a couple of months and I was going to do it a couple of weeks ago but I got lazy but here it is back better than ever. Some are Hard but some are Easy. DON'T POST...
  21. Most Dangerous Sport???
    Man dies after assault at softball game A softball player accused of fatally punching a rival team member after a...
  22. Affliction betting odds.
    I was just gonna put some money down on here on the Affliction card, and i realised that the odds on here are the most one sided i've ever seen. With so many good fighters on the card, are there any...
  23. nuthuggers
    what fighter has the biggest nuthugging fans
  24. WEC 36-9/10 in Florida on Versus (POSTPONED to 11/5)
    WEC 36: November 5, 2008 Venue: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL Main card airs live on Versus TV fights: vs. The rematch: WEC Middleweight Champion Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen for...
  25. Matt Hughes not a Fan of Women MMA
    Matt Hughes not a Fan of Women MMA
  26. Every Fighter Should Change Weight Classes!
    OK so the title is exaggerated, but am i the only one here digging the weight class changes? Anderson moving to 205 is awesome bc he destroyed the MW division If Rich moves up, i will be stoked bc...
  27. Whats up with CroCop?
    Is he fighting again anytime soon? Every fighter goes through a slump, time for him to come back.
  28. Affliction Banned Hits New York By Brian Holt, Affliction has now started to really crank up the hype machine for it's "Banned" card on July 19th. With Donald Trump as a partner, the...
  29. Exorcist Submission (complements of Bas Rutten)
    Do you guys think this is legit? It looks painful but I don't think any veteren fighter would tap to it. I think it is more like the "Can Opener". Exorcist choke/sub here
  30. Paul Buentello on Aleks Emelianenko plus Mean Mugging Im all Aleks on this one, i will be expecting a KO
  31. Best MMA brother combo!
    im sorry if this is already up but its still really fun to think about! but who is the best/most deadly brother combination
  32. My Personal Pound for Pound top 20
    Think it should be accurate. It's fun to do these. Wanna get some replies. TrueJam. 1.Anderson Silva 2.GSP 3.BJ Penn 4.Fedor Emelianenko 5.Lyoto Machida 6.Rampage Jackson 7.Uriah Faber 8.Dan...
  33. Mirko and Jerome!!
    A lot of people (including me) i think are/were over looking Jerome in this fight. they are looking at him and his MMA record thinking "hmmm i haven't heard of him before and he hasn't had much...
  34. Very well put together Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza HL
    Great watch here, put together by Hero1 and easily one of the best Fighter HL's I've ever seen if not the best. Linky
  35. Gilbert Melendez Top 10 Lightweight???
    I like Gilbert Melendez but however i dont think he is a top 10 Lightweight....not saying that he never will be i believe he is only 26 years old. I believe Gilbert has been a little over-rated. I...
  36. Brock Lesnar 2 years from now????
    Just interested to see what everone thinks about the future of Brock Lesnar. I honestly think he can be a title contender one day.
  37. What happened to Matt Grice ?
    I was wondering 'cause I don't think he's fought since winning FOTN at UFC 77. Did he get injured, or get released, or did he retire, or has he just not fought ???
  38. Rampage Interview(his thoughts on Affliction/UFC thing)
    rampage on ongoing Affliction/UFC thing and more
  39. Levens fighting Twice on Banned card?
    I've noticed in the secondary league fantasy picks that Justin Levens is listed as fighting twice in the same night against different opponents. I think he's actually fighting Ray Lizama unless a...
  40. Affliction
    Does anyone know if Affiliction Banned is a cage event or a ring?
  41. Vale Tudo
    I just got IVC 6 & 7 and it made me realize i love vale tudo. These days its all about fighter safety and well being so this is kind of shunned, but come on, those guys are savage. Chuck vs Pele was...
  42. your 7 favorite Knock Outs!
    theres a special feeling that i get when someone is laying on the canvas with a leg stuck up in the air and not breathing straight.. ....ANYWAY my 7 Fav KOs 7.Liddell Vs. Rampage 2, i just hate...
  43. The CroCop Vs. The Iceman
    sure its ran through peoples minds....but have you actually thought about how this fight would be? it would probably be the best fight in mma to this date. but it would have to at least go 10 minutes...
  44. Opponent not making weight is lose lose
    It seems like BS that when someone does not make weight (Alves) then the opponent (Hughes) is put on the burner to decide to fight or not. If you fight then you are at a disadvantage of fighting out...
  45. Affliction: Banned. Best card ever?
    I've heard a lot of people on various boards and some friends of mine talk about how this is the greatest MMA card of all time, and I don't really see it. It has a lot of big names, big names that...
  46. TOP 10 K-1 Fights (video Links)
    great video compilation of the top ten K-1 fights that I highly recommend you check out, especially if you’re the type of MMA fan who never watched much K-1. 10. Remy Bonjasky Vs Bob Sapp-K1 World...
  47. Does anyone have a GIF of Gary Goodridge KOing Oleg Taktarov ?
    I'm looking for one, I'd like someone to post it for me. It's from PRIDE 1 I'll give props to the person who posts one.
  48. which fight sequel would you rather watch?
    I would go with Wand and Rampage! we all know how Wanderlei dominated the previous two fights but i think we all would like to see if rampage has improved enough to beat the Brazilian Ape! feel free...
  49. The first time MMA was used?
    I am watching UFC 9, and this is the first of the early UFC's where I heard the therm mixed martial arts. Does anyone have any clue when this was first used officially?
  50. top 10 pound for pound fighters?
    ok i made this video on youtube of what my opinion is on the top 10 pound for pound... plz rate..comment.. and subscribe... thanks alot
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