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  1. UFC Lightweight Rankings
    This is strictly UFC Lightweight rankings not including guys fighting outside the UFC. 1. Bj Penn- The Lightweight Champion 2. Sean Sherk- Lost to Bj but a tough match up for any other lightweight....
  2. Dana's Rolling Stone interview
    i know its been posted, but im giving my opinion i subscribe to RS so i was very happy to see this article. i found it to be a pretty entertaining read, it went over the history of the company &...
  3. Nick Serra Butt Scoot Video????
    Sorry if its a double post but does anyone have a link to this fight? the sherdog dq explanation only makes me want to see this fight even more Props to the 1st working link
  4. killer muay thai fight card for 6.20
    Yesterday this myspace page added me.. I guess there's a huge fight going on in Jamaica on June 20th.. I saw a little bit about it on another forum too.. I wonder why I havent heard about this else...
  5. Something happened today that I never even thought of...
    In hindsight it's one of those things that I think we all knew might happen one day, but hoped we would be spared the experience. Today I was talking with a new co-worker who is relatively ignorant...
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  6. Do you consider.....
    Guys like Buakaw should left K-1 and join other MMA organisation soon....? Basically I think place like K-1 is wasting his talent as a fighter 9 (it's obvious that his muai thai skill is doomed...
  7. Photos: XFA 2 May 31st 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada
    Photos: XFA 2 May 31st 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada Photos from the May 31st XFA 2 are now available on Fight Card - David Michael Smith vs. Marcy Menchaca - Lynn Alvarez vs....
  8. UFC Game
    Does anybody know anything about the ufc game thats coming out, if so please tell.
  9. Great "Art of the Knee" highlight video
    Boy I miss knees on the ground... Great VId and you got to love rockin' out to a little Zombie. Link
  10. Gina who?????
    Ham Su Hi I think this girl deserves some regonition. She trains with Dong Hyun Kim in South Korea. Her first ever pro MMA match was against Hisae Watanabe ( who was the 48kg Deep Women's champ at...
  11. If it was gonzaga/verra instead of werdum
    who would take it.......out of curiosity
  12. What did Gary Shaw think of MMA before he was involved?
    So, let me start off by saying that I've never thought very highly of Gary Shaw...and his son Jared just rubs me the wrong way. This past weekend has only given me new reasons not to like the 2 of...
  13. Thoughts On Last Weekend's Cage Announcers
    Something I'd been thinking about since watching EXC and WEC over the weekend, been meaning to give my thoughts on them: Jimmy Lennon (EXC)-very familiar with this guy from his boxing work, but he...
  14. where can i watch the full weigh ins and press confrene for ufc
    I always mean to ask this.... is it only available through torrents etc.?
  15. Affliction cloths??
    are Afflictions cloths over priced??? i think so, and that leads me to another question who have the best clothes for MMA?? Tapout Affliction Sprawl Throwdown UFC others
  16. Official Legends of MMA Thread
    There have been a lot of great fighters to step into the cage/ring, and secure their legacies. Here is my list of who I think the all time legends of the sport are. This is based on my opinion and i...
  17. best flying knee??
    I like Anderson Silva's on Carlos Newton. Oh yeah, and Kid Yamamoto's on Miyata. Yours? post gifs, pics, videos, etc.
  18. Karo vs Carlos??
    i was looking on Wikipedia, and it says that Karo will be fighting Carlos Newton!!!
  19. Is EliteXC on 6/14 not gonna be added?
    Well, is it? 'Cause if it won't be added, I'd be shocked. I know EliteXC's last event was not the best and was full of controversy even with the successful ratings but still...Anyone know anything...
  20. UFC 85 - Who's Going?
    I am, block 113. Anyone else?
  21. Would we have the same UFC champs under old UFC rules?
    If there were no rounds, time limits or stand-ups do you think that would change who the best fighters in the world were? (assume there are still weight classes and other modern rules)
  22. Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza
    It's 8 days away, and I'm finding myself more pumped for this fight than the whole UFC 85 card. Who's with me?! Who takes it, and how?
  23. My UFC Fight Night 14 Card
    Main Event: Frankie "The Answer" Edgar VS. Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk Main Card: Frank Mir VS. Cheick Kongo Marcus Davis VS. Matt Serra Nate Diaz VS. Tyson Griffin Alessio Sakara VS. Michael...
  24. ufc 85 torrents
    when will torrents start poppin up for 85 since it airs on ppv early at 3.......before the 10pm replay? and are there any good fight torrent sights......i just use btunkie for everything
  25. i know that this does not really matter but...
    on the ufc website, they have wallpapers of all the events but i did see UFC 85 on there, and its kind of been a thing of mine to put the up coming UFC as my wallpaper, and now they dont have it
  26. Who would you rather see Wanderlei fight?
    Wandy said he would be fighting one of these 2 next. Who would make the better match-up? If either of these 2 fighters wins, this will prove alot about where they stand in the division. And both are...
  27. Anyone going to the NAGA Grappling Tournament?
    The NAGA Grappling Championship is June 28th and 29th in Fall River Massachusetts. The info: If any of you guys go come by the ToeZup booth and i'll have...
  28. Shane Carwin looks exactly like the young Randy Couture
    check it out
  29. Pretty Boy making his way into the UFC???
    With the major announcement coming up, and all the rumors of him getting into MMA.. does anyone think its possible that Floyd Mayweather (who announced his retirement today!!) could be either,...
  30. why all the talk about champs moving up and down
    from silva vs gsp to bj vs gsp now sliva to LHW i dont get why there is so much debate about them moving up. i have no problem with there being a dominant champ. I have been an mma fan for years, but...
  31. Biggest arms in MMA
    Just wondering who has the most mammoth arms in MMA. It's hard to go past the Beastman, or Randleman. Any suggestions?
  32. UFC 85 Promo
    have you seen the commercials for UFC 85 there still promoting the Rashad Evans and James Irving fight..
  33. Ernest Henderson
    Now, this may not interest anyone, but this bloke is 6'3, 390lbs, and fought Tim Sylvia in 02. Tim Sylvia won by TKO due to, get this, Henderson FALLING OUT OF THE RING!!! I just found this funny.
  34. Here's what I don't get about the UFC.
    Who really cares outside of us. Who in America is going to order an event where the main fight of the night (afternoon) is that one guy GSP beat twice (average "fan" speaking) fighting against that...
  35. UFC 85 Aftermath
    So a lot of questions came in my Head after this Event and I had some hopes before this Event happened like if Marcus Davis Won and We could have possibly seen A Rematch between them for a Title...
  36. What do you think about luiz cane?
    I like what ive seen of him. I think they should give him a striker next to really test how good his hands are.
  37. Benji Radach Ready to Represent the 360 again
    Here is the link Benji I know I changed the title a bit.... But its true Benji grew up just south of Olympia and represents the 360 Can't believe he broke his neck??? Wow the guy has bad luck
  38. Affliction Preview-> with Arlovski
    Just caught the new affliction preview with Arlovski in it now. LINK
  39. Fedor v. Sylvia
    Now thats is a pretty good match-up flying under the radar ,and i cant see how?Both these guys are great fighters and both can take beatings. Its Fedors first fight agianst a top notch fighter in as...
  40. Matt Hughes
    Today coming home from Norway I was going through customs in Chicago. While I was waiting in line some guy was yelling hi to someone and I looked up I was like wtf that is Matt Hughes. I wanted to...
  41. Check out this Sick Card I made in WMMA
    1. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski (title) - Fedor 2nd Round TKO 2. Robbie Lawler vs. Jason Miller (title) - Lawler 1st round KO 3. Kevin Ferguson vs. Aleksander Emelianenko (haha it's going to...
  42. Bisping?
    I dont like him and i dont think he's very good at all. All he does is get wins over sucky guys. what does everyone else think.
  43. is it me?
    why cant we pick fights for the elite xc this saturday?
  44. Who do you want to win the showdown at Affliction Banned?
    Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia vs. Fedor Emelienenko
  45. Another Dan Miragliotta Mistake at UFC 85
    Just saw this on Sherdog and had to share! This is after the Taylor/Liaudin fight.
  46. someone help me please...
    this is random but....what was that quote of tim sylvia where he said like 50 % of the game is 90 % mental or something like that? what did he actually say?
  47. Rampage Vs Griffin = Wicked Fight
    Oh man I so just can not wait for this fight!! I mean, I like Rampage and I like Forrest so Watching this fight im just gonna sit back and watch them go for it!! How many other peoples are craving...
  48. Ignore This
    EDIT: Don't worry, i have figured it out.
  49. How do you put mods onto WMMA?
  50. Interesting question that arises from Cross-promoting & non-exclusive contracts
    If a fighter wins a championship or a fight against really good competition in an organization that isnt his main one(ex. Nick diaz vs. sakurai, but diaz is exc mainly), does that fight reflect in...
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