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  1. Manfred's MMA Trivia *ANSWERS* INPUT PLEASE!!
    Hey, guys, I'm curious why only 4 people tried it this time. Was it too hard, too long, too old school, too stupid? Any thoughts, ideas, criticism is welcome, Thanks 1. What was the first UFC PPV...
  2. Cage rage
    what is cage rage and where did it originate?
  3. Do "you know" Jerry Millen?
    Just read part 3 of an interview on mmanews with that metro sexual and he says "you know" 20 times. That is just in part 3. It bugged me severly, he sounds like a valley girl saying like every 5th...
  4. confused ufc 71
    ok chuck fights rampage canncelled back on off again jardine gets mentioned then chuck is not fighting then rampage and him or back on maybe according 2 dana white ???????...
  5. UFC Gloves anywhere?
    Does anyone know where i can buy some good quality cheap UFC gloves. I no u can buy them on ufc store but is there anywhere else a bit cheaper? something that looks like the pictures
  6. Thoughts about Vitor
    I just wanted to share my opinion on Vitor Belfort and get some feedback. I also want to say that I realize i'm nobody to pass judgement, but I do it for the sake of conversation. IMO, he could...
  7. who would win a grappling match between hunt and sapp and hunt and crocop
    NO GNP. just grappling trying for submission
  8. Should Ortiz move to MW?
    Should Ortiz move down a step and clean house in middlewieght? obviously he is never going to beat chuck. and with the number of just phenominal looking athletes coming up in LHW that will probly one...
  9. Herb Dean FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!! vs Choi Jung Gyu
  10. Pride ref head cam highlight film.. sweet!
    just wanted to share my fav. highlight film
  11. Responses from a boxing forum
    I got into a boxing forum where someone asked this question ok. so i was just having this debate about who would win in a fight. Mike tyson in his prime or the top person in UFC. If they went head to...
  12. Wins in Pride/UFC you consider fluke wins
    Got inspired by a good thread on and got curious what your opinions about this were. Wins I consider fluke wins are: Coleman´s win over Shogun Yamamoto´s win over Kerr Vitale´s win over...
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  13. What do you want on the new game?
    THQ's UFC, what do you want on it? what fighters? what refs? what commontaters? what features, styles, everything? what kinda story mode?
  14. What is you favorite technique?
    What if your favorite style of fighting, submission, kick, punch? Mine is wrestling, rear naked choke, leg kicks, and huge right handed haymakers, chuck style
  15. EXC's next show?
    Hey all, when is the next EXC show going to happen?
  16. These two guys would be awsome in the UFC
    Manhoef and cyborg Santos would IMO give Anderson a run for his money brawlfest One of the best fights of 06 IMO
  17. Gilbert Aldana Dead?
    There is a rumor that Gilbert Aldana has died in Arizona. LINK If so, RIP.
  18. Fighters Commercials.
    So i saw the Coleman\ Wand razor commerical and decided to devote a thread to the likes of it. Some are pretty funny. Mark Coleman and Wanderlei Silva commercial CroCop - Coffee Commercial 1 CroCop...
  19. ufc 70 ppv or bravo the day after, uk thread.
    for those mma fans in uk who dont have tickets, will you be getting setanta sports ppv or wait 26hours to see re-run for free. I am at at wedding that day. so haven't tried for tickets, though i will...
  20. Denis Kang breaks his hand on 3/11
    credit: March 11, 2007 Denis defends his Spirit MC title, injures hand Denis won his title defense fight versus always dangerous Chae Jung Kyu, however, he did break a bone in his right...
  21. Igor is back.. at ADCC??
  22. Frank Shamrock interview (bas, renzo, IFL)
    credit: 03/12/2007 By Ben Fowlkes Frank Shamrock has a way of finding himself at the center of controversy. The outspoken coach of the Razorclaws, Shamrock never has a problem with saying...
  23. rampage chuck fight 1
  24. IFL Battleground on MyNetwork TONIGHT!
    2 hour premiere of IFL Battleground on MyNetwork tonight, 8 PM EST. WAR FREE MMA!
  25. a list of ufc entrance songs
  26. Ken Shamrock Trivia
    This is for the hardcore shammy fans, although everyone is welcome to try... 1 - At what event was Ken Shamrock inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame? 2 - Which three flags where waved during Ken...
  27. Tito Ortiz V.S Dana White Outcome
    What is gonna be the outcome of this boxing match, Tito Ortiz vs Dana White? I believe tito will play with him for a bit then knock him out. But i wonder if Dana gets KO-ed, will Tito get traded?...
  28. anyone know where to buy mma posters?
    i've looked around a bit but can't find anywhere to buy them.
  29. Has anyone played UFC for dreamcast?
    just ordered a copy. the reviews look great, i never played it but have only heard good things. any thoughts?
  30. MMA Animated GIFS...
    Didn't see a thread for images, so here we go.
  31. Best way to determine the best fighter of each weight class each year?
    What is the best way to determine the best fighter of each weight class EACH year? Of course they have to actually fight. IMO regardless of "Fight Club" or organization, each champion of each weight...
  32. MMA Genisis 3/24/07
    Anyone around the St Louis Area there will be a MMA on 3/24/07 at the St Charles Family Arena. They say members of Gracie Jui Jitsu, American Top Team, and MFS will be there.
  33. Kings without a crown
    Who do you guys feel is a perverbial "King without a crown" meaning a highly decorated fighter that should be a champion but hasnt gotten his/her stripes? I often here Jerome Lebanner (K1) being...
  34. Funny fight Yves Edwards and Bas
    I just watched this for the first time. from 1998. Hilarious Bas is a class act link
  35. Question about UFC 69 site
    I have a question about the music played when the do GSP highlights. If you click the button for GSP and Serra and watch the clip for a little. They focus on talking about GSP and there is a techno...
  36. Why do grapplers not try harder to keep the fight on the ground?
    Why do ground style fighters sometimes only make a couple attempts to put the fight on the ground and then give up and let the fight stay standing? Is it that difficult? Some examples... Arlovski...
  37. Mad MMA Trivia!!
    1)What UFC tournament Did Randy Couture Win? 2)What UFC tournament did Kazushi Sakuraba win? 3)Who has won the most UFC tournaments? 4) a. Who won the Pride FC 2000 GP? b. Who did he beat in the...
  38. Hardonk Vs Werdum who would win
    There is no rumor swirling about this one, just was thinking that if both win their next fights this could be on tap. I like werdum in this fight, but i see it as a pretty even matchup.
  39. Fighter Finder
    this site needs the finder like sherdog or at least a decent link to it, i think the only spot on here were you can pull up the fighter profiles from sherdog is wen you are lookin to wager.
  40. Cage Rage Complete Card
    The final card for Cage Rage 21 is complete now that Bob the beast has a new opponent in K1 vet Gary Turner which should make an interesting match. The complete card has some big names on it and a...
  41. Trivia
    Since this is popular these days: 1) Officially Chris Brennan lost to Marcelo Garcia by Armbar in ADCC 2005. What really happened? 2) Why did Todd Hays never face Rickson Gracie? 3) What year was the...
  42. Check this out a must!! He is fresh out of jail from Miami .
    this is the rumor down here in south florida that he was just released some time ago from prision in Miami and pays people to fight him... Go to and type in Kimbo enjoy its great....
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  43. Is Eddie Alvarez the next big thing?
    This guy is a monster and he's undefeated and has some great wins over good competiton. Do you think this guy will take a step up into the bigger leagues soon? Do you think he will be a force or is...
  44. found out where chris wilson went..
    check it out.. source This is from the Ice palace's website (the place that hosts bodogFIGHT) Fedor Emelyanenko (Russia) vs. Matt Lindland (USA)...
  45. New Erik Apple Interview
    credit: Submitted by: Pelagia Garcia Posted On 03/16/2007 On Saturday, March 24th, 2007, live from the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, World Extreme...
  46. Wanna see Gross? Check out Forrest Griffin.
    LINK Its gross. Forrest infection is off the wall. Check out the youtube videos of it Forrest Griffin Staph , Forrest Griffin Staph 2 . Gross. Don't watch those videos if you have a weak stomach.
  47. Muhammad Ali V Antonio Inoki in a MMA Fight (kind of) in 1976
    LINK I apologise if people have seen this before but I saw this on you tube yesterday and thought it was great! Here is a bit of the background to the fight.... "Inoki initially promised Ali a...
  48. How many named submissions are there?
    A post by CornishMMA in this thread made me think of this question. (The post is the one about having to pick the exact method of submission in order to get points). My question is; how many named...
  49. Who would win: Couture / Vera
    I know Brandon is probably leaving the UFC for EXC, but if he stayed, and resigned I think that this would actually be a great fight... You guys think that Randy would mow 'im over? Or do you think...
  50. ICON Sport hawaii rules
    i know since ICON events are held in hawaii they allow different rules, but what are they? are they the same as pride with the 10min first round, stomps and soccer kicks, and no elbows? or do they...
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