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  1. Betting system....
    Can someone please explain the betting system to me. Never tired it before. like here whats the whole +200 -500 crap mean? Sorry for being nubish...
  2. Ranking the Lightweights is giving me heartburn...
    Seriously, what a wacky division. I thought Sakurai looked great this past weekend, and Gomi... well... er... I think a year from now the Lightweight ranking will have 5-6 UFC fighters on it, but I...
  3. B.J. Penn, Shaolin and LWGP
    How awesome would it be if Pride decided to bring in some fighters from other orgs. like B.J. Penn and Shaolin for the LWGP. If somehow they do get B.J. and Shaolin do you see either of them winning...
  4. Weight classes
    In the future how should the weight classes be broken down? How many should there be? Clearly boxing has way to many and mma not enough. I say more weight classes at the lower weights. I hope we see...
  5. anyone read - "a fighters heart" by Sam Sheridan?
    i was at barnes and noble and saw this book titles "a fighters heart" by sam sheridan-one mans journey though the world of fighting. has anybody read this? It says that he has trained in Brazil and...
  6. MMA in March
    MMA Television Guide - March 2007 Calendar
  7. MMA info for newbies
    Mixed Martial Arts is both a style and not a style simultaneously. It is both a new and old way of thinking about martial arts. It bases the decisions about which techniques to use on their...
  8. The Newbie Guide to Martial Arts Doublespeak
    When people say... They really mean... LINK
  9. King of Combat Sports returns to Broomfield, Colorado on March 10th
    In little more than two weeks, submission fighters from around the globe will once again descend on Colorado to test themselves at Americas' premier combat grappling competition. LINK
  10. King of the Cage Canada
    OTTAWA, ONTARIO/CALGARY, ALBERTA – February 13, 2007 –On the heals of its sell out debut show in eastern Canada, King of the Cage Canada is pleased to announce that on March 28, 2007 fans will get to...
  11. pride 33 photo galleries
    Pride 33 photos:Silva vs. Henderson Pride 33 photos: Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi Pride 33 photos: "Shogun" and Trigg win
  12. 3 Fights for TKO29 : Repercussion
    3 fights announced for TKO29 : Repercussion, although one of them doesn't have an opponent yet.. and i'm not sure exactly when it is because the poster for it is in french (i think its french) and i...
  13. Interesting Evander Holyfield Article
    Credit: Atlanta, GA – Evander Holyfield had heard enough about the rise of mixed martial arts. He’d seen it on TV, and he’d heard people say that it would bury boxing. So when the...
  14. Info on Pride's LWGP????
    Just wondering if anyone has any info... I heard the opening round was going to be in April or May, and was just wondering if anyone had some solid info?? Hopefully a thread like this will get...
  15. Why Jason Macdonald? Why?
    I know taht every fighter can land a lucky punch or catch some one in a submission. But does anyone out there actually think that jason macdonald is a better fighter then rich franklin? And Why Would...
  16. Guillard Sucker Punch Confirmed
    j Performify here. (The main man, Mr. UFC Junkie himself, is hopped up on pain pills and muscle relaxers from his back injury — and loving every minute of it.) So, in his absence, I wanted to pass...
  17. Chuck Liddell V.S Tim Sylvia?
    Chuck is gonna move up into the heavy-weight division after he beats "Rampage" (quinton jackson), to face CRO COP (Mirko Flipovic) and Fedor. But I think he should move to heavyweight as the light...
  18. Matt Hamill V.S Michael Bisping?
    I think these 2 TUF 3 fighters should square off. Besides the were sopposed to fight instead of Michael Bisping and Ross Pointon(2). There are both good rookie fighters and i think the Hammer Matt...
  19. jerry millen
    looks a little like Anne Heche mixed with meg ryan.
  20. How would Royce Gracie do now?
    If the gracie of the early UFC's was fighting now how do you think he would do now?
  21. Flores triumphs at RITC; Kistler lacks an opponent
    PHOENIX - There was good news and some disappointing news coming out of Rage in the Cage 91, which took place Saturday at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. LINK
  22. MMA Fight Challenge in Chicago
    Combat do Fighting Challange #11, whos going, im gonna be there for sure, if anyone else that post here is going let me know
  23. Belfort: "Wand has not a good chin"
    Credit: Belfort: “Wand has not a good chin” Training for his fight at the Cage Rage 21, which will be held on April 21st in , Vítor Belfort enjoyed the opportunity to analyses the bout...
  24. 3 more fights for 3/12 HERO's, including Sakuraba
    Credit: HERO'S parent company Fight Entertainment Group has officially added three bouts to the line-up of its March 12 card at Nagoya Rainbow Hall, with some considerable starpower. The...
  25. TUF for Better or for Worse
    There have been a lot of conversations about differenct aspects of the TUF series but never really anything about the show itself. I'm curious to know how people really feel about it. Both new and...
  26. Trigg vs Lawler, Mayhem - ICON sport, 3/31
    this explains why mayhem would not be fighting for the WEC on march 24th.. he had a fight in hawaii on the 31st Credit: Middleweight champion Frank Trigg will face Robbie Lawler in the...
  27. Interview with the director of the MMA movie Never Submit
    Interview with James Hergott I've been curious about this film for a while and now I got some questions answered from this. btw. cred to Phat UFC Critic for doing this interview.
  28. What Would Be The Best Fight Ever
    Pick 2 UFC/PRIDE or mixed together, what 2 fighters would you think would be the best fight ever fought?
  29. The Best Submission
    What is was the best submission in UFC/PRIDE history? I think When Mike Swick put Joe Riggs in a Guillitine(sp error?) and joe rogan called it a swickitine!!
  30. If u throw down
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  31. "Inside The UFC" - Future Unkown?
    The UFC newsmagazine-style series Inside the UFC has been put on hiatus and currently has no return date planned. The last episode of the series that has been filmed will air tonight, March 1st, at...
  32. Kimo Challenges Dana White (Pshhhhhhh)
    I just read an article in the MMA News section of this site. If you haven't had a chance to look at it, take a minute and check it out. Dana White apparantly took a shot at Kimo for being the...
  33. K-1 World GP, March 4th, Sefo-Schilt
    link K-1 World GP on march 4th, with ray sefo vs semmy schilt for the new super heavyweight title.. i wont be able to see it, but that sounds like a hell of a fight.. here is the entire card Semmy...
  34. ortiz gone off ufc 70 now on 71
    strange why ortiz is not in uk ufc anyone know why he was moved not sure if its true mma weekly still says chucks fighting rampage same night
  35. Cage rage gets landmark TV deal
    from Cage Rage Secures Landmark TV Deal Date submitted: 02 March 2007 Submitted by: Cage Rage Cage Rage Championships have a new TV partner in Sky Sports. For the first time in...
  36. Good Dana White Interview
  37. franklin/macdonald/ufc card.......
    Is there anyone out there who feels were in for another night of upsets ?? theres no easy fight these days in the ufc and no stepping stones as macdonald and others have proven. I cant help but think...
  38. War Tim Sylvia
    I feel like Kyle from South Park during Christmas. Am I the only Tim Sylvia fan? I think the dude is pretty tough and he is gonna smash Randy tonight. If you hate Tim there are plenty of other...
  39. i want hammill to get ktfo
    who eslse wants 2 see titos bitch get koed
  40. MMA on TV
    Does anyone know where to find some good MMA action on TV? I have DIRECTV, last night I was happy to stumble upon some Ring of Fire fights on HDNET and also IFL on FSN. Earlier this week i found out...
  41. wandy in the ufc
    sorry if its been posted already but its rumored tonight wandy will announce his signing w/ the ufc uh, disregard
  42. Check out this knockout
    CHeck out this KNock out its crazy
  43. Great Knockout
    sry i put it on the wrong thing here is where it should be Check this Out
  44. SAS Wiki (Sports Arguement Stadium)
    Great website. If you want to edit, create account and edit away. LINK
  45. rankings mix up
    i had a hard enough time with my fighter rankings before, but after 33 & 68 i dont know what to do. what are your thoughts. somebody want to help.
  46. American UFC fans rant
    Why on earth were there so many boo's for Anderson Silva tonight? Seriously? He's such a polite, respectful, class act, with an exciting-as-hell game. Was it just the drunk American UFC fans there...
  47. I know its early but.....Randy vs Cro Cop??
    I coudent help myself. Right after the fight was over i was asking myself, can Randy do this agianst a guy like Cro Cop. If all goes well and Cro Cop beats Gonzaga. I think he can do the unthinkable...
  48. randy vs fedor
    i think randy would take it now
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  49. what happens to randy and tims rank?
    tim falls out of top 10 but does randy move in....i dont think so they are both not top 10 HW's. what does this mean for AA? it means there is only 2 possibly 3 top 10 HW's in UFC (Werdum, Crocop and...
  50. IFL superfight??
    is the March 17th card even having a superfight?? Its in L.A., they need a superfight for that, better start working.
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