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  1. EliteXC announces two more signings
    EliteXC has signed both Jake Shields and Murilo Ninja Rua, and they both will be fighting on the next card in may.. i think ninja will be good with the likes of louiseau and villasenor at MW, and...
  2. the TRUE Best Fight of 2006 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! link in here!!!!
    this, was the TRUE best fight of 2006
  3. Cage better than ring?
    Was just watching some Cro Cop fights on Youtube. Is it just me or does the ring suck for MMA? It has to be smaller, and it looks like they almost fall out of the ropes whenever they touch them. I...
  4. Cro Cops Entrance
    Am I the only one to find it funny that Cro Cop came out to the Pride theme song????? It just seems a little weird to me that he would do that while fighting for the UFC. It is a badass song though.
  5. Whats your favorite submission
    Personally my favorite is the triangle choke...but id like to here you alls lets hear em...
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  6. ortiz v griffin rumour at ufc 70
    alot of people thought griffin beat tito last time what do ye think will happen if rumours are true
  7. Are palm strikes legal?
    Just wondering are palm strikes legal in UFCtm or Pridetm? I remember Bas used to use them alot back in the early days.
  8. The Mickeys Replay
    Should they can this idea? Post fights are generally pretty crappy, being as a fighter is too high on adrenaline to form a coherent sentence, but this seems to be especially bad. Has a fighter ever...
  9. crocop v arloski?
    do ye think ufc will let this happen arloski is the heavy weight poster boy its a fight id love to see an ideal card for me would be ortiz v griffin 2 liddel v rampge crocop v arloski but think it...
  10. Top 200 Fighters at each weight class (June 2006)
    Old but still interesting, just found the post over at Sherdog and invited theguy over who started the thread. Yes there are inaccuraicies in the rankings, but still impressive and alot of...
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  11. MMA Trivia **ANSWERS**
    No sense in dragging this out. Props to Pv3Hpv3p! Some are easy, some are harder. Try not to cheat: 1. Who is the only person to beat Don Frye twice? Mark Coleman 2. Who has never appeared in the...
  12. MMA coverage on
    anyone notice they are covering mma on cbssportsline?? they also have an mma schedule on there:
  13. Mario Lopez?
    I don't really understand why he is going to be commentaring Elite. Doesn't make sense to me. Anyone got any answers to this?
  14. TKO 28 (Hioki/Hominick rematch)
    havent heard anybody talking about this.. friday night, the 9th, is TKO28, with the rematch between hatsu hioki and mark hominick.. this is a hard one to call, but i think hominick is going to belt...
  15. could tim last 2 rounds with fedor
    fedor has dominated a much stronger heavyweight division and tim just doesnt look that impressive to me. fedor would have destroyed snowman with bombs in the first round. my answer is no, tim couldnt...
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  16. karate
    can anyone with fighting experience tell me why karate moves aren't used that often. are they not effective or is it just good for movies
  17. Matt and Mark Hughes' HS Yearbook Pictures
    Check These Mullets Some serious mullets. And nice suspenders!
  18. EliteXC and Strikefirst are Crosspromoting I didn't not see this one coming. This was smart on Strikefirst part, and it's good for the fans. I think this a...
  19. IFL Going Live!
    SWEET! I can't wait for this to happen!
  20. Metric Weigh-Ins for UFC 70
    I remember at UFC 38 in London, Matt Hughes second title defense against Carlos Newton, Hughes had to do two weigh-ins because the sanctioning body in the UK uses the metric system. So a WW fighter...
  21. Pride 33 rules for the 24th
    Just wondering. Will Pride be following the "USA" rules (no head kicks while down...elbows allowed), or will they be following 'PRIDE' rules for the Feb 24th matchups?
  22. Why did Wandy do so poorly in the UFC?
    I read the thread on Pride coming to Vegas this month, and it got me thinking... How many of Wandy's fights have you seen him use stomps and soccer kicks? And how many times have those been effective...
  23. IFL Weekly on FoxSportsNet
    Announcement i know theres a post about one live event but i thought this was interesting. more exposure, more fights, yay!
  24. new announcers
    - MAURO RANALLO & JAY GLAZER JOIN ELITE XC Thursday, February 08, 2007 - by -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a move to add more...
  25. Best KO ever
    Phil Baroni vs Dave Menne is my choice
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  26. deigo
    if deigo beats kos will he get a title shot
  27. old school vs new school
    could any of the old school guys from the early 1990s be ufc or pride champ against current competition? royce was no match for matt. but what about marco ruas or don frye, could they (in there prime...
  28. Manfred's MMA trivia! *ANSWERS*
    OK, Madmarck and Cowcatcher told me to keep it hard, so here goes: Who am I? 1. - I’ve had 23 prof. fights and never fought the same opponent twice - I’ve lost to Ryoto Machida but beaten Jorge...
  29. Should Overeem try UFC?
    Thought I'd bring this back up since it is much more of a current issue w/ the buyout. Does anyone know his contract status? Haven't really seen this discussed yet. Alistair should get a title shot...
  30. Bob Sapp signs for Cage Rage.
    After over a year’s absence from the fight game, Bob Sapp is back. Cage Rage promoter Andy Geer has confirmed that the 350-pound behemoth known as “The Beast” has signed on with Cage Rage. “We will...
  31. Who's got Renzo's back? I DO!
    I just want to show some support to Renzo Gracie in his upcoming fight tonight against Frank Shamrock. Shamrock is a big challenge and it should be a great fight. Im hoping Renzo puts him to sleep,...
  32. MMA and steroids.....
    Josh Barnett , UFC 36title stripped after testing positive for steroids There are alot of other fighters that lost my respect... alves, Randleman (who is fighting for his life because of it), and the...
  33. can gracie submit frank
    ..gracie caught pat mil. in the choke . can he submit frank or does he take a beating. i havnt seen frank fight in a while but he used to be incredably fast with his strikes and that would be a...
  34. Official Elite XC Thoughts Forum
    Post your thoughts on the card here. Anyone watching the undercard for free on right now? Pretty sick.
  35. Tito vs Forrest II at UFC 70???
    This fight is still a rumor but......should it even happen
    whoevers watching, lets keep the discussion here my picks are gracie silva louiseou gina charles
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  37. Fighter Entrance
    Which fighter has the best entrance? (music / song)
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  38. F. Shamrock post-fight quotes
    This guy has completely lost touch with reality: "I know I was hitting him in the back of the head a little bit. I thought he was going to move his head so I wouldn't hit him there anymore" "I was...
  39. Will MMA ever "look" like boxing???
    I just finished enjoying the Proelite show on Showtime. Charles Bennet's obnoxious 10 minute stroll to the cage while talking on a cellphone was only trumped by his refusing to touch gloves with KJ...
  40. Which Gracie vs Shamrock was the best????
    Which match up between the Gracies and the Shamrocks do you like best? FYI. I gotta go with Royce Ken 1. Royce totally owned Shammy.
  41. After seeing frank last night, how do you think he'll do against baroni?
    I think baroni will get a KO
  42. Butterbean vs. Tank
    I know this fight won't happen in the UFC or Pride (maybe Pride), but Cage Rage should make this fight happen! The best 3 minutes ever!
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  43. MMA in the Olympics (status please)
    So, last that I read, MMA was considered for the 2004 Olympics in Greece (as Pankration), but was not accepted. What is the current status? Will we be seeing it '08?
  44. Favorite Tank Knockout!
    Mine would have to be the distruction of Cabbage. Only Tank could of done that.
  45. China
    I would love to see China start letting their fighters get involved in MMA. Would change the sport in my opinion.
  46. WHO'D WIN?
    karo from ufc or nakamura from pride both judo, both got heart who would win?
  47. Fedor vs. Antonio Silva
    If Silva can make 265, which he may possibly can. Tim Sylvia can make it, so the possibly is there, who do you think takes it?
  48. ROYCE VS. DIEGO " in their day"
    Who would win this fight royce in his day versus diego now...... i think royce would kill diego.........
  49. "Dear Don" with Don Frye
    Have you guys seen this? It's Don Frye's take on the "Dear Abby" thing: Dear Don Column Funnier if you read it in your head with his husky, deep voice.
  50. Is Mark Kerr done?
    ..hasnt won a fight since the year 2000.. got destroyed by mike whitehead in his 'comeback fight' in the first round.. just got destroyed by mustapha al turk in cage rage in the first round.. i know...
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