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  1. Knockouts Reel Video
    This is my 1st crack @ video editing.. just UFC and some pride knockout clips mixed with P.O.D.s Boom.. what ya think?
  2. Stephan Bonnar vs Mike Nickels
    Do you think the underdog Mike Nickels will deafeat Stephan Bonnar. Also do you think Stephan Bonnar will be better or worse coming back from his 8 month suspension.
  3. What do you think about Bas new website?
    Check it out... link
  4. Kurt Angle to fight Lesnar in "MMA"
    This past weekend in Tokyo, Japan, TNA World Champion Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar to capture the IWGP Title at the debut show of Antonio Inoki's new IGF promotion. Angle defeated Lesnar in 11...
  5. Would Bruce even stand a chance?
    I think it's pretty much well known that someone like Bruce Lee wouldn't stand a chance against someone like Chuck Liddell or Quinton Jackson. But what about some of the less experienced guys like a...
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  6. Kimbo vs Tank Abbott
    Kimbo vs tank fight is on September 14 who do you think will win the fight. Kimbo defeated Ray Mercer by Submission guillotine choke at 1:12 in the first round. Kimbo was training with legendary...
  7. Future Coaches
    Considering The Ultimate Fighter continues to take top talent as coaches and then fight them at the end of the season who do you want to see coach 185,205,and 206+. I want to see 185- Rich Franklin...
  8. MMA Doublespeak--When People Say...They Really Mean...
    posted this several months ago. thought i'd go again for new members. Martial Arts Doublespeak -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When people say... They...
  9. You Might Be a Martial Artist If...
    You Might Be a Martial Artist If... You find yourself casually standing in a half cat stance. You trip, go into a roll and come up in a fighting stance. In church. You answer your boss "Ussss." You...
  10. UFC 73 Main Event???
    Is this just a rumor or is Ortiz vs. Evans really the main event for 73?? This would make absolutely no sense seeing as there are 2 title fights on this card, both in which i would rather watch then...
  11. UFC Grand Prix Tournament
    Will we ever see a UFC Grand Prix tournament in the future? Open Weight? 185 & 205 combined? 155 & 170 combined? Imagine what the brackets and match ups might look like. Interested to hear people's...
  12. Thinking of Getting into MMA--Martial Arts Newbie Guide
    Hey Mods! I didn't know if this Martial Arts Newbie Guide should be posted here or in the training forum. Put it where you think is best. And just so you know, it's OK to have this article copied...
  13. Who has the best BJJ in mma today?
    Who has the best BJJ in mma today? Several fighters come to mind (Big Nog, BJ, Fihlo, Arona) but I say Shinya Aoki has the most advanced BJJ game in mma today. What do you guys think?
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  14. Words from Roy Jones Jr.
    "I watch it all the time. They have the best fighters fighting the best fighters and that's what boxing needs. You never can tell what will happen in a fight. Look at the last [Chuck] Liddell fight....
  15. Hermes Franca
    What color hair will Hermes have at UFC 73?
  16. theoretical fights...who'd win and how?
    1.Henderson vs Shogun 2.Filho vs Franklin 3.Tito vs Arona 4.A.Silva vs Lindland 5.Liddell vs Henderson 6.Wanderlei vs Couture 7.Vera vs Arlovski 8.Diaz vs F.Shamrock 9.BJ vs Karo 10.Randleman vs...
  17. The big man at Chute Boxe has a birthday today!
    Happy B-day Wandy, I hope life and training are going great and you go a freaking tear in the UFC. If anybody in that div deserves to retire on top it's you.
  18. How long will boxing last? Or is it already gone?
    As I was growing up boxing was and had been a big deal. Everyone knew pretty much at least the top 5 contenders in each weight class. Looked foward to watching the upcoming fights on regular tv and...
  19. Rematch Iceman VS Rampage
    So any one think my boy chuck has a chance at recapturing the belt ? Or Rampage stays king of the throne?
  20. Injuries
    What injurys or past injurys can stop someone from competeing ? what about a Indirect inguinal hernia ? even if you had the surgery to fix it ?
  21. Ryoto Machida
    Does anyone want to see this guy fight more? This guy who has beat Rich Franklin and BJ Penn and *cough* Stephan Bonner...O and also would of put a huge beat down on Griffin but the staph got to...
  22. Ricardo Almeida returning to action!
    I for one am very, very excited for his return.
  23. What will be the best fight UFC 73?
    I think the best fight of ufc 73 will be Hermes Franca Vs. Sean Sherk what do you think.
  24. Antonio Nogueira
    Will Antonio Nogueira do good in his first ufc match
  25. Mike Tyson
    Could any MMA fighter last one round against Mike Tyson in his prime?
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  26. Henderson vs Liddell...its gonna happen
    Personally, I think Henderson can stand toe to toe with Liddell and KO him at his own game. Having Henderson come in at LHW is bittersweet, because with Shogun, Liddell, Rampage, and possibly...
  27. movies/shows with mma fighters
    Watching cradle 2 the grave(bad movie) gave me the idea for this thread..Tito and Chuck are fighting in an underground cage match in it. I'll reserve all of the other's i've seen to give ppl a chance...
  28. Melvin
    Hey Melvin Guillard is my very fighter and i was wondering whats going on with him. i know everything about testing for cocaine but when is he coming back? any info helps thanks
  29. Anyone know about a ufc video game?
    i hope this hasn't been discussed a million times but does anyone know anything about a xbox or sony game????
  30. Penn vs Diego Aug 25
    Seems pretty quick for Penn to fight so soon but I guess better for him since he's still in shape I
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  31. Sakurai or Penn?
    Who would you rather see Sanchez face? I would choose BJ just because i've never seen Hayato fight before and I loved the Penn vs Pulver fight so I pick BJ.
  32. How did you get into MMA?
    So how did you orignally end up getting into MMA? For me it was late 2005/early 2006 and my friend who was just starting to get into it as well introduced me to it and I got hooked instantly. Since...
  33. should mixed martial arts become an olympic sport
    i think it should i mean there are all fighter from around the globe different weight divisions u know it would be great for fighters to represent thier own country in such a respectful and down...
  34. gloves
    does anyone know where i can get a good set of mma style gloves for a good price??
  35. Pictures Of the Craziest Staredowns
    Anyone have some sweet pictures of the craziest staredowns?
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  36. Ortiz on Hotlist
    Hey did anyone see Tito on the Hotlist today? He was there basically hyping the fight and everything but he had a catchy little phrase i thought Seven Seven O Seven the destruction of Rashad Evans
  37. Classic Anderson Silva T-Shirt Picture
    Source =
  38. huerta vs stevenson?
    It seems like Huerta's becoming the poster boy for UFC, not only since being on the cover, but because he's a good looking, well rounded fighter whose done pretty well thus far. I hear a lot of...
  39. What is a Joe Lauzon?
    Joe sent this bulletin out on MySpace, thought it was kind of funny: According to the Rabid-Squirrel-Britanica... Joe Lauzon (mammal). Scientific name "Internetis Geekis."- A Joe Lauzon is a feral...
  40. out of these 4 MW's, how would each fight end
    Anderson Silva, Paulo Filho, Dan Henderson, Matt Linland Hopefully all 4 of these fighters will be united in one organization, and if so, how do you think each combination of the fights would play...
  41. UFC All Access Sherk
    I just watched this and was gladly reminded at how hard Sherk trains. I had Hermes winning by sub round 4..but now that I think about it a little bit harder and just realize how dedicated Sherk...
  42. The Simulator: UFC Open Weight Tournament ROUND 1 Bracket
    Ok, I thought to share this along with fans like you. I have selected the 16 best UFC fighters (in my opinion) and I am putting them in an Open Weight Tournament. Its simple its just like Who's Now...
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  43. Who is your favorite Ultimate Fighter Winner
    Who is your favorite Ultimate Fighter Winner.
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  44. Who would win??
    What do u guys think? Bisbings more of a stand up guy that really hasnt been tested on the ground and i think Evans has good enough stand up and could take him down and control the fight from the...
  45. UFC 66 Main event
    Did anyone like the Chuck.vstito fight at UFC 66
  46. who should move UP/DOWN in wieght???
    i was just kinda thinking about this but which fighters should move up or down a wieght class??? personnally i think Chris Leben should move down and Kendal Grove up.... i had a lot more but i cant...
  47. koscheck will beat gsp
    this is weird but true and i had a dream tha kos dominated the first round and then put gsp away in round 2 due to GNP idk its one of those gut feelings
  48. MMA Playground top 10 rankings
    I'm astounded to see Randy ranked as #3... wtf. He's had one fight at HW in 5 years and now he's above Mirko and Barnett?
  49. fighting up in class, a chance in hell at an upset?
    In the following matches of guys fighting someone in a higher weight class, do u think any stand a chance? Sean Sherk (LW) vs Diego Sanchez (WW) Matt Hughes (WW) vs matt lindland (MW) Liddell (LHW)...
  50. The Baby Face Assasin now a free agent
    Here is Barnett's myspace blog regarding his status as a fighter and what his plans are for his future, hopefully he signs with zuffa. Link
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