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  1. Herb Dean to fight?
    Source: MMAWeekly Says Herb Dean is rumoured to fight Dave Legeno at Cage Rage 22 on July 14th
  2. Bas Rutten drunk + training with Eddie Bravo
    I don't know how many people have seen this old footage, so I thought I'd dig it up and upload it... Video
  3. BJ Penn Walkout Music?
    BJ Penn walked out in the TUF finale to one of the best walkout songs I've heard of yet (next to Mayhem Miller of course). Just wondering if anyone knew what the song was called? Any Hilo boys out...
    I just checked there recent "updated" rankings and bj penn is not in the top ten at 170 or 155 wtf is up with that. There are some good names on those lists but to say bj is not better than half of...
  5. Faber vs. Horodecki
    I know Horodecki is in the IFL at 155 but he's not even legally allowed to drink yet so i think before his career is over he will be signed by Zuffa and he is very very small for 155 so i think he...
  6. Nick Diaz requests fight with Frank Shamrock
    source: Nick Diaz, who is signed with ProElite, has requested to face Frank Shamrock as soon as possible. After a spectacular win against Takanori Gomi, Diaz seems intent on...
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  7. Elite XC fighter payouts
    Fighter Pay Outs For Strikeforce/EliteXC Revealed MMANEWS.COM The following are the reported pay outs to fighters who participated on the Strikeforce/Elite XC show this past weekend, according to...
  9. Global FC Fight Card - 8/17
    source: The following is a solid line-up for the August 17th Global FC fight card set for the Mohegan Sun Arena: Main Card: -Jeff Monson vs. Wes Sims -Mark Kerr vs. Sean O'Haire...
  10. Rua brothers nicknames???
    I dont know why i was think about this but where did the Rua brothers (Mauricio "Shogun" ,Murilo "Ninja",Marco "Shaolin") get thier nicknames from??? just wondering... Anyone know???
  11. Anyone know where I can find a link to F.Shamrock / Kondo
    Looking for their old pancrease fight from 96 (I think)... Any help would be appreciated
  12. Silva, mma version of Ali
    Cause hes so pretty sooooooooooo pretty
  13. who do you think would win?
    i think chuck could beat him but right now i think mirko cro cop would win
  14. Funny MMA fighter names
    Which ones have you found? I'm not talking about nicknames. I'm talking about the actual name of the fighter. Here are a couple to start off. Anaconda Anaconda " target="_blank"...
  15. awesome link to "everything" page
    I appologize in advance in this post doesnt belong here or contains info. that you already know. In any case, I have found this page just plain fantastic. There is a direction for absolutely any...
  16. Josh Barnett
    Hey now. Does anyone know what is on Josh's agenda as far as fighting concerns? I remember hearing a rumor about 5-6 months ago of a possible fight vs. FeDor. thanks in advance.... peace,mikEY
  17. MMA music archive.
    I thought I'd post links to some MMA-related music, for the enjoyment of all. Feel free to add your own. I don't know if I need to post a disclaimer on this site, but there's some "harsh language" in...
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  18. who would win???
    who would win number 3?
  19. Shamrock / Baroni will reair this weekend
    The Strikeforce / EliteXC card will reair this weekend on Showtime. Sat 10pm eastern... this was a great 6 fight card for anyone that missed it, or just want to rewatch some of the fights like...
  20. Would any 1 like to see ice cold igor vovchanchyn in the ufc
    i would i think he could kick a lot of ass in the ufc
  21. Video of Gesias Vs Masato in K-1 World Max the fight gesias vs masato in k-1 max reply please,thanks everybody
  22. Dan Severn tribute.
    The man is 49 years old and has been in 100 professional MMA fights. He's compiled an amazing 79-14-7 record with only ONE (T)KO loss. He's fought SEVEN times 2007 (take that Fedor!) and won 6 of...
  23. Worst nick names....
    What nickname do you hate the most? Mine would be either Jens "Little evil" Pulver, orrrrr possibly Chris "Lytes out" Lytle.
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  24. who would win?
    who would win between these two... sean sherk Takanori Gomi i think takanori gomi hes so good i have him ranked #1 in mine and he has a really good record.
  25. free t-shirt
    when are u gonna post another thing. I WANT A T-SHIRT lol
  26. Who is the dominant champ?
    inthere weight class
  27. royce vs kimo question
    Alright I just rewatched this fight for like the 50th time and am I just crazy or when they lock up and "break" through the cage doesnt that shit look staged? The gate starts to open before theres...
  28. I need some opinions!
    I want to know what all of ou guys think about my mma rankings because i believe they are right on target,feel free to give the open criticsm.
  29. Kimbo VS Tank at CFFC 6?
    have been hearing rumors about Tank Abbott being Kimbo's next opponent after he destroyed Ray Mercer. have seen video of the PPV and Tank did come in and challenge him, but as for the two actually...
  30. "When was the last time you ever saw a boxing card this stacked....
    .....Never" i love Dana's face when he says that on the ufc 73 preview video, he just knows that ufc is gonna eat up boxing and boxing can do nothing to stop it
  31. Von Flue Out, McCartney In For Title Eliminator At PFC
    Von Flue out, McCartney in for welterweight title eliminator LEMOORE ??"†Chris Botelho is obviously disappointed. But the Hanford mixed martial artist isn’t dwelling on the fact that San Luis...
  32. Urijah Faber HL
    This is a sweet video of Urijah Faber, watching this video makes me want to see Faber vs Kid even more. Faber has amazing speed and great wrestling, but so does Kid. Urijah Faber
  33. Bodog Fight's Puder Found In Paradise Lost
    There's always a healthy degree of skepticism when it comes to cross-over athletes. A few have enjoyed success, like Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Dennis Rodman (or was he a cross-dressing success?),...
  34. early pride event question
    hey guys, Not sure here... were there english versions of the early pride events, say pride 1-5, that era? I only find the japanese version, and that suits me fine, but if there are english versions...
  35. Joe Riggs
    what do you think about Joe riggs on of the top 185 pounder in the ufc going to the wec. Just want to know your thought i thinks it was a good idea the ufc 185 is not that good anyway
  36. Goldberg vs Shamrock
    i don't know if this has been posted but on sherdog they have a picture of bill goldberg and frank shamrock in a hallway and it looks like their about to fight. does anyone know what happen.
  37. what's up with shamrock and goldberg
    does anyone know what happen here. they look like their about to fight.
  38. NAPAO - BRING IT ON ... !
    Napao Brings it... sudden hilarity enjoy: Bring It On 2:13 - 2:30 is outrageous! he RNCs the entire band
  39. Pro Elite’s SEC 10QSB Quarterly Report (financial update)
    Heres a good rundown of how Elite XC is doing financially... Just a precursor, they have already spent more than half of the budget that they had allotted for the first 3 years in less than 1, and...
  40. Pride FC Fan Tribute
    This is just one of many PRIDE tribute hl...Im gonna miss PRIDE how it was.... PRIDE FC TRIBUTE
  41. Tapout show discussion.
    What do you think about the show and the crew? I love the show even more than TUF because of the training and fight footage. I think Mask is a little bit too much sometimes but he's alright. I like...
  42. What would be your method to beat fedor
    my method would be to try and survive if i even make it past round 1 that would be awesome
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  43. Big Entrances Vs. SmallI
    I was listening to Sherdog Radio the other day and they had an interesting discussion about the small entrances we've seen lately vs. the big ones with ramps and pyro in the older ufc's. What do you...
  44. Best Staredows
    idk if this has been done before and if it has i apologize but what do you think the best staredowns have been in the UFC and PRIDE? Rampage Vs. Marvin Eastman Cro Cop Vs. anyone lol Fedor Vs. Cro...
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  45. Chuck Liddell
    who do you think will win Chuck Liddell vs Quinton Jackson if they fought again for third time.
  46. Matt Serra
    Do you think matt serra got lucky with his win with Georges St Pierre to get the Welterweight title from him.
  47. richie's free t-shirt giveaway, rd. 2
    Want a free MMA Playground t-shirt? Be the first to answer the following question and it's yours... only 3 guesses per person: Name a female fighter who fought a man in a popular Japanese MMA...
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  48. question..
    I live next to Arco Arena. Probably not buying the PPV, but anyways usually their tickets sold is different then the people attendance, how do you get free tickets? I'm a little strapped for cash so...
  49. K-1 Hero's 154lb GP Bouts - 7/16/07
    source: Tournament bouts: Caol Uno vs. Katsuhiko Nagata Gesias "J.Z." Calvancanti vs. Andre Dida Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro vs. Kazuyuki Miyata Hideo Tokoro vs. Kultar Gil Non-tournament...
    source: By Stash Capar MMA is taking to the high seas. Heavyweight veterans Aleksander Emelianenko and Gilbert Yvel have been named to anchor Russian promotion M-1 Mixfight’s...
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