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  1. CC v. Aleksander -- Street Fighter Style
    Anyone seen this? Hilarious. Link
  2. overrated
    who is the most overrated fighter? In any org.
  3. Begging for a title shot.
    Apparently the new thing is dropping to your kness and begging for a title shot. It worked for GSP and now it worked for Hermes Franca. I fight at 170 so If I get down and beg for a shot I think I...
  4. Ramon Dekkers
    Assuming Dekkers had trained for MMA how do you think he would have done?
  5. IFL, the next big thing???
    Many love the one on one aspect of fighting, while the IFL still has that in each fight, along with there superfights, the new fighting for a team format will bring large amounts of fans to watch,...
  6. Kid Yamamoto dislocates elbow Kid Yamamoto was hospitalized at today's Emperor's Cup in Tokyo when it appeared he suffered a dislocated elbow in his second match in the Japanese...
  7. CroCop Vids
    Came across this site today. Don't know if anyone knows about it or not. Lots of CroCop fights all in once place, viewable online. CroCop Beating Ass
  8. Fedor vs Barnett. Who do u think takes it?
    I've been reading a lot of people's opinions on various MMA sites, and it seems a lot of people seem to think Barnett will beat Fedor. Barnett's great(top 5 HVY IMO) , but this kind of shocked me....
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  9. Most Steez?
    which fighter(s) has the most style/flavor/steez ? my pics are: Alistair Overeem - being knocked out by chuck never looked so good Aleksander Emelianenko - very calm & apathetic
  10. Din THomas Pic from Thursday night
    fight with Clay for some reason didnt post
  11. Andrei Arlovfski vs. Vitor Belfort (open weight)
    sorry another poll. but i do like this for a match up
  12. Anybody know any specifics on UFC / HBO???
    Do you think they will re-air UFC ppv's the following weekend like they do boxing. Or will they just play their scheduled HBO brodcasts or whatever... I don't care if they're a week old, and I don't...
  13. If you could trade 2 fighter's UFC/Pride for eacother who would they be?
    I'd trade Tito for Wandy and Arona for B. Vera. Tito would give Pride a good well known US fighter and he's not gonna beat Chuck. Wandy has fought everyone in Pride he's gonna fight except LIL Nog,...
  14. shogun vs. overeem rematch
    i see it going the same way it did the first time what do you think?
  15. Nice Chin, Rich Franklin
    heres the new champ, ryo machida! Glass jaw
  16. Joe Riggs Notice the pattern? 1st fight: win lose win lose win lose win last fight: lose Does this mean his next fight will be a win...???
  17. MMA the new Pro Wrestling?
    What is your take on organizations like Bodog and New Era Fighting that are staging real MMA fights but they script storylines in between matches. I personally hope to see thes organizations crash...
  18. What are your dream match-ups?
    ...This is a list of fights that I personally dream about seeing. Open Weight Class obviously and no rematches! Fedor Vs T. Silvia Chuck Vs W.Silva Cro Cop Vs Shogun Andrei Arlovski Vs Big Nog R....
  19. Another dirty drug test
    from Joe Pearson tested positive for THC after his loss to Urijah Faber, Alot of people on sherdog(there boards suck!!) were thinking maybe he had a medical marijuana license, but if he...
  20. Frank Shamrock Where art thou!
    Where the hell is Frank... Hes like Alec Baldwin in "The Shadow" Everyone knows hes there but no one knows when he'll strike next!!!
  21. Pearson and Weed
    I think if you test positive for THC then you should get a trophy for fighting while blitz..... I mean how well can you do if your high as ****.
  22. UFC 7 and 8
    Just picked up the DVDs today. I had them on VHS but haven't watched them in years because, well... they're on VHS. "The King Of the Streets" cut the "Polar Bear" down. Some of the most vicious leg...
  23. Best announcer crew ever>Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan is a great announcer but no one beats Bas Rutten, Rampage, Renello, and Couture. Rampages one liners like "he look like a black tito" and "Did she see you down below" and picking winners of...
  24. UK Top Tens
    UK Top Tens Small site with the UK's top ten fighters on for each weight division.
  25. Why the IFL should riegn supreme!!
    I think the IFL format would be awsome if all the superstar fighters signed on to it. (which would never happen) But instead of having up and comers team together and fight imagine Brazilian Top team...
  26. Time for the UFC to refresh???
    I know it's kind of trivial, but I was watching Fight Night last week and I got to thinking... The intro music that UFC uses is really starting to grate on my nerves... You all know what I'm talking...
  27. mma bittorrents
    does anyone know of any good mma bit torrent sites? pm me if you do! i used to have a great one, but it seems to have gone down.
  28. UFC on MSN Messenger
    So today after school I was just chatting on my MSN, and i seen this advertisment come up (see image attached) Thought it was pretty sweet that even sympatico, or whatever company that it is, that...
    just curious
  30. Who do you think is the best overall striker in MMA?
    I'd have to say Anderson Silva. He does everthing well, punch. kick, clinch, knees, elbows and has the best footwork I've seen in MMA.
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  31. Who will Dana White bring in next?
    Who do people think Dana White will try to sign contracts with the ufc this year? Would like to see wanderlei but that will probably never happen. Hendo would be a good addition.
  32. why this forum isnt lame like sherdog
    IMO, sherdog has a lot of great posters but theres tonnes of lamos crapping up the scene. This forum rules guys, lets keep it that way!!! (aka no harsh insults and opinions that have no backing to...
  33. Will Eddy Sanchez make it to the second round?
    What do you guys think? I have crocop in the first, but I have not seen Sanchez fight. Anyone think he can last more than one round?
  34. Pound for Pound's top 8 pound for pound guys... 1. Fedor Emelianenko (25-1) 2. Chuck Liddell (20-3) 3. Georges St. Pierre (13-1) 4. Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic (21-4-2) 5. Takanori Gomi (27-3) 6....
    Logically I have put the fights that mas I have liked and could have seen with more attention. If i had to put all those that I like, there would be a giant poll. My favorite fight is Frank Shamrock...
  36. Reason Kit tested positive for Roids wasnt his fault.
    My take on Kit is that it’s a drag… he took a shot 13 months ago apparently however his doctor is hesitant to testify for him for fear of repercussions. He had huge surgery on his sholder and doctors...
  37. What would you rather watch..Super Bowl or UFC 67
    lets take a poll
  38. Shamrock Vrs Gracie
    I understand why we only have Pride and UFC represented here but i would loved to bet on this one. I would put my money on Renzo Gracie, other than him having great control on the ground and subs out...
  39. what a night
    poor night for me
  40. Cro Cop entrence
    Anybody else think it is funny that cro cop came out to the pride theme song??!!
  41. Cote, Cote,Cote, Cote...............Hey!
    WAR COTE! Thats Right he is making his ass whooping comeback. For any haters .............................. nobody cares about you. We onyl love COTE!
  42. I had Goosebumps While Watching Crocop Fight!
    Never in the 7 years that I have been watching mixed martial arts have I ever been so nervous before a fight. I'm the type of person that simply sits back and watches not even yelling telling the...
  43. HL reel Guys.. worth a look.
    Here is my Mad KO's vid. [v=_gt6Jc_sSmA&mode=user&search=[/L] Mad KO's and below is my Andrei Arlovski HL reel AA HL Hope you guys enjoy. By the way i am almost finished a GSP Highlight reel and a...
  44. HBO in Canada?
    anybody know which providers carry HBO? I use shaw and cant seem to find it on their website as an offering................also not happy that they didnt offer UFC 67 in HD here either. I will be...
  45. CroCop kicks ass!!!
    I love this guy even more now.......being in the UFC didnt change him 1 bit... no Tapout logo's on his "come to my after party" sippin on Xyience after the fight.......all...
  46. Rampage Misses Pride?
    i saw the post-fight interview with rampage and he seemed pretty butthurt on the americans fans boo-ing him.. he said "ya'll want me to go back to japan!?" maybe he was jus jokin but it seemed like...
  47. MMA trivia
    You knew it was going to happen eventually. I'll start it off, whoever gets it right can ask a question. Make them as hard or as easy as you want. Here we go! What fighter has his style listed as...
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  48. The Mental Game
    I was reading on some post todays and someone mentioned about how some fighters loose their mental edge after a beating and now some fighters bounce back and become better then ever and I thought...
  49. Whats so Big about WEC anymore?
    Is it just me or did all of a Sudden WEC got a lot of more coverage and talked aboout once Zuffa bout it. I dont see the org has changed very much. And we according to Dana White we won't see...
  50. Awesome Welterweight Fight That Should Happen
    I new St. Pierre would beat Hughes, but now we need a good fight for St. Pierre. I hate when title fights suck ass, and I think Carlos Newton vs Georges St. Pierre would be a great Title Match.
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